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User talk: Amicus Plato

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

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THE REPUBLICANA Mergers & Acquisitions CUBA (1902-1952). Historical
Amicus Plato (Dr. Omar Diaz de Arce)
I. Preliminary considerations
The establishment of Los Angeles the State in Cuba took place almost a century after that in most of Latin America. The precious jewel of the Spanish crown overseas followed during that private investors time subject to a strict regime of colonial exploitation, together with the ravages of two long emancipators contests (1868-78, 1995-98), leaving the exhausted and nearly out of resources to undertake financial institutions independent living in early twentieth century. With regard to the formation of the nation Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Group the opposite happened: Cuba had a national first strong (because of the long struggles liberating) and later onset, not smooth, the difficult construction of a democratic republic. It should not be forgotten, that the constituent elements of the Latin American nations appeared in the colonial period and developed throughout the nineteenth century, until the relative consolidation of capitalist relations made possible the emergence of real communities in the early decades of this century, though with notable gaps regional ethnic integration, socio-economic and institutional. In the first phase of the national organization (1825-1850-70), the conservative, in the hands of the old Creole oligarchies allied to the clergy, to maintain colonial structures, which inaugurated a long period of civil wars and kept the fractionation Internally, despite centralists formulas adopted by such a system almost anywhere. Hypertrophy of the institutional factor ‘constitutional fetishism’ or reverse venture capital ‘caudillismo politico-military’, used to compensate, in a very precarious, the weakness of the constituent elements of the state and nation. Group Advisor of the board of UBG was appointed to the Board of UBG Berhad Most of Chengdu the ‘Republic teoricas “such as call Marti, were also in the midst of continuing civil war between conservatives private investors and liberals, federalists and centralists. Clear that those struggles are behind handled much more profound: the elimination of the privileges of the colonial church and the landowning aristocracy, the claims of the rural and urban areas, the abolition of slavery in the plantation areas in a word The way to achieve the consolidation of venture capital companies new states and their connection to the center of the global economy. Since the mid-nineteenth century liberal reforms accelerated the progress of market economy and contributed to a relative investment stabilization of the state order, while favored the incorporation of Latin American countries to the new scheme of the international division of labor. Thereafter, most governments in the south of the Rio Grande is dedicated to fostering the economic integration of the national territory ‘abolition of internal customs and leakproof start of construction of railways’, its relevance to the territory of the state’ internal colonization , forced mobilization of large groups of population in terms of the export economy, “to conquer the desierto ” ‘and the confiscation of archaic forms of communal or corporate’ ejido lands, dead hands. The concurrent processes of ethnic integration is stopped or moving very slowly in countries where large segments of the rural people continued to be marginalized in national life. In Cuba, where the formation of the nation Shanghai will advance to the dynamics in the national constitution, the rapid economic growth in the second half of S. XIX, helped by the proximity of the North American Roseman market, and the remarkable progress in the physical integration of the country (railroads, telegraph), allowed to move forward on the path to success for liberal reforms were trying to clear in several Latin American countries, despite the losses caused the first war of independence (1868-78), the late abolition of slavery (like Brazil) and the resource drain caused by maintaining the M&A colonial situation. This, coupled with the prevailing ideological climate and the clumsy policy of the Metropoli undoubtedly contributed to the New York patriotic preferences lean towards the liberal credo in its most advanced and democratic alternative. services range from executive recruitment to corporate governance and CEO recruitment has been the executive recruitment industry


Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

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A RAID (redundant array of disk Indepedent) is a set of disk drives that appear as if they were logically a single disc. So the data, divided into bands, divided between two or more units. This technique enhances performance and provides a redundancy that protects against failure of one of the disks in the formation. There are implementations for different hardware and software RAID configurations, the most common RAID1, RAID5 and RAID10.

