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Foundation English Limited

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

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Who plays with the idea of starting a business, must be aware that social form of efficiency and cost reasons, is best suited. On the German side, for example, are the limited liability company (LLC) or the Civil law association (GbR) to choose from, with all its advantages and disadvantages that arise from the capital expense and liability. For these reasons and more companies are opting only for a Limited Company or Limited Company (Ltd abbreviated. PVPV) to. It is possible, since the European Court of Justice ruled in 2002 that also forms of companies of other EU member states are allowed. 30,000 companies in Germany alone have exercised this option and for the Ltd.. decided. The key advantage is that in Britain the usual bureaucracy in this country has been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, of course, apply to companies based in Germany, even if they claim to be British societyallowed, all tax and other duties as the entry in the Commercial Register. To the status as a limited necessary formalities and requirements in terms of budgets and reports to be reclaimed in the UK, you can easily outsource as an entrepreneur. Companies that have focused on the Limited as a form of society, not only provide assistance in the establishment, but also undertake any other tasks that occur. At the personal side, they represent the Company Secretary as the contact person, inter alia, for the English Companies House. They also provide the necessary legal domicile of choice in England is conducted on all correspondence. Most of these are for office services that ensure the reliable transmission of the post. It is crucial that we all obligations that exist on the part of the British company is making. The necessary information and forms are the players, who accept the creation of the Limited, which is in contrast to not thousands GmbHEuro will cost, but with a much smaller financial effort.

That the attack, not attack

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

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Stroke is a disease that affects about 270 thousand people a year in Colombia and is the leading cause of disability among adults. Do you smoke or drink liquor occasionally , Does a few kilos more , “Physical exercise is not one of your daily activities , Is your blood pressure is rising , Has anyone in your family have diabetes No need to gather all these features, with a satisfying, should be put on notice and pay attention to “the attack, not attack.” We’re talking about stroke, or stroke, a disease that claims more victims every day and arrives unannounced.Many know him as thrombosis and others, such as stroke, but more important is not the name but know how it manifests, who is at risk, how it can be prevented and what to do next when it comes. Nhora Neuroscientist Patricia Alfonso Ruiz, Fundaci n Cardiovascular de Colombia, explains that “brain attack is a lesion of the nervous system that is caused by the rupture or blockage of a vessel that carries blood flow, either because of a clot or the presence of fatty plaque in arteries. When that happens, part of the brain runs out of oxygen and infarction occurs. According to the area of the brain that is affected, the patient has symptoms such as sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body, loss of speech, mobility, vision and memory, severe headache, vertigo or fainting, loss of consciousness and seizure.These occur suddenly, even when the patient is at rest. Once this clinical picture is presented, ideally three hours before going to a health institution that has the following resources: emergency care 24 hours laboratory electrocardiogram, hemodynamics, brain CT radiological images type 24 hours, a neurologist , neurosurgeon, radiologist, and intensive care unit. In the case of Santander and the Colombian East, IPS par excellence is the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia, which has those features to serve these patients in a timely manner, with a specialized neurovascular unit, more than two years of experience and unique in the country. Are you at risk Prev ngalo There are several factors that increase the risk of stroke.These are a few: Hypertension Smoking and alcohol Diabetes Obesity Sedentary lifestyle High blood cholesterol Elderly (though young people are common in stroke) Family history of thrombosis and / or stroke You see, you can not avoid aging or change your family history, but you can improve your lifestyle. Note The Colombian Association of Neurology estimates that each year there are about 270,000 of these cases, which are classified as obstructions or thrombosis (which constitute 80 ) and hemorrhages or strokes (20 ). They are the third leading cause of death and major disability in the country. Stroke is considered a vital emergency or obvious and therefore patients should be treated with priority in clinics and hospitals regardless of whether or not membership in health. The reason that the emphasis on providing care in the three hours after stroke, it is because they have drugs that dissolve clots and can cause rapid cessation of symptoms and reduce the consequences. So if the action is fast, the patient may recover one hundred percent, otherwise the consequences ranging from physical disability to death marked.

