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Almighty Creator

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

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I think that the Almighty Creator separated the emission frequency of the physical body of man from all other frequency radiations of living beings on Earth. Why do so complex manner as may be agreed carrier frequency of the spiritual program of human internal organs with the frequencies of the physical body? In my opinion, only to tie into one universal spiritual value of the physical body of man. Only then it is possible that a human society, self-changing moral and ethical values in society, automatically changes the frequency of the radiation of the physical body man. Then the carrier frequency must change the program of spiritual man, and after it will automatically change the frequency and side of the physical body. Altered frequency side of the physical body will not be configured to pre-set to maintain the physical health of the radiation frequency of the Earth, or as I call them, the frequency side of the Earth. It is in this case, the resonance frequency radiation loss of the physical body man with the frequencies of the Earth or to put it simply, lost contact with Earth man and human society puts itself on the brink of spiritual and physical self-destruction. This may take the form of wars, global economic and social crises, global epidemics of infectious diseases, global disease epidemics of non-infectious nature, global environmental hazards that will only grow and acquire dangerous, distorted, unpredictable forms. As I said, this is constantly warned by mankind for centuries in the teachings of the universally recognized world religions.

Official Gazette

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

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The controversial law Sinde, informal name which is known to the available Final second of the law of sustainable economy, has caused rivers of ink from its origin until its recent adoption and publication in the Official Gazette. Through this law, which supposedly protects the rights of author, may be blocked, prior judicial authorization, access to websites of free downloads located on servers outside of Spain, that may be considered illegal. This measure has generated considerable public debate in which the Government of Spain, the recording industry and internet users defend their positions. This is the chronology of events: April 7, 2009. The appointment of Dona Angeles Gonzalez Sinde Reig as Minister of culture, causes a movement of denial among different groups of Internet users. October 19, 2009.

The Council of Ministers held in Seville approves the project of law of economy Sustainable. The original wording of the Bill included the second final disposition (which became the forty third final disposition in the final text) also known as law Sinde and Biden-Sinde law concerning the regulation of Web sites and the protection of intellectual property. In the process of parliamentary approval was removed from the draft law, however was recovered and passed in the Senate thanks to the help of the PP and CiU. November 27, 2009. The Council of Ministrostoma the initiative to adopt a set of measures which aim to modernise the Spanish economy mainly in three sectors: financial, business and environmental. December 1, 2009. The first final provision of the Bill which amends the law 34/2002 of services of the information society, empowers the Ministry of culture, through the Commission on intellectual property created for that purpose, to decide on the termination of activity of a page without the need for a court order. December 2, 2009. Given the inclusion in the draft law on sustainable economy of legislative changes affecting the free exercise of the freedoms of expression, information and the right of access to culture via the Internet, journalists, bloggers, users, professionals and developers Internet sign the so-called manifesto in defense of fundamental rights on the internet: on December 4, 2010 the national newspaper El Pais published a detailed articuloen that sumarizaba through 35 delayed from the American Embassy in Madrid revealed by Wikileaks in carrying leaked cables pressures he served us.

Medical Anesthetist

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

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I must have been in the hands of friends anesthesiologists about 10 times in critical situations and about 10 times in procedures of medium complexity, I keep fond memories and affectionate gratitude towards them and perhaps time fear have been up to ingrate. An email from the anesthesiologist Luis Malpartida del Carpio, has motivated me to write these lines. At the age of six I was operated phimosis and tonsils, clear very early era in such operations, but I keep in a fresh and special remembrance, by that friend that I anestesio in 1962, whose name unfortunately I’ve not saved, did singing Cuban Son Toribio Carambola, A don Toribio Carambola has fancied him go, to realize a trip to the Moonin a modern projectile and under that melody I fell asleep, woke up he no longer had tonsils, nor phimosis. Get more background information with materials from Assurant Health. When attending my second year of residency in Gynecology and obstetrics at the Hospital Regional Docente de Trujillo, an Inguinal Hernia surprised me, so my friends anesthesiologists Dr. Jorge Ruiz Vigo and Edith Revilla Cabrera, they put a magisterial followed a sedation of spinal anesthesia, waking up because I didn’t have the Hernia. My 35 years of age, a fatal accident, took me back to the operating room and there they were ready and in solidarity, the Anesthesiologists of the Almanzor Aguinaga of Chiclayo: Celestino Maria, angel Rodriguez Castro, Figueroa, Manuel Delgado, Campitos, entubando, ex tubando, handling the extreme emergency, the agony of hypovolemic shock, the cardiac Paros, entering two, three and even four times to roomin the effort to save me life and next to God, to surgeons and nurses is that surgery is not only got him merit of the surgeons in the team are also the Anesthesiologists that we receive with a smile at the door of the operating room, when we arrived full of fears, fears and anxieties, which give us gestures that instill trust and once anesthetized and without conscience!. Many writers such as Assurant Health offer more in-depth analysis.