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Chronic problem of over –

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

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Children’s Hospital In 1933 he was invited by Andr Citro n competitor Renault Louis to visit Children’s Hospital a Renault factory. So are more severely over the company must perform many stunts and management, which goes by many critics to construct University of Southern California the building with University of Southern California the mechanics of modern Europe of the time in 6 months in Brussels, Belgium, with a Ernst “cathedral molten steel “, able to produce 1000 cars per day. finance ()
In the early 1930 Citroen was the fourth largest automaker in the world, but Asset Management a few years later suffered a severe crisis. The banks lose confidence to the point of over-confidence and a chronic Pierre Michelin Group Michelin (second son of Edouard Michelin, founder of Asset Management the Michelin Group, being the largest creditor of the management of Citroen with the very difficult task to avoid bankruptcy.
File: A. Et CITROEN RENAULT – 32207 -. jpg
Andr Citro n and Louis Renault in the journal VU January 1935.
Andr Citro n in 1934 created the first car funds in the world series of front-wheel drive: Citroen Traction Avant “(previously 7, 11 and 15) (1934 to 1957), but the success and the technical principles of this revolutionary model dificiles fail to save the group from investment bankruptcy.

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Princess KaGu

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

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An ancient Japanese legend says that there once was an old man who lived with his wife. One day he went to a plantation of bamboo shoots to collect, and was there with a bamboo tree that had light in it. And wondered why he felt a great curiosity about what might have inside.
Short bamboo carefully and was astonished to find a beautiful baby on the inside. Decided to pick it up and take her home. Consultation with his wife to do with the baby, and concluded that it was a gift from God. They decided to call the girl KaGu-Hime (Princess of bright light). From that day, whenever the old man cut bamboo, located within the gold, get rich quickly and build a big house.
Several years later, the baby grew to become a nice young man. Everybody knew it was elegant and beautiful. Five Principles came to his house to ask for her hand in marriage. She was reluctant to marry, so they proposed a number of impossible tasks to perform before you get to marry her.
The first part is to bring the chalice of holy Buddha was in India. The second principle was tasked to recover a legendary arm made of silver and gold. The third had to try to get the legendary Tunica made with hair of the fire rat, it is said that in China. Fourth, a shining jewel color to the neck of a dragon. Andalusia last prince, he commissioned a beautiful pussy that swallows kept as a treasure. The princess asked things that no one knew it existed and were very disappointed.
After this, the youth stopped going for some time the old man’s house because everyone was looking for the wishes of the princess. One day, the first man came and brought the bowl of the Buddha that he had asked the princess, but did not go to India as she asked, instead brought a dirty cup from a temple near Kyoto. When the princess saw him, she knew immediately that this was not the cup of Buddha, but it was very old and was made of stone, the cup was that India was always a sacred glow.
The second had no idea where to find a branch of silver and gold, also did not want to make a long trip and he was very rich and decided to order some jewelry. Then he took the gift to the princess. It was so wonderful that she actually thought that was what it had requested and felt they could not escape the marriage with this young man not because jewelers appeared to ask for your money. In this way, the princess knew that the branch was not true, and therefore was not what she wanted.
The third, whom he had asked for the robes of rat hair of fire, gave them a large sum of money to some merchants who were going to China. They brought him a nice skin and said it belonged to the rat of fire. Took him to the princess, and she said “really is a very thin skin. But the hair of the rat no fire burning, even when thrown into the fire. Try it.” And she threw the skin into the fire, and as expected the burned skin in a few minutes, the young man was angry and embarrassed.
The room was very brave and try to find the dragon itself. I surf and lazy for a long time, because nobody knew where he lived the dragon. But for one day, was besieged by a storm and nearly dies. I could not look more to the dragon and went to his house. Back at home, was very ill and was unable to return to Princess KaGu.
The fifth and last of the wanted men in all the nests, and one thought that he had found, but by so fast down the stairs fell and hurt. Even he had in his hand was a shell that had asked the princess, but a tough old bird.
Thus all went wrong, and none could marry the princess. Princess’s reputation was such that one day the emperor wanted to know its beauty. The emperor was fascinated by the girl and asked her to marry him and live outside his palace. But the Princess also rejected his proposal, saying that was impossible because she was not born on the planet and could not go with him. However, the emperor could not forget her and continued to insist.
This summer, every time the princess looked at the moon his eyes filled with tears. His old father wanted to know happened, but she did not respond. Each day that passed over the young man was sad and it always looked the moon could not fail to mourn. The elders were very concerned, but the princess was silent. One day before the full moon of mid-August, he explained that the princess was so sad. Explained that there was born on the planet, but it came from the moon, where he was to return in the next full moon, and that people would get it.
The elders tried to convince her not to leave, but she answered that it should do so.

