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U.S. nationalizes AIG

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

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would be one of the lucky few to ring the NYSE opening bell in recognition of the charitable fund that offers housing opportunities in NYC, Hedge Funds for Habitat-NYC U.S. Philanthropy is one of the fields that Managing Ribotsky has pursued nationalizes AIG to avoid a disaster in the entire financial system The U.S. government has chosen today by nationalizing American International Group (AIG), the largest insurer in the world to the brink of bankruptcy to prevent its collapse drag the whole system Financial. The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) has announced through a statement to an The LLC. agreement without precedent in the history of the agency to hand him a loan of 85,000 million dollars (60,000 million euros) to the company and made a change with 80% of its assets .


Friday, December 19th, 2008

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“The good thing about all this is to remove the prohibitions, which do not benefit anyone. I can not pay or a night in a hotel, but I feel good that you have money you do if you want.” This phrase of Gabriel, a mechanic close to retirement, sums up the general feeling of Cubans first since last April are getting the savings from the piggy to go and spend on electric bicycles, pots and rice in large measure, DVD players, who in the words of one trader, “are sold as donuts,” all thanks to the lifting of the restrictions that existed on these and other products.The origins of Dahomey can be drawn from a group Adja (aja) from the coastal kingdom of Allada (Kingdom of Ardres Adra or, in the chronicles westerners) who moved north and is established between the peoples of the interior fon . According to tradition, the king of Allada Kokpon had three children: Mejia, You Agbanlin and Gangnihessou or Ganixesu. After a succession dispute, the first one happened to his father, while Te Agbanlin left for the south, where he founded Adjatche (Porto Novo), and Gangnihessou headed north to settle in Abomey, nucleus of the future kingdom of Dahomey.
The name chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. of Dahomey, Abomey or Abome refers to a strong wall of tape which covered an area that is called fon agbome, and that gave its name to the town of Abomey.
According to the chronology of the kings of Abomey, Aho Dakodonu happened to his father, who previously had supplanted his brother Gangnihessou . After numerous battles with neighboring peoples, the king Aho (1645-1685) achievement and build a real kingdom, after adopting the name of Houegbadja or Wegbadcha, proved to be an efficient organizer, creator of a structure in which politics was the predominant military element. Among other things, determine the roles of key ministers (gbonuga), a label established in the court decree and the first rules regarding funerals.
Houegbadja successor was his son Houessou Akaba (1685-1708). Having reached power too late, adopted it, to recall the fact, following the currency, full of philosophy: “Despite its slow pace, the chameleon it to reach the cup Bombax.” However, have sufficient time to launch vigorous attacks against the inhabitants of the area of the river WEME. He died of smallpox during one of these bells, and his successor, Agadja or Agadcha (1708-1740), Dahomey got to international sovereignty, independence from Allada in 1715. Lacking sufficient troops male, was the creator of a body of troops from women, the famous Amazon, which should be virgin or at least subjected to celibacy. During his reign, Dahomey was extended to the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, estableciento direct contact with cash access provider Europeans: Allada in 1724 and later conquered the kingdom of coastal Savi, which controlled the important port of Ouidah (Whydah) . However, was defeated by the Yoruba of Oyo, which had devastated Porto Novo, which has to agree and GCA accept vassalage to pay a yearly tribute composed of a number of slaves (41 boys and 41 girls), as well as various goods.
Contact with European traders gave Agadja the nickname Hwito (? Which takes the path of the ships?). The maximum splendor of the dynasty reign coincides with this, among other reasons for opening in the trade with Europeans over the coast. Moreover, the political and social organization is taking an institutional character. The ancestors of the king were the subject of religion with human sacrifices. The state, and totalitarian centralist, now thoroughly control the reproduction and the number of inhabitants.
Amazons of Dahomey armed with cutlasses and a primitive rifle
The strength of the appearance of Dahomey could not alarming unless Oyo. the talented And from the moment a terrible competition is going to prevail against both powers, who sought to control the main traffic from the coast, namely the slave trade. Besides Oyo and Dahomey will compete brutally with Ashanti, who had succeeded in ensuring that gaming industry same role in the West. Dahomey is not never break completely and will continue its incursions across the region between the Volta and Niger.
In the middle of the eighteenth century, the kingdom chosen to base its power only in the trafficking of slaves, erected in real monopoly during the reign of Tegbessou (1740-1774). But families to the country after a long period of depression, the military, neglected by a little warrior king, not solved the problem of supply and sales suffered so much because of the war of American Independence and the French Revolution. In addition, the traditional trading system, based on the strengths of the European coast, also go into decline.
The murder of Agonglo (1797) and the fall of Adandozan (1818) confirmed the seriousness of the crisis. However, the situation was tailored so vigorously by Ghez, who kingdom for forty years (1818-1858) and was revealed as a great statesman. The monarch had the Global Cash Access Inc. ability to introduce several innovations, including the production and marketing of palm oil.
Surely realizing that the new product could mean an increase in profits, reinforcing those obtained from the slave trade, which was Ghez began to take steps to encourage this new trade since the 1840s, declaring at the palm tree is sacred , And prohibiting his court.
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This flexibility of schedules

