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Appendix: Issues related to energy use

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

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Energy use is linked, in effect, to human development. The union of humanity with the energy certainly started with the domain of fire. Today however there is a growing complexity in energy issues. There is a growing number of energy sources, energy networks more complex, methods of storage, etc.. More and more New York households are signing-up for – terrific for cutting utility expenses. For a comprehensive knowledge of the whole system, it is useful to have a global of all issues pertaining to that system.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Duke Energy Corp., owner of utilities in the Southeast and Midwest, agreed to a 70-megawatt wind power project of the Spanish Gamesa Corp Tecnologia SA.
Reuters via Yahoo! Philippines News
Says could not keep improved wind regime since March
The Sacramento Bee
The Capitol can be lively on renewable energy, but 70 miles of Interstate 5, the biggest thing g
News10 Sacramento
A proposal for renewable energy from the north of California to the Central Valley cities has stirred controversy along the proposed routes of transmission lines .

The need for propulsion systems

Monday, May 25th, 2009

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Artificial satellites to be launched to be placed in orbit, and once it has attained its stationary position in the nominal orbit, require some form of attitude control so they can maintain and targeting a certain position between the Earth, the Sun and possibly Some astronomical objects of interest. Are less subject to resistance although there is a rarefied atmosphere at this point, so that we can stay in orbit for long periods of time with a small amount of propellant for the propulsion and power to make small corrections. Many satellites need, from time to time, move some other orbit and needed to make this operation, the propulsion. When a satellite has exhausted its capacity to do this both correction of the exchange said that orbits its life is exhausted.
Spacecraft designed to travel long distances and therefore need to drive propulsion systems. Need to be launched from the earth’s atmosphere as is done with satellites. The propulsion system in space and it serves to provide autonomy and able to move. For an interplanetary spacecraft travel engines needed to leave Earth’s orbit. Once this could be made, the engines are used to achieve his destiny. Interplanetary ships today do this with a form of short-term adjustments. Among these settings the spacecraft has an attitude just free fall through its orbit.
The most simple and efficient from the standpoint of the propellant consumption for a change of orbit to another is called a Hohmann transfer, the spacecraft begins with a circular orbit around the sun. During a short period of time is an impulse in the direction of motion of the spacecraft (tangent to the path) so as to accelerate or decelerate the spacecraft into an elliptical orbit around the sun which is tangent to the previous orbit. The spacecraft also propelled by the orbit falls freely until it reaches its destination. There are special methods, as the aerofrenado con edison is sometimes used as a final adjustment of the orbit.
Artistic conception of the operation and provision of a solar sail.
Some methods of propulsion such as solar sails provide very imposing a tiny but steady. A propulsion system of these characteristics is capable of interplanetary travel long distances with a propelante almost “infinite”, following a path different from that defined by Hohmann transfer orbit because it is constantly pushed radially outwards from the solar system from the Sun at its center.
Spacecraft engaged in interstellar travel also requires a method of propulsion jets. Electric bills in the summer can be high but with a green energy company. At present there is a ship built with these characteristics, but many designers are part of an ongoing discussion. Since interstellar distances are very large, we need to go through a high speed within a reasonable time to reach the destination. Acquiring these speeds is a technological challenge today.

The birth of the new German wine

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

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In the 70 and 80 was improved production and soon started what some winemakers defined as the “boom Riesling” or the “German wine miracle” due to the concern of some growers and producers in more production quality than volume, this work was gradually reaping good results in the whites and reds. This effect was already from the year 1962, the Germans themselves have doubled their consumption of wine, increase the international projection, for example in United States give up the worship Riesling.
The white wines of the 90s in Germany did not come from barrel, but gradually the strong demand has meant that more and more winemakers are involved in the production of such wine.