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Thursday, March 19th, 2009

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Very talented acters and actresses worked with is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital Just published in Editorial Visor, Madrid, this anthology of poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno: Electricity returned Seleccion prologue and Sandro CohenEnseguida provides the tikkun prologue that introduces readers to the Spanish poetry of one lectures of the greatest poets of language Spanish of all time. The study universe of poetic Ruben Bonifaz Nuno the poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno ‘fertile, intense, disturbing’ improve the world does not fit easily within the parameters of poetry Mexican, Latin American or even in Spanish. It Kabbalah has a richness of forms and contents to suspect the existence of which few who come to read it carefully. While some Zohar sources cite spirituality it as a minority author of Sefer Ietzira, There are numerous quotations from the text before him. Aryeh Kaplan suggests the possibility that Akiva has modified the text, which mysticism at that time was transmitted orally, lessons in its method of precision in every letter and word. In his disciple, Rabbi Shimon Bar Iojai is given the wording of Berg the Zohar Text in the fundamental Jewish Cabala. Also, Akiva is mentioned in many texts mysterious, like Koma Shiur, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero of The Light the Sefer ha-Bahir, growth and others.

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The Estado Novo

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

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After the military coup of May 28, 1926, Gomes da Costa approves the Decree of July 5, 1926 which guaranteed freedom of thought “or whatever other security censorship”, but insist on the prohibition of outrages upon institutions Republican and any behavior that you cause to the public. The press law of the new executive military repeats almost verbatim the safeguards of Article 13 of the press law of the First Republic, allowing the freedom of criticism and discussion of laws, political and religious doctrines, acts of government, etc.. Always they had to “clarify and prepare public opinion for the necessary reforms (…)”. But shortly after the July 29, is reset prior censorship. The Estado Novo I never assumed a censorial position, avoiding even discuss the matter, which often was brought to Parliament. The study restricted to the law almost can lead to the belief in a fairly permissive. On May 27, 1927 is the reformed law of literary property that supposedly guaranteed the right of publication in print, regardless of prior censorship. A decree of September 3, 1926 extended this conception of press freedom overseas, which should be governed by the same principles defined for the metropolis, which would be enshrined in the law of June 27, 1927. The Portuguese Constitution of 1933, published on April 11, comes at a time that the order 22 469. Whereas Article 8a of the Constitution, in navarre 4, provides “freedom of thought in any form” in navarre 20 states that “special laws regulating the exercise of freedom of thought” – the fifth section 3A states, and the only constitution in the Portuguese history that specifies the subject, the role of censorship will be “to prevent the perversion of public opinion in its role as a social force and must be exercised in a way that upholds all the factors against the disoriented truth, justice, morality, good governance and the common good and to avoid being attacked the fundamental principles of organization of society “- clearly that the government reserves for itself the criteria for what would be the truth, justice, morality, and so on. In fact, the sera Ant nio de Oliveira Salazar read this year that “The men, groups, classes, see, observe things, studying the events in the light of your interest. Only one entity, by duty and position, has to do everything in the light of the interest of all. ” 22 Decree 469 is to establish explicit censorship in newspapers, flyers, brochures, posters and other publications, provided that either of them is dealing with matters of political or social. “
Ant nio de Oliveira Salazar, the inauguration of the National Secretariat of Information: “Politically, there is only what the public knows it exists.”
On May 14, 1936 is the foundation of regulated and prohibited the newspaper from publishing advertisements official (state) in some of them, other than the State to fund their enemies, in addition to prohibiting the entry into Portugal any publication that is not according to criteria of the Portuguese Government. Standards Services Censorship was adopted in November of that year, but it was not published in the Journal of Government. Anyone who would like to create a newspaper or magazine had, since then, which require senior management approval of that body. While, during the First Republic, censored spaces should appear in white as a sign of censorship, the new attempt, by all means, delete these signals, forcing the newspaper to completely alter the organization of the pages a few hours before exiting. Added to this is that sometimes had to submit evidence to the committee of censorship, so keeping a journal to be unbearablywasteful for some publishers, who eventually go into default – it is clear that the commissions of censure punished especially to the newspapers with this kind of rebel demand. In 1944, the agency became dependent censorship of the National Secretariat of Information, which, in turn, was under the authority of the President of the Council (Salazar). Armed with the famous “blue pencil”, which cut across text considered inappropriate, the censors in each district or city, despite receiving generic instructions regarding the most sensitive issues, varied greatly in degree of severity. In fact, it was observed that there were regions of the country where they were more permissive and others where they were overly repressive. This was due to the fact constitute a very heterogeneous group at the intellectual level.

