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As Dahlke

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

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Children whom generally they win at this moment, in the future are the ones that more they suffer therefore and will be always in search to demand trustworthy limits of its environment. The more late to start the suffering caused for the proper stubbornness, as much worse for the child. So important how much to establish limits for the development of the ego is to recognize that other egos with limits exist and that these limits have of being respected, because, contrary case is taken beats in the nose. When the first serious frustrations happen at the time of professional formation, when the paternal protection already is not present, in general it is late excessively. These great children react offended to the unusual situation of failure and not rare they run away from it, instead of facing it and continuing the way with its force of action and disposal to assume commitments.

It does not need to be always about an escape by means of the drugs, but, from all way, a number considered of vitiated comes from the contingent of those children of family who had been victims of the superprotection (concern in surplus) in the infancy and lack of confrontation with situations of failure. CLASSIC FIGHTS OF BEING ABLE the birth always will demand courage and offensive force of both the parts, accurately as first infancy demands the will of accomplishment and the force. The vespertine threat of a mother whose aggression is inhibited? ‘ ‘ It only waits until the papa to come back toward house! ‘ ‘ -, in contrast, it is a species of psychic torture, because the child passes some hours with fear. At night, when the father most aggressive fails in the execution of the promised punishment, it lacks the relation of the act with the carried through evil. Now the side not solved of the beginning of the aggression festeja delayed triumphs, that can cause really serious damages. As Dahlke, the thick one of the problems with small children if concentrates in three thematic complexes: the small ones do not eat the food plate all, they do not full the penico and they do not want to go for bed in the way as the parents imagine.

In this in case that, one is about the classic fights of being able of which if it feeds the formation of borders of both the sides. Many times the thematic one occults is not seen, because the parents not yet wait motivations as these in children of so tenra age. This, in turn, has to see with the fact not to accept its proper fights of being able not to desire to look at for the mirror that the small ones are made use to show it to them. Optimum it would be precociously to recognize the basic mechanisms of being able. Over all it must be known that to each fight for the power always two sides belong at least.


Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

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The flamenco ritual and his sociability spaces 2.1. Flamenco prevailed in front of flamenco public. The desvirtuacin of the flamenco rite: of the familiar celebration to the flamenco-spectacle According to professor Cristina Crossings, the flamenco one is not only born in our earth because in her they existed previous musical traditions that served as frame or skeleton, or solely by the fort weight of the gypsy population, as they defend gitanistas, but also due to the peculiar forms of interrelation through which the sociability is included/understood and declared Andalusian, in small groups very integrated, socializing and ritualizando the moments of recreation of the daily life. For that reason we have to define the flamenco one now, extending the first vision that of him we in the beginning gave, as a geographic phenomenon is born in a certain territory, cultural is from the conjunction of an ample range of cultural references different and social consequence of an also specific frame of social interaction. In the flamenco one, as it could not be of another way, the main characteristics of the cultural identity will occur to appointment Andalusian: anthropocentrism and social segmentation, symbolic rejection of the inferiority and fort relativismo with respect to the ideas and the things, and these will deeply mark to the development of the sociability and the ritualidad flamencas. The ritual forms flamencas, that we will see next, in its manifestations essentially flamencas, that is to say, not mercantilizadas those, will reflect those clearly Andalusian models of sociability: its concretion in immediate contexts that facilitate the direct and customized social relations and the igualitarista sense granted the same, the clearly verifiable tendency in its religious letters to take to human scale the more abstract phenomena and ideas or the importance of the premises as referring identitario ntese the great number of flamenco singers who incorporate their locality to their stage name: Paquera de Jerez, Manuel Gerena, Naranjito de Triana , are doubtless examples of it..

Franco Skimmer

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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Sunday passed Jaime Bayly in their program El Franco shooter interviewed the son of the Mayor of Metropolitan Lima Luis Castaneda Losio and this is what happened in this interview: after greeting to all your viewers by father’s day, presented Luis Castaneda Pardo, son of the current Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, as a gift for this significant date. He is currently Councillor for the municipality of La Molina and is postulating for Alderman of the Mayor of Lima, in the list of Lourdes flores. After talking about the family meeting of Lucho Castaneda son, with his dad, (because the is separated from his wife) entered the political issue. Since 2007 Lucho Junior is Alderman of La Molina until 2010. At age 21 he became a Councillor, and was about to graduate from UPC. In the list of Lourdes is in place nine. And on the assumption that WINS Lourdes, enter the 21 first on your list.