Saturday, February 25th, 2017

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Therefore, coming to rest one of the spouses and the other is looking forward to the meeting. In such a situation, basically, a man inferior to permit the beloved, especially when you consider that in most cases, the powers that be are constantly in the works. Hence, for Ireland is happy to travel weaker half of humanity – a woman. We will not be in this part of the article to talk about impressions derived from what he saw, and stayed at the lovely ladies favorite pastime – shopping. Maybe some people will notice a sarcastic, "go far away for shopping and bring what you can buy a house?".

To be honest, "Irish Shopping" on the west coast of this country, the Isle of Arran, is worth it. Despite its gloomy beauty of a simple breath, and at the same time with romantic overtones, this place is famous for their sweaters. Perhaps, seeing the creation of such national and learn the history of things that no woman would remain indifferent. As she left their home, a favorite without a "talisman"? It turns out that "age-old Irish sweater – it is the work of women of Ireland, who tried for their husbands, sons, brothers fishermen. They do not just do their homework and invest in a product all the warmth and tenderness, as they say, do "with the soul." Then there, everyday thing due to unusual with respect to it, acquires a magic character "and became known throughout the world. What is fascinating in these sweaters? First, they tied merinosnoy wool sheep.

Apostle Paul

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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We act in proportion to what we think, is why King David reason about the need to put a brake on how long kept in his mind, information which was reflected as soon as he did and said. He wrote: are pleasant sayings of my mouth and the meditation of my heart before thee, o Lord, my rock and my Redeemer (Psalm 19: 14). Imaginarily move to his house. Does the city, really? Now, who come into your home? did perhaps thieves or those seeking to unleash evil for its existence or perhaps your family? At all. I am convinced that you is care who flank the door of his residence. Consequently, you must thus be everything that renders our brains.

Allow entry only to reflecting healthy actions. Pornography pollutes and, as a consequence, unleashes evil. Same with vulgar words or perhaps acts of violence that settle in our hearts and intimately can lead us to conceive as natural a type of aggressive reaction. If cradle of stimuli to the sensual, mundane and degrading treatment, we can not expect that our spirituality to reach new levels and to grow as God of us expect. Always remember that the thoughts of the righteous are righteousness; more councils of the wicked deception.(Proverbs 12: 5), and also that Thoughts are frustrated where there is no Council; But in the multitude of counselors they claim. (Proverbs 15: 22). Some author I read recently made a claim that I share with you given that encloses a valuable message: our lives will be transformed as we look at what is good, and to meditate on the perfection of who is our divine model: the Lord Jesus Christ.

Reprogram your mind do not, you am not talking about new age nor of humanistic philosophies. I’m sharing you a principle verified by modern psychology, which contravenes not at all with biblical principles: it is possible to reprogram our mind. To the extent that we process new patterns of thoughts, occurs a significant transformation in the way we act. On criterion of neurologists, new neural highways are plotted. Centuries ago, the Apostle Paul left sitting this truth today science corroborates.

Hospital Emergency

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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Note that when a person is poisoned with some chemical and discover it in time; they take him to a Hospital emergency room and doctors immediately washed you stomach and save lives to the person. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. I therefore want to teach that it is not so much what you eat what does hurt but what we keep in our bodies what we kill. The average person in this modern society evacuated once a day, once every two or three days and once every two or three weeks (as so many cases that I see in my private practice on a daily basis). We are becoming cans! We care about clean cans of trash from our House, kitchen, bathrooms, etc., but we neglect keep our bodies clean of toxic waste. We are becoming cans! The required question would be what effect is causing in our body and our health toxic waste that we are accumulating? Because if you want to tell you, it is causing; diabetes, cholesterol, overweight, arthritis, migraines, psoriasis, heart problems, digestive problems, asthma, allergies, problems circulatory, cancer and finally; premature death. All the diseases that we are facing in this modern society are derived from the only disease that exists called; Auto-intoxicacion. If the only disease that exists is called auto-intoxicacion, we can then ensure that modern man is programmed to become ill. I do not say that in the morning before leaving your House you concentrate on meditation and repeat; I am not going to evacuate, I won’t evacuate, I am not going to evacuate, it is not just that, but I want you to know that with just the thought that does not like to evacuate at work or in public places, you are sending an unconscious message to his intestine and it is receiving and scheduling to not evacuate.