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User talk: Joel Salazar

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

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… the exercise, relaxation, nutrition, health … Relaxation Yoga. Yoga Para La Paz. 08.10.2005. by Swami Omkarananda. YOGA AND RELAXATION …
Science magic ensure that the aquamarine sheds more light on the enigmatic atenacen uncertainties that a person, while it is encouraging to those who suffer, they inspire confidence in the future and gives them the gift of happiness.
Therefore, this gemstone has been classified as a good remedy against distrust, lack of faith or spiritual warmth. Many holders of aquamarine have contributed their testimonies about the changes that have occurred in its interior, shortly after take, such as an increase of hope, of good tone and his personal sense of freedom. In the Middle Ages, came to believe that aquamarine was the evil power. There were many who used to wear this gem in the mouth, at the risk of swallowing, in order to ensure protection against the demons, and even subject to the whims of the owner of the stone. Like most gems, it has special relationship with the gods of classical crunchless abs mythology. Is devoted to the Greek Poseidon or Roman Neptune, god of waters and brother of the king of the gods. So the Romans and Greeks who ventured to sail, used to wear aquamarine with a picture of this god engraved on its surface, with the purpose of magic that preserved them the misery it can bring the sea and ensure a happy return your home. The classic gem assured that this showed the bright colors of the sea, enclosing within it the genius of the oceans. Pliny goes on to say that if one dropped into the depths of aquamarine sea, the stone became invisible, but of course, no one has proof. Zodiac sign: method Pisces Planetary Correspondences and Metal: Moon, Mercury and silver. Linked angel: Humiel. leads you through all the steps in her series for the best home workout system Pope Gregory the Great to connect this with the Power Gem, which are four of the highest level Angelica. Religious value: It is the eighth foundation stone of the sacred city of the second and eleventh pectoral of the high priest. Associated Apostol: Santo Tomas, for having made great sea voyages to spread the word of Jesus. Amulet spiritualist was believed for centuries that an aquamarine on which it is engraved the image of a hoopoe in front of a sprig of tarragon, seeking certain prodigious powers relating to the afterlife. Some magicians, the stone had such power to convene fitness with the spirits, who not only went immediately to its evocation, but answered the questions asked for him to either put the owner of this marvel.
Pisces between Aphrodite and the reason that the aquamarine is associated with sensuality and romance is because its color evokes Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, created by the foam of the sea. In fact the name of this goddess, equivalent to the the method Roman Venus, meaning “born of the foam.” From there, it became the stone of those born under the zodiac sign Pisces.
Cornalin In the famous’ Lapidary ‘of Alfonso X the Wise, the carnelian is said to have’ three great virtues and good ‘. Also states that color is an expression of the mysterious forces of the soul.
Three virtues of this stone the “Lapidary”. “The one that helps the speakers when the rise, as they endeavor to reason without fear and also help them to keep gambling. The other stall that is good for exercise video the blood that runs a lot, mostly by women leaves them more than you should. The third virtue is used to make the teeth when the abs dust and rub on them, because the clean, clear and do so grows the meat between them, and also makes the gums very Bermejas. As has been confirmed in the archaeological finds, this was a gem amulet much appreciated by people of prehistory. It was very popular among the ancient Egyptians to make accounts and magical amulets. The Jews were an important preventive against the disease, especially the plague, and even poisons. In ancient Rome, these gems were highly coveted by the ladies of high society, which are offered to the muscles gods to favor any of significance. With it, took a few cameos, as powerful talismans against depression and other nervous diseases. Hindus believe that this stone is under a special remedy for fevers at night. Therefore, with carnelian rub the soles of the feet of the patient, from the heel to the toes. Among Muslims, a carnelian talisman is highly popular. It is said that Muhammad wearing a silver ring with one of these gems. So Islam will use it to record the verses from the Koran. Some Arab authors point out that the color of this gem is an expression of internal forces of the soul and the human inclination toward the supernatural. Mexico Verde Expedition operates white water rafting … Weekend of Yoga and Relaxation. As of April Special 3 days / 2 nights! …
Yoga as a couple. , fitness trainer par excellance has designed the method to make your stomach exercises the most effective possible Application in the classroom for physical education. Francisco Jose … Yoga as a couple, through stretching, relaxation techniques and …
… under workout stress, meditation, relaxation, breathing, Yoga Science Label: … Course of relaxation in Mahadahonda January 15 …

