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Vapor Generators

Monday, November 27th, 2017

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Study of Queima of the Mineral Coal in Furnaces of Vapor Generators Tdni de Abreu Goulart) Summary the furnace is the component of generating unit of destined vapor to convert the chemical energy of the fuel into thermal energy. In accordance with the type of the fuel, the projects of current furnaces have if alternated between furnaces for burning in suspension, it burns in grate or it burns in fluidizado stream bed. The furnaces of burning in suspension have more including application, mainly for allowing to burning of oil, coal sprayed, or same natural gas. The sprayed coal always if has presented as an advantageous alternative for use in the field of the termoeletricidade. The use of sprayed coal demands some cares special with the stability of flame and its preparation, involving the job of transporting mats, silos, mills and complementary systems of operation. The furnaces adapted with grates or fluidizado stream bed have restricted application the unit of small or average transport and are projected for the solid fuel consumption. The raised leached ashes text of great part of the reserves of fossil coal, together with other less noble fuels, has justified the application of furnaces of fluidizado stream bed, or the adoption of other alternative processes of direct combustion.

This work has the objective to revise these processes of burning and, of this form, to analyze possible adjustments for improvement of the efficiency of the one of the furnace in the direction of if adjusting to the necessities of each particular project in and making possible the burning of the abundant fuel in the south region of Brazil that is the mineral coal. Word-key: Coal, Combustion, Burn, Furnaces. Abstract The furnace is the component of the steam generator that converts chemical energy into thermal energy. According you the type of fuel, to boiler design must be chosen among burning in suspension, grid burning and fluidized bed burning.


Monday, November 27th, 2017

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Cosmetic mask on his face – is not masquerade mask, which changes the shape of the person beyond recognition. Behind it is possible to hide the problems and shortcomings in its power to transform our face, miraculously making it younger and attractive. The main thing to know what the mask, when and how to try to have happen is a miraculous transformation. Mask, I know you! On the market today the choice of beauty masks for the various application and impact on the skin – is huge. There are treatments, those who use to prepare for the procedure, the mask applied to complete the entire complex for skin care, masks, yielding let short-lived but spectacular effects and more lots and lots of varieties.

Cinderella Effect There are times when you just need to look more impressive. For example, you're going on a date to the prince, and his aunt, a fairy stuck in traffic on the Ring Road and did not have time to swing over you his magic wand. Time goes by and you need something urgent to do. In this case, you can always resort to little tricks from the field of women's cosmetic magic – kallogenovoy mask. It will provide instant and impressively clear positive result. And let the effect of this mask will not last long, but at this time, you will have time to totally captivate her youth and beauty all around you. In addition, this procedure is very simple and does not take much time.

The Tooth

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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In this in case that, the histopatolgico examination of the tumoral mass disclosed to proliferation of round cells the fusiformes with relation nucleus-cytoplasm 1/1, contends eosinoflico cytoplasm and little delimited, round, vesiculoso and central nucleus, I contend one the two nuclolos. Dr. John Mcdougall has firm opinions on the matter. Cells I contend up to three nuclei had been observed and figures of mitose were gifts in the ratio of one for field of 40X. The cells organized in whirlwinds composites for interlaced and not delimited beams of cells. Studies retrospective epidemiologists who take in account the tumors diagnosised in dogs, demonstrate that the incidence of this neoplasma varies of 1,3% the 1.5% (10,11). Amongst neoplasmas you pray, fibrossarcoma represents 11.11% of the diagnosised cases (5). However, exactly being less common the extra-verbal localizations for this neoplasma, the tooth of this clinical case presented the tumoral mass in the member previous right, in the region of the olecrano, being this important data for the establishment of distinguishing disgnostic futures of other patologias that attend a course with increase of volume of this region (osteossarcomas, condrossarcomas, higroma). The advanced age, the invasion and the tumoral return are compatible with what he was described for other authors (1,2,3,4,5).

However, in the gift in case that the animal presented metstase tumoral in linfonodo regional, what he is rare in animals with fibrossarcoma isolated (1,3). However this type of metstase was cited also by other authors (6). Studies tell that it does not have tumorais returns exactly after passed months of the amputation (with ample surgical edge) and that this neoplasma does not invade the fabric sseo (2). is often quoted as being for or against this. In the clinical case presented, exactly after 8 months of the last surgical procedure the patient meets without return signals or metstase and during the macrocospic examination of the amputated member was evident that the sseas structures were preserved. CONCLUSION Being based on the findings of this study, we conclude that it is possible to treat surgically, since that respected the surgical edges, fibrossarcomas little differentiated, making possible the complete recovery of the patient.