South African Wine News
The ABSA Square is hosting a wine tasting with various basements around the Cape, including Rooi Berg, Grundheim, Bonnie Vale, Barry Dale, Boplaas, Riebeek, and Van Lovere.
South African Wine News
In an appropriate tribute on the occasion of South Africa is 350 years of winemaking, the Welbedacht Wine estate of Schalk Burger and Sons was awarded the coveted Trophy Award in the category for Best Red Blend South African wine in the 2009 Decanter World Wine Awards in London.
Reuters via Yahoo! News
Provence is in arms against a change in anticipation of the rule could ros wines should be made by simply mixing white wine with red.
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Bottles (Banjo-Kazooie)

Monday, May 18th, 2009

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Bottles bullet is a small and plump with huge glasses that would indicate myopia, character in the Banjo-Kazooie series. if you visit Israel, you must with Israel Maven Appear in the game Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel Banjo-Tooie. While in the first game to teach new movements and Banjo Kazooie players so they can advance their adventure, in the second game goes to a level a bit unnoticed, recalling the first movement of the game and leaving the new movements to his brother Jamjars .

Daily Mail
For anyone who does not want to wear glasses – or who wants to avoid the burden of contact – laser eye surgery seems the obvious solution.
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald
Our police do a good job. They are real heroes, and life in danger every day on their uniforms. It would be nice but, if it is not endangered by Tailgating.
Jewish World Review
05/08/09: “Hedge Fund Man ‘for President 05/01 / 09: Swine flu should prompt closure of the US-Mexico border 04/24/09 : Leave Afghanistan to 04/17/09: Team O is left to sound right extremists 04/13/09: Obama bows to no one, unless you’re a Saudi king 04/03/09: What do you mean, if we ever want to leave afghanistan ‘
The San Angelo Standard-Times
Bad vision Gina Munn plagued for most of her life, but took a turn for the worse last year when a infection developed after she had surgery to correct a crossed eye.

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Nokia 1110

Monday, May 18th, 2009

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Surely many people will want Blackberry phones to get their hands on, so have to email steal one of the latest models of Blackberries mobile touchscreen keyboard Nokia. XpressAlarm is an interesting application for mobile wireless phones phones Symbian 5th Edition (Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusic) monitor that will keep our cellular phone plan chooser mobile phones for us and shall be notified if cell phone plan chooser any intruder alarms tries wifi touching without our permission or even if they try out new application pocket . To install XpressAlarm wifi is erequiere Python 1.9.4 plans or higher. Nokia 1110 and Nokia cellular phone plans 1110i are low-cost mobile phones manufactured by Nokia which operate in GSM. The Blackberry cellphone 1110 was released in 2005, the 1110i was released in Blackberry cell phone 2006. Both Blackberry models were considered as “the first free phones phone” for new users. From the point of view of Nokia, the 1110i had the advantage of ease of use and software affordability. These phones cellular phones are very similar (in functionality) to the Nokia 1100.
In January 2007, Nokia 1110 cellular providers sold its wireless providers basic monochrome model of low cost. One of its key markets of the developing countries .

Position of the Catholic Church

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

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The attitude of the Catholic Church to these allegations and the cult of children allegedly murdered by Jews has been mixed. At certain times has been opposed to them, but overall has done little to stop the cult and in some cases have explicitly adopted. Pope Benedict XIV allowed to continue with the worship of Anderle von Rinn on locally, but that rejection was elevated to saint. Moreover, Pope Gregory X issued a letter rejecting the accusations of blood libel.

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Outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) 2009

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

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Number of countries with confirmed cases 22.
Total number of countries with confirmed or suspected cases 39.
( ) Is not known whether all cases are marked as possible or very likely were caused directly by the specific strain of swine flu, although laboratory findings may indicate the presence of others.
v ‘d’ e
The outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) in 2009, caused by a variant of the originally Influenzavirus A of porcine origin (subtype H1N1), which was detected in Mexico on March 18, 2009, completed in a month several states of Mexico (Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico and San Luis Potosi) and United States (Texas and California), to be exported since then, with the appearance of numerous cases in other countries of patients who had traveled to Mexico. There were a few cases of infection indirectly by persons who have not been in that region, that have occurred in Spain, Germany, South Korea and United Kingdom. On April 29 the World Health Organization ( WHO) classifies as the alert level of five, ie, an imminent pandemic. This level of alert does not define the severity of disease caused by the virus, but its geographical extent.
This new virus strain is known as swine flu, flu, U.S. and new influenza but these names have been the subject of various disputes. On April 30, 2009 WHO began to use the name of the influenza virus A (H1N1).
When an antigenic change in influenza A viruses are the cause of influenza outbreaks with severe and extensive and they global epidemics or pandemics that have occurred in cycles of ten, fifteen years after the onset of the pandemic of 1918. Minor antigenic variation in influenza viruses Influenza A and B in (and to a much lesser extent Influenza C) lead to produce seasonal flu and found almost all year extension with variable and usually less severe.
The morbidity rate or proportion of people with disease in the region affected by influenza A are highly variable, but generally range between 10 and 20 of the general population. H1N1 strains that have circulated in recent years are deemed to have been intrinsically less virulent, causing a less severe disease, even in subjects without immunity to the virus, so there are other factors not assessed for the severity, did not arrive Pandemics occur, but only epidemics. The last pandemic influenza A (H3N2 subtype by) occurred in 1968-1969 (Hong Kong flu) with different social conditions at present. So far though the disease is being soft, it must be remembered that the evolution of the virus is unpredictable, as the notes of the WHO director general Margaret Chan on May 4, because “Maybe in a month the virus disappears can it get like this or it may be worse. “