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

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One of the attractive features of this type of study is its flexibility in schedules. The student is organizing his period of study in itself, which requires a degree of self-discipline. This flexibility online degrees of schedules is sometimes violated by certain courses that require stakes in online schedules and / or specific spaces.
One of the universities of distance education is the oldest university in South Africa, which leads to offer this service since 1946. When choosing among the Barton Place i s located on Barton Springs Road In the UK, the largest is the Open University which was founded in 1969. In Spain, the National University undergraduate of Distance Education to begin their teaching activities in 1973 and a year later, in Germany, founded the FernUniversit

AP via Yahoo!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

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AP via Yahoo! News
The most recent evidence of a deepening recession which is already the longest in fourth century came Wednesday in two reports that found little help in sight.
Resource Investor
The current crisis raises serious questions about the role of a lender of last resort. This article gives insight into the historical significance. investments and hedge funds are what has seen great successes managing Such Hedge Funds a lender that is crucial to crises, as evidenced by the frequent financial crises autumn harvest in the U.S. for the creation of the Federal Reserve.
The Journal News managing member of The
WASHINGTON – The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buck to the development pressure from some of the same banks which now has failed.
The Oklahoman
WASHINGTON – The most recent evidence of a deepening recession which is already the longest in fourth century came Wednesday The in two reports that found little help in sight. The U.S. service sector fell more than expected in November, such as employment, new orders and prices plunged, hurting the retailers, hotels and airlines. The , led by Corey investment company that manages many funds Meanwhile, Americans hunkered down heading into the holidays, …

Greenspan’s Bubbles: The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve by William Fleckenstein and Fred Sheehan (Hardcover – Jan 16, 2008)

The mortgage in the U.S.

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

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A mortgage is a loan that is made to finance the purchase of real estate, usually with specific payment periods and interest rates. The buyer (debtor mortgage) gives the lender (mortgagee) a right of arrest on property as collateral for the loan.
Original principal balance: The amount of money that the lender provides him or provide for their investment. Usually the money lender that provides as its capital will typically have a lower value than the value of the mortgaged property, so that if you fail to comply with the payments and proceeds to execute the respective mortgage, the money is raised from sale at an auction, is used to pay the debt.
Term: This is the time period set for the payment of debt. The debt is paid periodically, as agreed, usually in monthly payments, to cancel the remaining principal, interest accruing during the period and pay the surcharges in place.
Interest: It’s an additional amount you pay to whom he provides funds to borrow as a gain by using their money into investments like its own house.
The interest may be:
Fixed: A provisional extra annual rate, which varies during the period that was agreed to the cancellation of the loan.
Adjustable: All interest is an extra payment of a percentage on the value of the loan principal, but the adjustable interest is reviewed periodically to adjust the values to the conditions and current market movements.
A large majority of new mortgage loans were signed in the U.S. investments and hedge funds are what has seen great successes managing are of interest fixed for a period of 3 to 5 years and the remaining 27 or 25 years are variable. This is causing many missed mortgage involving