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Mediterranean Sea

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

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Region of Mersin, Anamur – in Kizkalesi – seaside investments in Turkey: Turkey has about 70 million inhabitants, tendency rising, some projections of 95 to 100 million in 2050. In many areas, the country is already a strategically very important partner. In the year 2006 GDP of Turkey amounted to $400 billion and $432 billion in 2007 already. Thus was the Turkey’s sixth in Europe and the world’s 17th largest economy. Exports rose in recent years by more than 200 percent on $100 billion in 2007, forecast further rising. Turkey is classified also worldwide as one of the 20 most attractive countries for direct investment (source OSCE). A new double taxation agreement with the Switzerland is been initialled in 2009 and stands just before the introduction.

Investment in ground – Kizkalesi / Mersin province region of Mersin / Kizkalesi by the city of Mersin from West, extends a wide coastline with endless sand stands and the seemingly endless blue of the sea. In some places Mountains fall steeply to the sea and make sharp cliffs. However the mountain ranges often parallel to the sea, have developed here vast stretches of coastline with long fine-grained sandy beaches. The deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea is framed by banana orange or lemon gardens, between rivers and streams that flow down from the mostly wooded slopes of the mountain are located. The holiday centres in this region begin at Erdemli and end up in Anamur, on the border with the province of Antalya. No industry that could cause a pollution exists along this coastal area.

After leaving the city centre, the country is dominated by fruit and vegetable gardens and the coast is mainly fishing boats and yachts. Ferry and other ship traffic connecting the region with the offshore island of Cyprus. The coast is lined with marinas and small port for fishing boats.

Alp Arslan Urban

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

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This Arab village sunie marked by the designs of wing (, born in 1077 A.d.), seized the moment to seize the (current Anatolian plateau Turkey), initiating a series of measures restrictive and intolerant toward other religions. Repeating the brutal times of the Fatimid Caliph Hussein al – Hakim Bi-Amr Allah in the year 1009, the persecution against the Christians and Jews reached dramatic touches. They were not only forbidden to exercise their religion or visit the sacred places (in possession of them), but that they were also killed or abandoned in the desert. Strong and organized, its renewed power Jack throughout Asia minor and the Insular Greece. Irreconcilable positions, the armed actions against Byzantium soon thrive. Thus, early in 1071, both sides clashed in the battle of Manzikert where saljuq Turks under the command of Alp Arslan (1030 1072 / 1073) strongly defeated the Byzantine troops and mercenaries of Romanos IV Diogenes.

Manzikert, the prelude to the first crusade, the news of the defeat was considered a true catastrophe in Constantinople. From now on, the Turks would have no objections to conquer the Near East and in addition, the Asian coast of the Aegean Sea was indefensible. Byzantine Emperor Alejo Comneno, snatched by the threat and unrest, sends a request to Pope Urban II to make this used his influences to provide mercenaries enabling it to regain lost ground. Behold therefore the origin of the first great crusade, an event designed for not only religious and geo-political and strategic reasons, as mistakenly thought. Informed Urban II of the difficult situation in Byzantium, seen in this fact an unbeatable opportunity to solve several problems that plagued the Church coup. In principle, it could submit to the Eastern Orthodox Church and put an end to the dogmatic differences (the filioque clause and the Eucharist acimita or procimita) that had moved away them too much since the schism of 1054.

Luizinho Bastos

Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Motivations the idea to carry through this study emerged in elapsing of my trajectory as academic of the Course of Graduation in Nursing of Salty university of Oliveira, during which I passed for disciplines Health of the Child and the Adolescent. My interest for the subject after appeared given lessons that they approached as the precocious pregnancy this if becoming more common in the society contemporary, and as the paper of the nursing for the improvement of this picture is important. The adolescence is a transistion between infancy and the adult life. Being a period of deep transformation in the body, the mind and the form of social relationship of the individual. One is one-step about the life where the sexual maturation, the acirramento of the familiar conflicts and the formation and crystallization of attitudes, values and behaviors that will determine its life and in which occur if initiate the collection of bigger responsibilities and definition of the professional field. (Heifer, 2008) the discovery of the sexual pleasure many times if of the one at this time, when it has the necessity of action of education in health to guide the adolescents on the risks of contamination with illnesses sexually transmissible (DST), and indesejada pregnancy..