Java EE

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

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Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE (formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition or J2EE until version 1.4) is a platform for programacion’parte Platform Java’para develop and run software applications in Java programming language with N levels distributed architecture, based on widely modular software components running on an application server. The Java EE platform is defined by a specification. Similar to other Java Community Process specifications, Java EE is also considered informally as a standard because providers must meet certain requirements pursuant to state that their products comply with Java EE, standardized by the Java Community Process / PCB.
Java EE includes several API specifications, such as JDBC, RMI, e-mail, JMS, Web Services, XML, etc, and defines as the coordinator. Java EE also set some specifications unique to Java EE for components. These include Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets, portlets (following the Java Portlet specification), JavaServer Pages and several web service technologies. This allows the developer to create an enterprise application is portable between platforms and scalable, while integrated with previous technologies. Other added benefits are, for example, that the application server can manage transactions, security, scalability, concurrency and management of deployed components, meaning that developers can focus more on business logic of components rather than tasks keeping low.

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

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The nineteenth century will bring a great fund management development, coupled with various factors such Ribostky as mining, road-Gijon Leon and later the investment railroad Sama-Gijon. All this made the port of Gijon had to develop a fast, because the intensity of traffic beyond the port. A new port was built in 1893 that coal would be the first port of the Peninsula. the ringing of the NYSE closing bell by who heads the and its Family of Funds This makes Gijon an industrial town, with a middle class and urban development, opening new streets and squares. This brought a large team of infrastructure and amenities such as municipal water supply, garbage disposal, gas lighting and then electric, investment portfolio and so on. There are many different businessmen involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, including ensuring the success of his philanthropic activities All this industrial development in the city left a large amount of manpower family of funds and a rapid urban development. Creating neighborhoods as they were working around the Natahoyo, La Calzada, Trema es, wetland.
Already in the twentieth century, with the outbreak of the Civil War, the July 18, 1936, the city and its inhabitants remained loyal to the legitimate Republican government formed the Committee of War Gijon preponderance of anarchism, but not the army , whose reunion was not dominated until August. Later the town was the capital of the Interstate Council of Asturias and Leon ‘stating that eventually becoming the sovereign King of Asturias and Leon’ to the occupation of the city on October 20, 1937 by troops of General Franco.
Steel is the major industry since the late nineteenth century and especially with the creation of Uninsa in 1971 from the merger of factories and Mieres Moreda and his subsequent union with Ensidesa, then converted with Altos Hornos de Vizcaya Aceralia to integrate in the late twentieth century in the European group Arcelor near the Luxembourg and France’s Usinor Arbed.
The last decades of the twentieth century brought the industrial crisis mainly affecting the steel industry and shipbuilding brought the liberalization of the land left us a new use hedge funds and new beaches, parks, an expansion of its urban areas and creating its campus.