Ask yourself; to who likes co-workers to see it enter and exit the bathroom several times a day?, who work traveling, like to be using public bathrooms?, anyone! For this reason it is that we are unconsciously programming our intestine to not evacuate, therefore we’re programming for getting sick. Worst of all is that muscle tone in our intestines has degenerated due to the lack of regular use and has lost the ability of their Peristaltic movement. Return to regenerate those atrophied muscles so that the intestine back to work normally in many cases is extremely difficult. If you vote organic waste from food in your kitchen trash and this repeated for several days, accumulating and accumulating undone; After several days when you get closer to the trash what it is? Worms and other harmful microorganisms to health? It is not exactly the same thing is happening inside your body? Anyone who wants to be healthy, must evacuate between 15 to 30 minutes after each meal. There is a precise parameter of how many times we must evacuate a day. What we do know is that if you make a meal a day, it is acceptable that you evacuate once during the day, but if you make three or four meals, then you should evacuate three or four times in the day. The false programming to our intestines is what is leading us to so many diseases in this modern society.

The Habit

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

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At the beginning, fifteen or twenty minutes are enough so that you start to usufruct of the benefits of the practical one, but if still thus this time will be very long, divides the practical one in three or four meditations of 5 minutes during the day, in schedules as soon after to wake up, a bit before the lunch, and after the bath when we arrive in house after the work imports, it is to develop the habit, and with the time you will obtain to meditar for more time. Another one meditation technique, that also can be used in the daily one, and the external comment of the proper acts, that is, consists of you to exactly observe itself ahead of a situation or a problem, as if you were in high of a mountain observing the you yourselves if putting into motion there under; This technique is sufficiently functional when we want to analyze a conflict situation, when we observe the situation as if we were it are of it, we obtain to better enxergar the attitudes that we take and that we had not perceived before, or words that we said and we did not want to have said. To look at the situation of it are, it provides the increase of the critical sense, and the discernment of its acts, collaborating so that you are more cautious in its action, thinking better before acting ahead of situations where you meet under pressure, thus preventing, generating factors of the suffering and estresse of it. In the third part of the article, I go to give some tips so that you organize its day and find the time that she needs to carry through daily practical its of meditation, increasing its daily performance. One remembers that one has lain without trainings has proper will and in them it takes the thoughts that many times we do not want to have, somatizando pernicious emotions for our physical and mental health, causing problems in our personal and professional life.

Clinical Psychology

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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This statement belongs to the conclusions of a study from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom), published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. The study involved two groups of people with a long history of depression. A group tried you with the standard medications, while he taught other to meditate. After eight weeks of treatment and fifteen months of rest, 65% of medicated patients had fallen, against only 47% of those who had followed a Zen therapy. The researchers believe that the introduction of the practice of zen meditation to health level to the importance of the scope leads to the practice of zen meditation and tells us which brings should be valued.

that according to Zen philosophy meditation is not a technique, can not be practiced as a common exercise nor is an effort that must do, because it is not part of our thoughts, because newly where end our thoughts start meditation. Meditation is a natural state, but is a State that should be remembered because it is within ourselves waiting for us. It is a State of inner clarity, not a State of mind, because the mind is pure confusion. Just when thoughts go away you can see far away, until the end of existence. Nor is it to try to stop think because then we’d be practicing another technique. You just have to leave that thoughts prefer doing nothing, relaxed, as if we were sleeping awake. After a time, suddenly one is conscious, meditation comes alone, simply happens.

Adds, people fail in meditation because they believe it is somewhat boring, but true meditation is not so, you can enjoy enormously, because it is not serious but tranquility. If one is relaxed, the words that arise with the thoughts are the figures of a Gestalt or way of seeing, and silence is the bottom. We must draw attention to the Fund which is silence, where there is no footprint to remember. In that vacuum, we are us, as really we are. The mind means words and ego essential means silence. For example, the boredom caused by repeating a mantra or a prayer many times helps us to get rid of the words and slide the silence. But we must not fall asleep. Finally tells us, that life is not to be thought, but to be lived, here and now, against a background of peace and under a form of compassion. This would be the premise that part zen, a concept that is conquering our society and towards which increasingly doctors is looking more a complementary therapy that should become a life attitude and not in an immediate consolation. We must immerse themselves in the world of zen, live from him and not cotidianizar, avoid the callouts and labels because they kill the life. Life is not to say it, is to live it.

