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Friday, October 25th, 2013

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A Good Psychologist In Moscow: Where And How To Find ?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

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Many people ask about where to find a good psychologist in Moscow, how to distinguish the professional from the amateur in advance, before the consultation? After all, sometimes it is necessary to take a risk by attending the first consultation in the hope that after all you do not be deceived and will take you to the person who can help you, but do not run into a charlatan or a dilettante. This is a risk, because for the first consultation in any case have to pay, even if her you realize that it is 'not your' psychologist. A novice who pretend to be a good one psihologovv Moscow now can not count, unfortunately. Newcomers at least just do not give you any results, but with charlatans and amateurs is not the case. They can do even worse than it was! But it's all words, and do-then what? How and where to find a really good psychologist in Moscow, as known to be at least partially ensure that the result of visits to a psychologist to be positive? Someone probably scared, save and forget about the very idea to visit a psychologist. And someone will read to the end of this article and fight well, before I go to a specialist. After all, it does not mean that you should not even go to psychologist should be solved somehow their problems, hoarding every year. All the more so on their own does not work. In this article I'll show you exactly how to get to a good psychologist in Moscow, lowering the risk to almost zero, as well as how not to overpay for the advice of a professional.

Stone Forest Natural Park

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

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State the total area of 110.9 thousand square meters. km. located on the south-eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula. It has borders with Romania, to the south – with Turkey and Greece to the west – with Serbia and Macedonia. To the east is washed by the Black Sea. Most of the country is mountainous (ridges of the Stara Planina, Central Mountain, Rila, Pirin and the Rhodope Mountains), or hilly. The highest point in the country and the Balkans – was Musala (2925 m).

North of the country is busy Nizhnedunayskoy plain in the center – small Kazanlak valley, and in the south – a vast Thracian lowland. Bulgaria has many national parks. Especially good for tourism is famous for its 'Seven Lakes' and the Rila Monastery park "Rila", as well as Located in the highest part of the eponymous mountain park "Pirin", Vrachano-Balkan National Park with a nature reserve 'Vratsa Karst' (more than 200 karst caves with unique flora and fauna), the Central Balkan Park with the highest waterfall in Bulgaria – Praskalo (height – 125 m.), Park 'Sinite Kamyni' with incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes, Ruse National Park with abundant wildlife and unique medieval Cherven lock and the Ivanovo rock churches. The unique natural attractions of the country are magnificent beauty of Cape Kaliakra ("beautiful cape" in Greek.) Near Albena, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe – Ledenika (17 km. west of Vratsa), and fancy stone columns Natural Park Stone Forest (Broken stones, 18 km.

west of Varna). Near the town of Shumen is a national park 'Shumen plateau' with a rich flora and fauna (over 500 plant species and 100 bird species), as well as an archaeological reserve 'Shumen Fortress "memorial complex and the Bulgarian '1300'. Joining January 1, 2007 in the European Union, Bulgaria and thus joined the European network 'Natura 2000'. This network established in 1992, combines protected areas in Europe in order to preserve endangered species of animals and plants. By joining this program, Bulgaria is even more serious security measures environment. Unique wilderness areas of the country must attract foreign tourists, according to local authorities. Currently, Bulgaria is taking a number of works for infrastructure improvements and local marine mountain resorts in compliance with environmental regulations. Recently opened a new road segment main road 'Struma'. It is worth noting that this year thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists have chosen vacation Bansko, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. This is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria, which is a national nature reserve, declared by UNESCO a World Natural Heritage, said in a press release Embassy of Bulgaria in the Russian Federation. The capital Sofia.

Incredibly Complex

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

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One of my friends recently threw a favorite guy. I was shocked as he watched her condition: depression, tears, frustration, anger, pain. She wanted him back, using even the most horrible ways. But is it out? I managed to dissuade her from it, and offered to reflect on the question – why her fellow cast, and how to prevent this in the future when it will still all fine. This is not the last guy in her life, right? After a few minutes thinking together we found the cause and solution to this complex issue, you'll learn in this short article. So, let's understand why guys throw girls. Naturally the guys themselves are very rarely respond to question: "Why you left me?".

Therefore, the topic of different guesses and baseless allegations more than enough. But in reality, everything is much easier than it seems at first glance. Before I continue, I ask you, remember a simple truth – the guy will never leave his girlfriend for another, if the other only superficially more attractive. Certainly, the appeal has its place in the relationship, and obviously not the last, but not so important. And I'm convinced this is often watching the improbably attractive but lonely young women. From this comes the obvious conclusion that if a guy you threw for another, then another for him is more interesting as a person: him with her interesting to spend the time it gets more fun, and it is not rolling up the scandals, does not create any problems.

All these arguments give a new girlfriend a huge advantage. Now let's talk directly about how way you can stop worrying about losing your boyfriend? You need to constantly evolve itself as an individual. And this is the most effective way. Because it develops, you'll acquire new skills and knowledge. And they help to look at the problems and disagreements between you completely on the other hand, reduce the quarrel over trifles, to make life more interesting and improve your relationship with your beloved. You may have appeared a logical question – how I could develop myself? To start subscribing to newsletters and start reading books on personal development. Spend less time television, more self-education. But keep in mind the next time – your guy, even if we all of your interesting and valuable person, will still continue to continue to pay attention to other girls, but he will always be disappointed in them, because you are much better than them.

Actually Files

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

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Corporate portal – is the main point of information for employees. This means that, ideally, all the data, install programs and files must reside on the portal. Ie Ideally Most of the projects and describe them should be placed on the corporate portal, all regulations, standards, regulations, news, descriptions, and all the rest is bound to be there. Files, data … Have you ever thought why the files in shared directories are often called "Dump file"? The answer is simple: when users work with documents no standards, responding to questions like "What should be the structure of public folders?", "How should the files be called?", "Where are the files should store, "" How to back up files, "" How preporuchat case (as well as files and subsequent dismissal of the employee) "and others. Suppose you have decided this is how to use the portal – sistematitizrovat documents in the enterprise. Suppose that an organization that introduces you to the portal, or you are on their own structured and carried to the portal with all the necessary information, and the rest "was transferred to the archive." Actually, there is the question "What to do to become a corporate portal is not such a "dump" as "shared folders". To avoid this problem, you must meet the following requirements: The embedded solution should have: a rigid structure and flexible expansion resheniySredstvami type search "to save my document" means of detection of old data and information transfer dokumentovSredstvami archived in the enterprise should be developed standards that describe how and what to keep, how to provide case files and other information when an employee leaves, is responsible for maintenance and support of the relevance of the information. Employees must: be trained on a resheniemPonimat portal that documents should not be on the desktop, and the duties placed on portalePonimat how and where to save documents as they imenovatOsoznovat how to categorize and structure dannyeNauchitsya dokumentyPonimat find how to customize the presentation of information as they see it would be udobnoZnat what to do if you found an error in the portal or have any suggestions for improvement System administrators duties, to have: the ability to find unused information or information that is incorrect feedback from users How to achieve each of the items and make effective portal solution, I'll discuss in future articles.