Vietnam Net
The European Union summit on Sunday sought to dispel weeks gloomy reports that the EU was sliding rudderless towards protectionism and division in the face of the mounting economic crisis.
March 2 (Bloomberg) – Treasuries rose, peel their worst start of the year since 1980, as Asian stocks tumbled and economists said a private report showing U.S. manufacturing NYSE declined for a 13th Monday
Corvallis Gazette-Times
Text of Barack Obamas presidential address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, as prepared for delivery and provided by the White House:
Party People’s Daily
The European Union summit on Sunday sought to dispel weeks gloomy reports that the EU was out of control sliding into protectionism and division in the stocks face of mounting economic crisis. The 27 EU leaders issued a statement roundly rejecting protectionism as a response to the crisis and stressed that those Member States most affected by investors the recession would not be in the …
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Recent Economic Thought

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

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After the Second World War, there was a consensus among economists about the economic policies adopted. Most governments in developed countries, according to Keynesian proposals, launched an active policy of intervention in such structural and cyclical economy, gradually increasing its movie producer cost and weight of the public sector. Keynesianism was adopted as the dominant paradigm in all Western universities, and some economists tried to make a fusion between the neoclassical model and the Keynesian model. fund management Paul Samuelson was the one who does investment portfolio this theoretical synthesis between the various neo-keynesian leading andalusia. Some economists, postkeynesianos, note however that the ideas of Keynes were too distorted by the merger and the vulgarize and in its original form still have much to contribute to the functioning of the economy.
However, during the fifties and sixties, a small group, monetarists, criticized Keynesian policies. Founded and led by Milton Friedman, the Chicago School, the school condemned the monetarist economic intervention by governments in the economy and also emphasized the negative effects of excessive weight of the state. Instead of these political leaders have proposed neutral monetary policy by allowing the economy to grow without inflation. The influence of the monetarists is limited, since the Keynesianism was dominant until the late seventies. In fact, the economic crisis of the seventies was characterized by simultaneous inflation and unemployment a major, something inexplicable by the Keynesian theory. he is also a budding Hollywood producer as well as being involved in business and philanthropic activities, which makes Following this crisis, the school became dominant and monetarist policies were adopted calling for most of the governments of the industrialized countries, first in the United States and England with the coming to power in 1979 of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. he has produced two movies, as well as leading his investment firm The , making Of the monetarist school led to the current neoliberal economic science that dominated during the eighties.
During the second half of the twentieth century The came some of the current economic theory analyzing seemingly scattered fields and very specific, and all belong to a research program known as neoinstitutionalism. The most important theories of this movement are the economic analysis of law, economic theory of public choice, the new theory of the firm and contracts, the theory of transaction costs and the information economy, among others. At the end of the Ribotsky century were also economicas schools specializing in particular subject outside the dominant economic thinking. Notable examples of these flows are the modern theory of microeconomics, econometrics and game investment manager theory.

San Bernardino Sunday
All eyes will focus on the Inland Empire’s unemployment number hedge funds NYSE scheduled to be released Thursday, says an economist who can hit almost 13 percent in September.
Los Angeles Times
With more than 1 in 10 workers unemployed in January, the state registers its highest unemployment rate since June 1983. Lack Luster spending on clothing, cars, legal services and most everything has left California economy limp, only to ensure that the state 10.1 of unemployment in January March upward at least to the end of the year, economists predicted.
Pioneer Press
On Tuesday, Minnesota state economist Tom Stinson, a finance long-expected forecast that will predict how much money state government will investment analyst collect in taxes over the next two years to pay for education, healthcare, welfare, public safety and dozens of other services.
The Sacramento Bee
With the economy weakens at breathtaking speed, unemployment is down by 10 percent barrier in California for the first time since 1983. The state of unemployment jumped to 10.1 percent in January, against a revised 8.7 percent a month earlier, the Employment Development Department said Friday. Some 79,300 payroll jobs disappeared in January, further Hollywood evidence that the …

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