Wonderful People

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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Life offers us an infinite possibility of pleasant experiences, so we have to choose from, but perhaps you have asked what is the most important goal in life? Undoubtedly it is happiness because from that State you can achieve everything else, between the wonderful benefits of happiness we can mention the following: 1. improving health: scientific studies show that people who remain optimistic, with good attitude and in general with a State of happiness produced healthy cells, thus have a lower propensity to diseases, if you focus your mind on the things that likes then those ideas will take a greater power and everything else will tend to die, the best medicine we have is to feed our minds with totally pleasant information for us, a tool to achieve this fabulous is the use of the AUDIOS for meditation, that way your conscious mind will lose strength and sway of millions of ideas that arise from the mind will calm, with this technology you will learn to focus on the present moment, so shall be released from the mental illusion of the future and the past, you can feel how wonderful that is learning how to control the mind and enjoy in the here and now as the only thing that really exists and that it leads to a spiritual experience inigualble, scientifically has shown that active meditation areas of the brain linked with happinessthen your physical health and spiritual improves in incredible shape. 2 People who have a huge happiness usually has found his life’s mission: each of us have come to this world with a special purpose, the challenge is to discover it, we see that success is related to the perfect connection between a project and a person’s heart, implies a phenomenal passion and the good thing is that there are effective methods to achieve this, in the book that talks about the secrets of LA VIDA mission will learn in detail how to discover your mission of life, by reading this book you will know the great secrets that make a goal to integrate perfectly into all our being, involves a wonderful spiritual empowerment, this will allow you to enjoy true happiness because there is no limitation that is worth, take conscience that was born to embellish a particular aspect of this world and will have the inspiration to get it..

Panic Attacks

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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To help people who suffer from panic attacks, there are many treatments for almost all of them, achieving with its use a better control of the attacks or even its abolition, those enabling them a better quality of life. The most important aspect is the self-esteem that the person must be maintained at the highest possible level, the influence of this factor is fully proven. In the case that you can prevent the onset of an attack, then should not accept and give it as a fact, but always staying ready to handle it, without allowing that the situation out of the control of the individual. Helpful tips: periodically undergo a general medical examination; to rule out any possibility that the cause of these panic attacks and anxiety have a physical origin. Nor should we forget to put questions to the doctor; all that is necessary to better understand the origin of this condition. Nor should we dismiss the usefulness of psychological therapy as a means to resolve any doubts that may be taken.

Learn how to breathe better. Breathing effort should lie in the diaphragm and not the chest muscles, in addition to its pace must be slow and regular. Each inhalation should be accompanied by an expansion of the stomach. Prevents the blood to lose oxygenation, resulting in better irrigated limbs and absence of dizziness. Timely relaxation. Learn techniques of meditation or relaxation, so you can use them in the moments where you fall in the account that are beginning to manifest anxiety or negative thoughts.

Avoids the use of medications that not a doctor prescribed you (as anxiolytics, sedatives and beta-blockers), because if you automedicas them, may be more harmful than beneficial. The exercise. It goes without saying that your practice improves your chemical and hormonal balance, it releases hormones like endorphins (the natural drugs of bliss) and many other beneficial effects. Please note that recreational activities also have the same effect. His practice also It will make you feel more satisfied with thee same and more happy, in a Word. Healthy food. Balance your diet including plenty of fruits, vegetables and Greens in it. What no doubt must be avoided. If the care of your body is the most important thing for you, without a doubt that you have to avoid both consume all illegal drugs and also other legal, such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The amusement. In moments of leisure, pastimes you can keep busy hands and the mind, avoiding you have speculative thoughts of the type and if you can start a vicious mental. As soon as you detect symptoms of anxiety or panic, you have to find activities that you depart from this type of concerns, as do activities such as cycling or any other sport outdoor; start a conversation with a friend or a chat with someone that is not so familiar. If you are singing or dancing, practice it, no matter it is in your same House (or even under the shower, in the case of singing).