Bayly asks: do you think that your dad will support Lourdes, (as what? did in previous years) now that you are on your list? He replied that as solidarity party have decided not to participate in these elections, because an entire project of national interest is seeing, and why that is given freedom to all militants in sense of license. At one point in the interview Jaime would drop the idea of the solidarity party is like a monarchy. But rather than fight Junior tells him that it is a matter of tradition. The father of Lucho Castaneda Pope, was Mayor of Chiclayo. Then asks: do you think that your dad is falling in the polls by the issue of the Metropolitan? He replied that he doesn’t believe in polls, but rather tells him at this stage of implementation of the Metropolitan the acceptance by his dad will drop, but when you are already implemented, acceptance will be favorable.

Myths Dynasty

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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Myths of the Three Kingdoms era exist in oral tradition long before the compilation was written. By focusing on the Han Chinese, the story’s popularity grew during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, the interest in the plays and novels about this time led to an expansion and reinvention of these stories. The first attempt to combine these stories into a novel was the Sanguozhi Pinghua ( , S ngu zh Pinghu), published between 1321 and 1323. Combined legends and stories of magic and morality to influence the farmers. Elements such as reincarnation and karma were included in this version of history. The “Romance of Three Kingdoms” is traditionally attributed to Luo Guanzhong who lived between 1315 and 1400 (late Yuan era, the early Ming era).Some theories suggest that it was actually written in the mid fifteenth century (in the age Ming), a theory that is developed in the book of Andrew Plaks, Four Masterworks of the Ming Novel. The novel was written in classical Chinese party and was the standard text for 300 years. The author used historical documents, including the “Records of Three Kingdoms by Chen Shou meeting, which covered the period between the Yellow Turbans Rebellion in the 184 to the unification of the three kingdoms under the Jin Dynasty in 280. The novel also includes poetic material of the Tang and Yuan period and its own interpretation of elements such as virtue and legitimacy. It was published in 24 volumes and copied by hand until its first printing in 1522.In the 1660s, during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Mao Mon, ) and his son Mao Zonggang ( ) ed the text, setting it to 120 episodes and shortening the title and text . Using poems from other sources was reduced, and many of the speeches of Cao Cao and his advisors and generals. There have been long debates about whether the text is pro or anti Qing Qing. It supplanted the original ion.

Brazil: Teaching Geography

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

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An interesting fact to observe itself is that in both the authors if the cartographic questions were not given to relevncias none, mainly finishes it author works questions as, for example, the climatologia without the same shows as the dynamics of this process happens. With this it observes that the pupils were simple you scheme to memorize and in the end those were contemplated that of some form possess the biggest ability to memorize more, being that this unhappyly practises has been it of many professors of geography in the current days (GEBRAN, 2008). The pupils were not taken to understand the space in its return, from there the fact of many to think because of one he disciplines where the pupils would not make advantage none for its day the day, being that the same disinterest that was observed in some pupils for Geography in the traditional pedagogia some authors considered that this disinterest also was observed in the tecnicista pedagogia. Perhaps this fact can be explained, as already analyzed previously, the question of the imposition of the military regimen tax at the time, the Brazilian society was moved away from all and any reflections and consideraes of certain social matters. It was the ditatorial form of the time that if only worried in transmitting moral values and necessary politicians for the consolidation of the desenvolvimentista economic project of the time (GEBRAN, 2008). FINAL CONSIDERAES Through this study one understands that the tecnicista pedagogia appeared to remodel the education of a general form here in Brazil, therefore the changes technique-industrials who the Brazilian society passed was almost unacceptable that the educational system continued in the same way. Brazilian Pertaining to school Geography if developed French Geography on the basis of and this geography had as characteristic main to present the fragmented space elements, as for example, the climate, relief, vegetation, population, urbanization (BRAZIL, 1998; LACOSTE, 1997).

Maria Isabel Bonta

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

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It is really complex, from my position as a student and my vague memory, or today demonstrate the existence of evaluations on effects not observable or implicit in that course, as well as the inclusion of the ethical dimension. Have not strongly present, at least in my memory, the development of these last few concepts during the course, so you think that they have not existed as a such. TECHNIQUES and instruments based on the classification proposed by Maria Isabel Bonta, in his text techniques and instruments of evaluation, is detected the application of structured and unstructured diagnostic, process and product, oral and written, of self-evaluation and others, individual and group techniques. Likewise, perceive some of the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the techniques: the economy in times of examinations written in contrast with its low validity and reliability, the excellent individual diagnosis versus the comparative difficulty among pupils of the oral exam, the ease of fix to the detriment of the process evaluation that evidence assessments of type true or false, the real professional dimension in the use of the case method and solving problems versus the impossibility of quantifying the effort of each Member of the group. On the other hand, has not had the course of reference with formalisations of the evaluation of processes or interviews like methods evaluatorios. You have not used either in full form the concept of portfolio, put forward by Hilda Quintana, although Yes it has been close in its dimension of reflection, but not in folder format, where students think critically about their own learning process, their progress, achievements and difficulties. Original author and source of the article.