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Freddy A. Guevara M. / Social Communicator .- According to research, have determined that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer condition of Venezuelan women and the first in many countries of America and the world, although its early detection reduces the statistical almost entirely. To corroborate this we have come to interview Dr. Simon Arraga, ginecostetra doctor who is based in the city of Barquisimeto, to inform us about this type of disease and its prevention. “Dr.Arraga, what are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer Breast cancer is generally characterized by very early signs that the patient often does not often pointed out, however when the patient has noticed the symptoms that have been presented in the breast, cancer is unfortunately something advanced. Almost always one of the first symptoms when the patient is at any point in their lives, to touch her breasts herself feels a lump, it is there when you should go immediately to the doctor to be assessed. That is why the importance of patient self-examination is applied which is a means of great importance in the diagnosis, which can be used as a preventive measure. What are the major signs or symptoms that occur in these cases Well as I explained, would be the presence of nodulation in the breast, in addition to color changes in the skin of the breast can become a reddish color as orange peel, is a color change that qualifies the skin is raised, there may be nipple retraction and collapse of the skin, including through may have nipple discharge, and unfortunately these are symptoms later, initially the first element that the patient should look for is what I said initially, nodulation in the breast. “Doctor or what would be the most effective way to diagnose it early mind This is accomplished through medical checks, the patient from an early age must have a habit of gynecological education regarding breast explored, indeed must do so after each period to verify in their breasts that no nodules, that is a first step. The other step would eventually resort to the doctor, the patient should go to a gynecological checkup every six months, then that’s where your doctor may check but there have been changes in the structure of the breast, but the first doctor so to speak, would be really patient, it would be the first undiagnosed its nodulation, which is why it must be recognized. What are the risk factors in the patient There are many, including associated environmental factors, stress, drug factor, toxic elements, chemicals, food factor, obesity can also be an important factor, contraceptive use and uncontrolled hormones, cigarettes, liquor and more.

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