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The Wave

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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' ' I make this because I love you ' '. Love to who the times I ask myself. The girl or proper itself? Yes, therefore pra to impose as much ' ' nos' ' , as many rules, only being very egoistic same. A self-centered tapir whose desires and individual wills are the only things that matter, while the necessities of who say to love, are seen as silly whim. Freshness of woman Many believe that to treat well excessively a woman, and that had given much freedom, it goes if to tire of the face in little time and to start to treat it badly. to see it as one capacho.

E soon, for knowing that they trust them, to start to give &#039 despreocupadamente; ' pipoquinha' ' for there. Quanta infantilidade However, no woman who if preze, likes to be damaged, to be white constant of diffidence, to have its neglected wills and to be seen she appends as a sexual object. exactly for thinking that treating them badly they treat, them well, is that they run risk to be trados e, later, to be changed for another one. Now if exactly being treated as a princess, having of the expensive side one it protects that it guides, it and the woman respects it, to open the legs for another one, then she is because it, in the deep one, the girl always was one puta. However, it would be unjust to affirm that the limited mind of the boys, by itself, would be the only culprit for the wave of cimes that it comes becoming thousand of relationships in a hell. Many times they are influenced by the friends who say: ' ' Not, mine, of soft pra ela.porque if you not to press, it go you to chifrar e, but in the front, to order in ti' '.

History Of Hairdressing

Friday, February 15th, 2013

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Business and cultural world who have been rapidly and successfully develop, helped and had a tremendous influence on fashion and style, respectively, hairstyles and clothes. In the 50 years has come into fashion hairstyles of French popular actresses Brigitte Bordeaux, etc. Hairstyles actresses certainly differed from each other by their performance and forms, but they share a common recognition among women of different countries. In the 60's hairstyles have become more stringent and the monolithic. In vogue rapidly enters the cruel bouffant.

Hairstyles acquired volume. In these hairstyles of course there are no small parts. The form may either increase or decrease. That is, the amount may be larger or vice versa. For this used cut the hair of which were made and applied in the hairstyles as well as now in our time.

Only changed the shape and length of hair. It is also widely used soft synthetic fibers. In this period in fashion are such hairstyles as "Bell", the name speaks for itself. Now we are certainly difficult to imagine what it is. But it is higher and the volume hairstyle without additional decorations and fine details. "Horse tail", we can observe in our modern time hairdressing. Just need to pay tribute and coloring. Trendy colors napaminayuschie metals: copper, bronze, silver, brass. In the second part of the twentieth century polovne fashion freely flowing, blond hair falling down a wave that came to our days. In the 70 years of wigs to give up their positions a little hair-do with a geometric haircut.