Louvre Museum in

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

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Louvre Museum in Paris. A museum (the Latino Museum and this in turn Greek) is a public or private, permanent, or non-profit, serving the society and its development, and open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits or exhibits, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment of art collections, scientific, etc.., always with a cultural value, according to the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The science that studies them is called the art museum and museology management. Such collections, often valuable, existed from antiquity, the temples were kept in objects of worship or offerings that occasionally were shown to the public so he could look at them and admiring them.The same happened with the valuables and art works collected some members of the aristocracy in Greece and Rome had them exposed in their homes, their gardens and taught with pride to friends and visitors. It is in the Renaissance when given the name “museum” as we understand it today to buildings specifically dedicated to such statements. Then there are art galleries, showing paintings and sculptures. Its name derives from the galleries (the palaces and castles), which were the spacious halls of elongated shape, with many windows or open and supported by columns or pillars, for moments of rest and the display of ornaments, many Sometimes works of art. Vista Palace (Winter Palace) from Palace Square (St. Petersburg) in Social Entrepreneurs Also called enterprising person undertaking the building alike other types of organizations or institutions are not necessarily commercial, eg civic, social, or political. This is because the act of undertaking itself is not only characteristic of the business or trade, but that is transverse to the twenty-first century society. A case “mixed” is the social entrepreneur or venture that seeks to generate economic benefits to the pair of having an approach developed in enhancing human welfare that transcends economics.

Freddy A. Guevara

Monday, March 15th, 2010

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Freddy A. Guevara M. / Social Communicator .- According to research, have determined that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer condition of Venezuelan women and the first in many countries of America and the world, although its early detection reduces the statistical almost entirely. To corroborate this we have come to interview Dr. Simon Arraga, ginecostetra doctor who is based in the city of Barquisimeto, to inform us about this type of disease and its prevention. “Dr.Arraga, what are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer Breast cancer is generally characterized by very early signs that the patient often does not often pointed out, however when the patient has noticed the symptoms that have been presented in the breast, cancer is unfortunately something advanced. Almost always one of the first symptoms when the patient is at any point in their lives, to touch her breasts herself feels a lump, it is there when you should go immediately to the doctor to be assessed. That is why the importance of patient self-examination is applied which is a means of great importance in the diagnosis, which can be used as a preventive measure. What are the major signs or symptoms that occur in these cases Well as I explained, would be the presence of nodulation in the breast, in addition to color changes in the skin of the breast can become a reddish color as orange peel, is a color change that qualifies the skin is raised, there may be nipple retraction and collapse of the skin, including through may have nipple discharge, and unfortunately these are symptoms later, initially the first element that the patient should look for is what I said initially, nodulation in the breast. “Doctor or what would be the most effective way to diagnose it early mind This is accomplished through medical checks, the patient from an early age must have a habit of gynecological education regarding breast explored, indeed must do so after each period to verify in their breasts that no nodules, that is a first step. The other step would eventually resort to the doctor, the patient should go to a gynecological checkup every six months, then that’s where your doctor may check but there have been changes in the structure of the breast, but the first doctor so to speak, would be really patient, it would be the first undiagnosed its nodulation, which is why it must be recognized. What are the risk factors in the patient There are many, including associated environmental factors, stress, drug factor, toxic elements, chemicals, food factor, obesity can also be an important factor, contraceptive use and uncontrolled hormones, cigarettes, liquor and more.