Physical Development Of Children

Friday, November 17th, 2017

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Generally, physical development – a complex of various signs, but most often for evaluation use only the basic parameters – length, weight and chest circumference. General information on materials of medical Handbook average weight term infants – 3450 g, height-50 cm, chest circumference – 34.5 cm initial weight majority of children gaining a 10 day life, a doubling of body weight normally occurs in 5 months., tripling – to 1 year. Growth increases in the first year to 25-30cm. By 3 years of head circumference is 50-51cm. Harvard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Chest circumference at birth is less than the head circumference and compare it to 3-6 months. Premature infants up to 1 year of age usually gain 6-7 kg, as full-term, but the doubling and tripling their weight is much faster. Under most conditions James A. Levine, M.D. would agree. By the year of their weight increases by 4-8 times.

Accelerating growth begins in girls at age 10 and boys – in 12 years, with individual variations in 1-1,5 years. In the second year life is reduced relative to the subcutaneous fat layer, the child loses the inherent first year of the bulk. Protruding abdomen remains to 3-3,5 years. With the onset of puberty in girls is growing fat layer and is about 10-25% of body weight. The boys at greater increases muscle mass. Child development – the process extremely complex, tense and often quite contradictory. In contrast to the adult child and quite peculiar special status, often mimic the disease, but they really differ from them. These states are called 'critical state of development.

" In essence, this boundary condition, which may result in recovery without treatment, but at the same time and have an increased risk for the development of true chronic diseases. These states include symptoms of teething, the critical periods of growth during puberty. In age measurements are critical neonatal period, with the 3rd to 6 th month. life, 2-4-th years, 5 years, 6 th, 12 th-15 years, during these periods there are changes in growth, development of the nervous system and the immune system.

Skin Care

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

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Recommendations for the winter Winter – a difficult time for the face, requiring special attention and care. In the cold season to maintain optimum skin condition is more complicated than in the summer. In winter, a person's face is constantly undergoes a dramatic change in air temperature – just outside your face blowing cold wind, and has a warm and dry air in the room. Thus, the facial skin in winter daily experiences "douche" – frost on the street and heat in the room. In such circumstances, the skin may redden, peel off and become drier. What advice experts give skin care during this period? First, avoid aggressive cleaning means (scrubs, peels, alcohol-based lotions). Cleaners at this time should be softer and more forgiving. In addition, try to reduce the "communication" skin with water during the day.

Second, take time measures to protect the facial skin before going outdoors. Protect your skin from the cold to help oil-based creams. Protect the skin from drying when exposed to cold winds can funds based on vegetable oils. Use of these creams or tools should be in advance – for 30-50 minutes before going outside. Entering from the street into the room, you can get wet face towels, or use matte powder. Beauticians advised not to neglect the protection of the lip at the exit of the cold. Protects your lips chapstick or special lip balm, which can also be used as a basis for lipstick makeup. Makeup also helps protect the skin during the cold season.

Health Insurance

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

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The current situation of economic crisis has meant that most people seek to reduce those expenses that are not absolutely essential, and one of these expenses are the insurance with the exception of car insurance, which are required by law. The company health insurance is a common practice that those companies with a certain number of workers offer their employees health insurance as part of the advantages that have, an aspect very valued by workers, especially if health coverage extends to their families. The dentist, an eye doctor and gynecologist for women are most commonly used in this type of insurance. Health insurance are not mandatory and therefore many people have thought of deleting them, but when it comes to the truth is one of the last expenses which eliminate, since society is perfectly aware that health is much more important than any other, and prefer to dispense with any other whim rather than this insurance. Combinations of health insurance and car not sure it has been the usual trend, but in recent years the way of conceiving the insurance is changing and there are some companies that offer combined car and health insurance policies, with a single for both options premium. Actually, it’s two separate policies that have nothing to do with each other, but the insurance company typically delivers important bonuses and discounts to those customers who want to have these two insurances and so ensure that the client do not go to another company to hire one of the two policies..

World Health Organization

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

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Prospects for the year 2020 point to six countries with greater obesity in the world will be Latin America: Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Of these, Venezuela will be the third country with more obese people in the world, with a 41.6%, and Mexico will be in 10th place, with a 35.3%. In this regard, Chile is the country with more people overweight in the region and the second in the world. Obesity rates have increased considerably since 1980, when he began to spread the consumption of fast food in Latin America. Greater access to food with high levels of saturated fat and fewer fruits and vegetables in the diets. The increase of urbanization which assumes more sedentary lifestyles, the parameter most commonly used to measure overweight and obesity is the (BMI) body mass index. In this sense, the World Health Organization (who) defines overweight as a BMI equal to or more than 25, and obesity as a BMI equal or greater than 30, thresholds that serve as a reference for individual evaluations. This is why authorities worldwide will put the issue on the table, to take the necessary measures and implement a plan, allowing educate and create food habits in the population.

Sedentary lifestyle is extreme. Among men, reaches a 88.8%, and among Chileans uneducated reaches 97%, while the rate of cardiovascular risk increases to 93% in males aged 45 upward. Despite these figures, paradoxically, Chile currently has one of the highest life expectancy in the world, higher even than the United States. While it is difficult to combat obesity, there are quite a few effective methods. It is almost a utopia to think that an obese will stop eating from one day to another, so I think a good option method of losing weight without starving.