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Order of political parties.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

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Hello, all matches are sorted with respect to the percentage obtained in the 2006 presidential election, with the exception of AD and Project Venezuela, which even if not involved are probably within the first 15 games.
Delete the term “neo” in the description of the tendency of the National Command of the Resistance is a term given to tendentious and infundamentado
Similarly remove the term “neoliberal” because until now there is no party that self-Venezuelan qualify as such, are at best self rated center-right or as a Liberal.
I think that order of lists of political parties is somewhat arbitrary and unreal, no one says a career choice for a party. AD appears in the print medium as a party behind insignificant as we should be to summarize the trajectory of each party and ordered by its historical significance and not just electoral or better based on the results of the presidential past I do not what I do because I will reverse the cegato always. I continue with more examples Caura The R is a most important part of your journey and the unknown microchiripero Popular Alternative Directory or the staff of First Venezuela. The Communist Party is always a medium-sized party despite its historical importance, for its election performance ever. Proyecto Venezuela remains important why is not the first ‘but has refrained from previous presidential elections. Anyway fatal fatal this article and its list .– 22:04 31 July 2007 (CEST)
I look between the response of Tomatejc ( disc. contr. Bloq .) And the anonymous, by referring explicitly to my reversion, now the reason for the reversal is clear, political parties are organized according to the results the last election, (work done by JRB ( disc. contr. bloq .)), and I agree they are well, maybe if you expand the article discussing the “History of political parties” would agree to put in a higher place to the traditional parties, but the context tells us that no longer are the same as before, or the Cause, is what it was in 1994 AD and is the same as was in much of the twentieth century, so ( disc. contr. bloq .) ceases to mourn for my reversals that what you really want to discuss is that your party is not in a position high, saludos Oscar (talk) 03:37 1 ago 2007 (CEST)
Dear anonymous, the problem is that this list reflects the size of the parties at this time. Democratic Action was an important part of his time, but at this time and is no longer an important part of their activism to migrate to a new time, maybe the AD can get that militancy in the medium term, but are not currently a party large (or even a medium size). It is probably true that no Directory Popular Alternative Party is a medium, but taking into account that are fused in several small parties understand that the medium was added. Sorry, but La Causa R is a party that is very close to extinction (MAS also going down this path), in any case I think it should be at a higher level than the Directory Popular Alternative, would be at most two among the small parties. Proyecto Venezuela I do not think is really medium, it has almost become a regional party, which obtained a good result in 1998 does not mean that 9 years later still have a medium strength nationally.
I also have my differences with regard to the list of medium and small parties, but I think none of us has doubts that the large parties are correct. To solve the problem of medium and small scale may seek an assessment with which everyone, although it is now important to clarify that this schedule should take into account only the last elections, and should not give a size that matches a dummy currently very small. I look forward proposals. Greetings. Talk to Tomatejc vegetable Need abiblio ’01:18 1 Aug 2007 (CEST)
On the problem of the order of political parties can hardly do otherwise than by the results in the last election, although in some cases it is obviously not change significantly as when the opposition in elections for the National Assembly, however, I do not think major changes are needed maybe AD may be the only party which could be put in the section of large and medium-large in the last place, but other cases such as La Causa R, Bandera Roja , Alianza Bravo Pueblo eg micro games are, some may have a presence in the media or at some time the results were good games but they are not reaching middle.