The Mission Vision of HPA

Monday, March 15th, 2010

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(from my point of view) HPA is a company, founded by Tn Haji Ahmad Ismail. Its operation began 20 years ago in Perlis, a state in the north of Malaysia. Tn Hj Ismail is a man with great vision, that is to help the ummah. HPA’s products grew from one to 500 products today. HPA mission is to Provide Halal and THOYYIB food to Muslims, especially those living in Malaysia. We have today Witnessed the influx of unhealthy food such as halal qualityburgers dubious, chemical laden and sugar loaded soft drinks and fish balls mixed with pork intestines. In the farms, chickens are given antibiotics Which are also fed with fattening stocks Which is harmful to the pancreas. Worst of all, the chickens are also improperly slaughtered and sold to unsuspecting Muslims. The storage of chicken side by side to non-Halal meat is another matter to be concerned with. In the aspects of Halal and Thoyyib concept, consumer products hygienely must be prepared and made / prepared by the hands of the Muslim. This Is To ensure that the consumer products are always in accordance to the Syariat. The more we support HPA, by buying from her, the more Halal and Thoyyib products will be available far and wide, safe for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. HPA How do you support Buy from any HPA branches or kiosks. For more benefits to the family, sign up as a member today. A lifetime membership for only RM30. HPA has also set up its own Syariah panel consisting of scholars of Islamic subjects.

Sales and subscriptions

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

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Sales and subscriptions The user base for the PlayStation 2 version was interrupted first by the limited sale of hard drives and network adapters that required the PlayStation 2 game. The Japanese release of Rise of the Zilart won first place in sales of games when it debuted with 90,000 copies sold in its first week. Final Fantasy XI All-in-One Pack peaked at number 36 and the Wings of the Goddess expansion was number 40 of the 50 best-selling games for Xbox 360 in Japan until December 2007. For the financial period April-September 2004, Square Enix An increase in players, particularly in Final Fantasy XI, sales increased by 101 and operating income 230.9 one. Revenues were stable for sucripci n services in the summer of 2006, in the fall, however, Square recognized that online subscription revenue were “not satisfactory” to Despite the stable performance of Final Fantasy XI. In December 2002, theSquare Enix president Yoichi Wada, announced it had over 200,000 subscribers to Final Fantasy XI, which allowed the company to recover the investment and start making profit. There were about 200,000 and 300,000 active players daily in 2006. As of 14 August 2006, the Xbox 360 version was the sixth most played title on Xbox Live.

In November 1998,

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

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In November 1998, independently released an EP called “First Impressions”. Only 1000 copies were made. In 2000 also independently released his first LP: “Identity Crisis” which was not a good critique of the press. Over time Thrice was released and signed with Hopeless / Subcity Records, where Relaunches first LP, and recorded their second album “The Illusion of Safety,” which was widely acclaimed and drew the attention of music labels higher. Unlike other albums, in 2003 they signed to Island Records and released “The Artist in the Ambulance” which showed more structured songs while remaining true to their hardcore punk influences. In 2005 he was released a CD / DVD under the name “If We Could Only See Us Now“, which contained unreleased songs, live and compilations. His third album “Vheissu” was released on 18 October 2005 and has influenced post-hardcore.This disc is a step in the group’s career, as it incorporates piano, keyboards and a guitar sound different, giving the round a point of maturity and experimentation that has not been seen in his previous work. On 12 October 2007, Thrice rose to their Myspace you integrate two songs from “The Alchemy Index: Vol 1 II”. The Alchemy Index Vols. I II were published on 16 October 2007, at which time the band takes a firm step towards the musical style and displayed in his previous album. The disc includes two CDs of 6 songs each, the first volume more forceful and convincing based on the fire element and the second element based on the experimental water. The Alchemy Index has sold 28,000 copies in its first week. Debuted at No. 24 on the Billboard album chart, and climbed to No. 5 of the best-selling albums on iTunes. The second part of the project, The Alchemy Index Vols. III IV – Earth Air “was officially released on 15 April 2008, although it is circulating on the Internet since April 9.With this new double album, Thrice is becoming one of the best experimental rock bands in the style of recent years, reaching high levels of popularity worldwide. Every last song from each album as a sonnet, describing a man’s relationship with each particular item. On 28 May 2008 recorded the CD / DVD “Live at the House of Blues”. The work contains 2 CDs and a DVD with live tracking and interviews with band members. In late 2008 turned with Rise Against, Alkaline Trio and The Gaslight Anthem. 2009 Thrice were confirmed to play at The Bamboozle Left in April 2009 and on the Warped Tour ’09 On 15 September 2009 Beggars Thrice released, that album sound the same again after experiencing with The Alchemy Index. Scored either positive, like a 9 / 10 in