Manual Register

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

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We go to treat today on a very important subject, and that much people finish forgetting, the cleanness of the box dagua of house. Highly it is recommended to the cleanness of the box to each 6 months, to all remove the silt that is in the walls. The register initiates the cleanness of the box closing and opening the taps of the house to empty the box, but it does not leave to empty completely, leaves ones 10cm of water in the deep one to help in the cleanness. It covers the water exit of the box not to leave the dirt to fall in the pipe and starts the trick! It rubs the deep one well and the walls with a good brush and it does not use corrosive steel brush or products. The dirty water removes all using a bucket, and makes the drying total using cloths, leaving it clean. It binds the register and it leaves the box to full, adding 1 liter of sanitary water for each 1000 liters of water. It leaves all closed one, taps, discharges, does not open the taps for 2 hours.

After the sanitary water to make effect for 2 hours, we close the register again and we empty the box again. This water will help to clean and to disinfect the pipes. Almost fulfilled mission, only lacks to cover the box using a plastic to help to forbid better, making it difficult the entrance of insects as the mosquito of the affection for example. Now yes, it opens the register and it can use the water normally. It is interesting to keep in some place the date of the last cleanness, to facilitate the souvenir of when this box it must be clean again. Mission at last fulfilled, beyond bringing more health for you and its family, prevents the proliferation of the mosquito of the affection.

Basic Education Professors

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

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The medicine is a health symbol, valuable tool of diagnosis, prevention, cure and relief of diseases, to put many times does not associate its negative adverse effect, even though why the lay users and some dispensadores do not have idea of as the medicine interacts in the organism. Thus the medicine represents in the society: a quimioterpico agent, a merchandise and a symbol of the life (LEFVRE, F. 1991). Since the medicine is a symbol of ‘ ‘ sade’ ‘ the educator a mediating professional of the knowledge and example for the pupils, is primordial that let us have works that they demonstrate to this relation (medicine/educator), positive or not.

Therefore the banalizao of the medicine for many professors can be copied and be extended to the pupils in not intentional way, increasing the danger of the self-medication. In the country, studies of population base on the prevalence and the factors associates to the self-medication are rare (VILARINO, J.F et al., 1998). In what it says respect to the self-medication of the professionals of the area of education something is unknown. Being thus, the proposal of the work is to trace the profile of the health and the self-medication of the professors and employees of the State School of Basic Education and average Frederico Boldt (EEEFM – Frederico Boldt) in the city of Saint Maria de Jetib, in order terms important information on the health of our educators and as we can improve it, beyond serving as indicative in relation to the self-medication of the category, the national level.

Healthy Food

Friday, January 12th, 2018

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Many people caters for what they think is a healthy food when the decision of losing pounds fast. Their intentions may be good, but if you’re actually consuming these foods listed below, your actions can sabotage your efforts to lose pounds fast. # 1 Fruits this is very controversial, but the fruit isn’t for everyone. At least not of immediate. The fruit is rich in sugar and for the overweight person, they can actually do more harm than good in terms of pounds lost. If you eat the fruit it must be when it comes to breakfast. # 2 crackers all carbohydrates break down into sugar and cause insulin spikes.

Whole grains have more fiber and retard the process. The crackers have processed carbohydrates?and do not usually have lots of fiber. # 3 Fruit fruit juice juice may seem healthy if we consider alternatives, such as sodas and other sugary drinks. However, when you get is fruit juice, you will learn quickly that it is not so good for you. Fruit fiber is removed during the juicing process, which leads to more rapid insulin action and more calories are stored as fat. If you want to lose pounds fast it is preferable to make an extract of your juices. # 4 Pikeos of only 100 calories that, in my personal opinion, is food or stupid idea that occurred to him at the factory. being bad for you…