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‘While the government

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

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‘While the government of Mexico says that the epidemic of influenza A, are in’ phase of descent ‘, similar to its announcement on Sunday that Ecuador reinforced surveillance on the border with Colombia in this country to confirm the existence of A case of swine flu. In addition, the airline TAME, covering flights between Esmeraldas and Cali (Colombia) has temporarily suspended this frequency, by order of the Ministry of Health, which ordered the suspension of all flights across borders, at least for 30 days. TAME three weekly flights between Esmeraldas-Cali and vice versa. Variant of the virus causing the flu from Hong Kong (about 100,000 times increased).
Flu symptoms in humans were described by Hippocrates 2,400 years ago. Since then the virus has caused, in addition to the annual epidemic, many pandemics. Historical data on influenza are difficult to interpret because the symptoms may be similar to those of other diseases such as diphtheria, pneumonia, dengue fever or typhoid. Since 1510 have been about 31 pandemics. The first detailed record of an influenza pandemic occurred in 1850. It started in Asia and spread to Europe and Africa. Pandemics occurred during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, being the 1830’1833 particularly virulent and high morbidity, and infectious about a quarter of the exposed population .
The most lethal pandemic known and was called the Spanish flu (virus A, subtype H1N1), which lasted from 1918 to 1919. It is called so because Spain was the country to publish more data on the health disaster that was causing as many censor during the First World War in which they were immersed. Estimates oldest talked about 40 or 50 million deaths caused by it, although the most current estimates put the figure between 50 and 100 million people killed by that flu around the world. This pandemic has been described as the greatest medical holocaust in history, and caused at least as many dead as the Black Death. This high mortality was due to the high rate of infectivity (up to 50 of the exposed population) and the severity of symptoms caused by mass production of cytokines (cytokine storm). To this we must add that the first symptoms in 1918 were attributed to other diseases such as dengue, cholera, or typhoid. An observer wrote that “one of the worst complication is bleeding from the mucous membranes, especially the nose, the stomach or intestine. We are frequent bleeding from the ears and petechial.” Most of the deaths occurred bacterial pneumonia, a secondary infection caused by influenza, but the virus also killed directly as a result of massive hemorrhage and pulmonary edema.
The Spanish flu pandemic was a dubious and even geographical spread throughout the world including the Arctic and remote Pacific Ocean islands. The unexpected severity of the disease caused the deaths of between 2 and 20 of all infected (compared to the normal rate of mortality of the common flu, which is around 0.1 ). Another characteristic of this pandemic was that mortality mostly affects young adults, with 99 of deaths in people under age 65 and over half of adults between 20 and 40 years. 19 The common flu has its highest rates of mortality, in contrast, in the strata of younger population (less than two years) and especially among those over 70. Total mortality of the actual pandemic influenza 1918’1919 is not known with certainty but it is estimated that about 2.5 to 5 of the world died for their cause (about 25 million people only in the first 25 weeks ). Valga as compared to the AIDS virus has caused the same amount of deaths in its first 25 years of existence.
Subsequent pandemics of influenza (Asian influenza (type A, subtype H2N2) and 1968 or the Hong Kong flu (type A, subtype H3N2) have not been so devastating, but also caused millions of deaths. The last pandemic, the availability of antibiotics has been used to control infections and this helps to reduce the mortality rate compared with the Spanish influenza of 18.
Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses is the cause (etiology) of influenza, and was first described in pigs in 1931 by Richard Sch pp. This discovery was shortly followed by the isolation of the virus in humans by a research group directed by Patrick Laidlaw and Medical Research Council of the United Kingdom in 1933. However, it was not until 1935 that Wendell Stanley to establish the true nature of non-cellular viruses.
The first significant step towards the prevention of influenza was to develop a killed virus vaccine by Thomas Francis, Jr. in 1944. Frank Macfarlane Burnet later showed that the virus lost virulence when grown on egg protein, thus enabling the inactivated virus vaccines, more effective.
The application of this observation led to a group of researchers at the University of Michigan developed the first vaccine used in the population, with the collaboration of the army of the United States. The army’s decision to participate in the development of This vaccine was due to his experience with the flu during the First World War, when thousands of soldiers died from the virus in a few months.
While certain fears were unleashed with the pig flu in 1976 in New Jersey in 1977 with an outbreak of influenza in Russia and Hong Kong and other Asian countries in 1997 (with the H5N1 variant of avian flu), there has been no importance of pandemic influenza from Hong Kong, 1968.