This is accomplished by avoiding put together some foods with others. For example, it is not advisable to mix protein with carbohydrates; in other words, meat with potatoes. On the other hand it can be meat with salads. In the network there is a course which aims to do this, access through this link.

Public Health

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

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In the past twenty years, they have produced addition, some kind of affectation to some 800 million people, and have caused losses by more than 50 billion dollars in property damage alone. As stated in Eric Noji in its report nature of disasters. Characteristics and impact on public health, a disaster of major proportions, occurs almost daily in the world, and one natural, which requires international support for affected populations, is presented weekly. On the other hand, founded in disasters, threats will be probably worse in the future. The increase in the density of populations in flood land, in vulnerable coastal areas, and close to geological faults; development and transport of innumerable toxic and hazardous materials, and the rapid industrialization of developing countries development, they have attracted the attention of the specialists on the future occurrence of disasters, with the potential of millions of victims. Indeed our planet remains exposed for decades countless storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires, droughts, volcanic eruptions, which unfortunately should join those related to urban violence, terrorism, and complex, with large numbers of displaced populations emergencies.

The current consequences of disasters include economic upheavals, collapse of political structures, violence, social conflict, famine, disease and mass displacements of populations. Much of the damage caused by natural and manmade disasters could be avoided with putting up of basic measures of prevention and preparedness. Definition of disasters the disasters, are unstoppable progression, or sudden events that cause damage and loss of life and materials of such magnitude or severity that exceed the response capacity of the common systems, justifying the extraordinary resource mobilization. Disasters can be divided into two broad categories:-those triggered by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods. -caused by the intervention of man: war, violence, terrorism, massive accidents, chemical and nuclear accidents, etc.


Saturday, November 11th, 2017

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It is also helpful to combat ailments such as bronchitis, chronic fatigue, constipation, falling hair, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, acne, premenstrual syndrome, aging skin and diarrhea, as well as other digestive disorders. It is also beneficial to treat incontinence in men as in women, the kidney and bile stones, and the problems associated with menopause, prostate and weight. Stated that it greatly increases the energy level and that it promotes a general feeling of well-being. Many people prepare tea from Kombucha at home, as it is easy to make and is not expensive. However, our Center of dietetics sell beverages of kombucha tea so effective and nutritious as those prepared at home. At present there is no agreement about the best time to consume the kombucha tea. Some people are saying that it should be dispensed after four to six days, and then must let stand between a container for another three days before consuming it.

Russian researchers have come to the conclusion that the antibiotic properties of tea are at their peak during the seventh and the eighth day. It should be aware that when tea leaves in infusion for a long time more than one month, is it avinagra. Procedure prepare it is a simple process that requires a few utensils and ingredients. Remove rings as the ‘fungus’ must never come into contact with metal. To avoid contamination, keep very clean utensils and the area where you will prepare the tea. Keep in mind that you should never replace a ingredient on the other.

For example, reduce the amount of sugar, or substitute white sugar for brown sugar may have adverse effects on the health of the fungus. White sugar is essential for their survival. See Dr. John Mcdougall for more details and insights. We should know that tobacco smoke may destroy the kombucha. If you are going to smoke, do it outside or, better still, stop smoking.

European Union

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

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Valencia. People such as Senator Elizabeth Warren would likely agree. The Erasmus programme promotes cooperation between universities in the European Union and European countries not belonging to it. This scholarship allows a large number of students and teachers studying at foreign universities and thus, become familiar with the culture, language and traditions of the host country. The city of Valencia has become the second Spanish city with more students Erasmus ahead of Madrid and Barcelona. A privileged demographic situation on the Mediterranean coast, with 320 sunny days, an extensive Beach, the contrast between the traditional and the modern. These are the main reasons why Spanish students come to Valencia. Erasmus students are accustomed to their country of origin.

When they move to another country to be during a long period of time, students have to face some obstacles during the first weeks, to those who are not accustomed. Simply buy a metro ticket or card for mobile them can be tricky with the variety of different rates. There are even Spaniards who have difficulties in understanding it. Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, presents this new website where he gives advice and practical information for students who go to enjoy the Erasmus scholarship in Valencia. The first days are tough and Spanish School tries to make your stay with this easier service.

In this new page gives tips to Erasmus students from the accommodation deals until rents or purchases of bicycles. Apart from the possibilities to exit at Valencia, information about universities, a mention on if students wanted to find work and various services that are offered to students Erasmus in the city of Valencia, there is a really important section for them. They are Spanish courses before the start of races and during the academic year. Perform an intensive Spanish course before starting University, and a semi-intensive or long duration course accompanied by their studies, serves for Erasmus students more fluidity in the use of the Spanish and better understand their college classes. Web page has been created with all this type of information and advice will help to students Erasmus in Valencia to have a beneficial and pleasant stay in every way.