If I’m hungry, these appetizers are not enough to satisfy me until my next meal. The majority of people will eat these mouthfuls and only cease to be hungry for awhile before returning for more… I know # 5 pizza, the pizza is not a healthy food. However, Congress recently ruled that the pizza was a vegetable and in schools that serve pizza is not necessary to add another vegetable. How is a pizza of vegetables that you ask? According to them, of the pizza sauce tomato paste makes it a vegetable. Tomato paste represents a small percentage of the pizza sauce and pizza sauce is forget only a small percentage of the pizza. In addition, be forgotten that tomatoes are a fruit biologically. Is only to show us that our Government is really concerned about our health, eh? What we should really understand and comprehend is that our health is above all, and if we want to lose pounds fast must focus on maintaining a healthy balanced diet, along with a good exercise plan that suits your time. Only so can succeed and achieve a body without fat and healthy. In the next article you two more tips, visit how to keep you in shape, even if you work full time

Health Goals

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

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With a program personalized with individual products we will reach your specific health goals, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your energy, improve your overall well-being. Herbalife has combined the power of protein and cellular nutrition products to create a personalized programme, which provides as a result, healthy weight loss.Each program includes the power of protein and cellular nutrition products to help control the appetite and feel good losing weight get in shape and keep this way of life! Along with the sale of the product will be a free test of nutrition to be able to make the program down and maintain your weight with a personalized assistance to achieve the goal that has been proposed. We have products of shakes flavored with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cookies, you energizers, you fat burner three flavors, multivitamin, proteinico to control appetite and increase muscle mass, among other products, as well as external nutrition.What desicion will take today?, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. JIMMY MARTINEZ NINANYA dealer HERBALIFEEMAIL:, 18: 00 hrs m-f online..

Definitely Slimming Health Issue

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

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Achieve and maintain the ideal weight is something that all yearn for, the majority by look more handsome and feel more agile, but in fact overweight is mostly a matter of health. When we exceed our ideal weight, which in my opinion can vary between 2 or 3 kilos of margin, too we are exposed to serious health problems such as: cardiac, circulatory problems, excessive colsterol, difficulty in mobility, immunodeficiency, and a long etc. Often desperate us enredamos in diets and spent hunger without sense to lose the kilos that us sobran and look better, without giving us account that not only then will recover the lost kilos if not that also our health it suffers noticeably, as well as our self-esteem and confidence. My opinion as a Naturopath, when we firmly decided to lose weight effectively and forever, must put us in the hands of health professionals, that worry not only that I change from outside, but also and above all inside and join you and support you during the process of change. Could never look young, slim and agile if we feel by inside fat, ugly and clumsy a good program of aldelgazamiento must take account of this and prepare properly for changing your way of seeing yourself, releasing limiting beliefs that you’ve created along your life with respect to excess weight and nurture your mind with positive about your appearance ideasThus only, changing the image that we have of ourselves in our engraved inside, we can change our outer appearance. In addition to a proper awareness, a full weight loss program must take into account complete and balanced nutrition that does not allow you to go hungry, adequate hydration to eliminate excess liquids and l’exercice optimal for each period in the process. Create healthy habit is indispensable so that the results are definitive, thus at the end of the program will have created routines exerted and nutrition that we will enjoy practicing, guaranteeing of so do not recover the KILOS lost. If you are willing to commit you to lose kilos and achieve a effective weight loss, always be aware that change comes from the inside Ana Belen naturopath-Reflexologist Hellin/Albacete (Spain) original author and source of the article.

Health Does Not Have Price

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

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Recent studies around the world demonstrated that modern life has been significant cause for diseases arise. Stress is a cause of many health problems. Since the constant state of anxiety causes problems in the central nervous system, the cardiorespiratory and depression which annually increases the number of suicides. The shortcomings in the power and the proliferation of preservatives and hormones in food has caused cancer and other degenerative diseases. Degenerative diseases are caused by the proliferation of radical free inside the organism, due to excess of conservatives in packaged foods and hormones and pesticides that are added to the agricultural products, meat and vegetables. This in vogue currently offer the ingestion of antioxidants, vitamins of food supplements and natural origin which has been also shown to reduce the harmful effects on the body. How much are you willing to pay to maintain their health or for having a better quality of life. Write me original author and article source.