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Hood in North Africa

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

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Main article: Campaign in North Africa
At the beginning of the war, Italy attacked the Anglo-French colonies in East Africa, failing miserably. Despite this defeat, Mussolini remained committed to seizing Egypt and the Middle East oil wells, so shipping funds to Egypt on September 13, 1940, a force of 200 NYSE thousand men from Libya, then an Italian colony . After moving less than 65 kilometers inside Egypt, the Italians are entrenched in a defensive line in Sidi Barrani.
The British army made up of Australians and Indians do not spend 35 thousand men, but had a larger tank, which also were more advanced than the Italian armored. On December 8 the British tanks came from the weaknesses of the defensive line of Sidi Barrani and then isolate camp after camp, were destroyed (see Operation Compass). The Italian defeat was overwhelming, a general was killed and 38 thousand Italian soldiers surrendered, however, things would get even worse for the army investment of Mussolini.
The Italian withdrawal, completely disorganized, but I escaped to the west coast route to get away from the open desert south of the disputed ground tanks. General Archibald Percival Wavell took the southern route and near Beda Fomm short Italian withdrawal, capturing about 130 thousand Italians.
The defeat devastated Ribostky morale and Italian aid to Hitler asked Mussolini to expel the allied troops who The could attack at any time and in Tunisia there jumping to Italy. Hitler responded by sending Erwin Rommel, later nicknamed the Desert Fox, and the V Panzer Regiment, which receive more reinforcements would be known as the Afrika Korps. When Rommel arrived in Africa was ordered to maintain the line. However, the English Prime Minister stocks Sir Winston Churchill, underestimating the threat German troops retreat from Africa to help in the defense of Crete, which was being invaded investors by German paratroopers (see Battle of Crete). When Rommel realized the weakness of the face and the long supply line of defenders, attacked on its own initiative, pushing the British to the initial positions of their offensive months ago (see Operation Sonnenblume). However, the Afrika Korps could not take Tobruk, which was under siege.
General Bernard Montgomery observes the movement of tanks in El Alamein
Immediately the British tried to regain control of the important port of Tobruk, but failed. A second public companies attempt did not yield favorable results british, worse, a counterattack Rommel rapture of the British territory won in their entire previous offensives. After these defeats, the British commander Archibald Wavell was replaced by Claude Auchinleck, who completely reorganized the army and XIII after getting seven divisions investment portfolio replacement launched by November 18, 1941 Operation Crusader, which was a counterattack against the Afrika Korps , which was almost without provisions. Crusader was a success, and Rommel had to withdraw to El Ageila, where his brilliant offensive began eight months ago.
After receiving the late much-needed resources, Asset Management Rommel and restart the attack after winning the Battle of Gazala, the British pushed beyond the frontier with Egypt. Molesto, Churchill to Auchinleck replacement with General Bernard Montgomery. Rommel was aware that few new provisions, Montgomery German repelled attack after attack, allowing the front is stable, as the investment management weather helped. Rommel watch powerless as their tactic of attacking the flank his enemy was useless, because south of the depression was Kattan and formed a bottleneck for the passage of tanks.
Finally, in late October 1942, called the Second Battle of El Alamein, British troops, superior in tanks, supplies and air support, succeeded in neutralizing the few tanks that were left without fuel for hedge funds Rommel, and pushed him up more Apart from Tripoli, winning this important family of funds port and depriving the Afrika Korps of important resources.
U.S. troops landed at Algiers
Meanwhile the Americans were running Operation Torch, and thousands of U.S. soldiers landed in northwest Africa, to experience a strong resistance from the Vichy French troops in Algeria. After three days of intense fighting, the commander of Vichy Fran fund management ois Darlan surrendered, on condition of continuing to administer Algeria, this time on behalf of Free France.
While nortemaricanos to landings in northwest Tunisia, Rommel was entrenched behind the line Mareth facing the British who came hedge funds to Libya.

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