Monday, March 8th, 2010

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Argentina’s economy until 1975, despite their political whims, had 11 years of continuous growth. However, there could be alien to the world economic crisis of 1973. At those times, very important for the country, returned to power of Peronism’s hand Campora, who had a trend toward leftist Peronism. Economy Minister Jose Campora was Gelbard, a Polish immigrant, entrepreneur, with strong ties to the Communist Party, founder of the GEC (Entrepreneur Organization representing SMEs) and confidant of Peron. The country’s situation was quite agitated, Gelbard tried to make a social pact between the CGE and the CGT and the UIA to contain inflation and on the other hand, try a redistribution of wealth. The first year of his administration, he succeeded to some extent the goal, also helped initially by the high prices of agricultural products. The share of wages in relation to GDP increased by 20 in the period 1973-1974.Gelbard was the goal of reaching 1977 with a salary equal to 50 of GDP. At that time, price increases were allowed only if checked higher costs. To control them, they set very complicated regulations involving the Ministry of Commerce in various stages of development, marketing and sales, costs were reviewed and authorized the increases, which resulted in costs and compliance impossible situations, which led to the corruption. Gelbard’s plan was criticized by the left (with the obvious exception of the Communist Party) because he considered “reformist” and right as it is considered “communist”. But the international environment was becoming increasingly complicated. The oil crisis hit the whole world and Europe’s first reaction was greater trade protectionism, reducing both price and quantity, much of Argentina’s exports.Moreover, the rising cost of oil also had a direct impact in Argentina, being the country a net importer of basic product. And as if that were not enough, the exchange rate artificially low and a high fiscal deficit (14 of GDP), explains why in late 1974, Argentina had lost almost 2 / 3 of its international reserves. Price control was increasingly difficult to sustain, there was a growing shortage and increasing black market. At the same time, the monetary issue was out of control. Moreover, at regional level, the situation was increasingly rarefied. The center-left governments or directly from left had been replaced by military dictatorships. Gelbard hoping to save his plan was the signing of commercial agreements with Communist countries of Eastern Europe and China, for that toured the region and signed some agreements.However, in the midst of a polarized world, and a growing military power, totally anti, this type of cross were totally impossible for a country like Argentina. One example was the blocking by U.S. auto sales to manufacturing of American companies in Argentina to Cuba. After Peron’s death, the influence of Jose Lopez Rega in government (the man who made every effort to see fall Gelbard) increased significantly while the economic and political situation of the country began to deteriorate rapidly. The consensus sought in the Social Pact, and finally ends up breaking Gelbard’s position is seriously undermined. At the end of ’74, the economy minister resigned. He is replaced by Gomez Morales, former Central Bank president, and related to the orthodox right-wing Peronism, who tried an adjustment, devaluing the peso and easing price controls partially.In parallel, an ultra-liberal economist, conservative and strongly anti-Peronist, but with many contacts with power entrepreneur named Ricardo Zinn, begins to put together a plan to modify the structure of wages and economic power relationships.

Openbravo Comunity ion

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

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Openbravo Comunity ion is an open source implementation of the ERP business management for companies of small and medium size. The data structure of the application is based originally on an old version of Compiere, project which does not maintain any compatibility. Openbravo is an application client / web server written in Java. It runs on Apache and Tomcat and database support for PostgreSQL and Oracle. It is currently available in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and French. Openbravo application initially created based on the Compiere code and others, a practice known as carry a fork or fork. Openbravo Community ion is licensed under the Openbravo Public License Version 1.1 ( “OBPL”), which is an adaptation of the free license Mozilla Public License. The Network version code is not published and is not entirely under that license, but there are various parties with proprietary licenses.Openbravo Licenses OBPL applies also some other restrictions that make it incompatible with the GPL.