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Agustin Millares Sall

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

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AGUSTiN MILLARES SALL (1917-1989) creating am a world where the enjoyment of freedom that man does not close it see sunlight unless you amaze and halle love without pronouncing his name in any place of the Earth. Agustin Millares Sall. Lee marks brings even more insight to the discussion. THE voice of the SOCIAL poetry CANARIA gran Canarian poet Agustin Millares Sall published more than twenty-five titles of poetic books in which they emphasize its poetry social, in his poetry written in 1965 and collected in the anthology of Social poetry of Luis Lepoldo, tells us: when I called social poet – not sociable that it is a form of pastelear – not thought to be a sambenito nor a more or less fabricable brand. I was intensely proud, knowing that it wasn’t the hence them give me all, or what is the same, I do turn a blind eye to what is happening. I felt, as was natural, more linked to the beat of the time, most taken by the popular wind which is, in the end, the best way to conduct themselves.

Their struggle for peace and freedom and that do not look into other side are a constant throughout his work. The poets of the aforementioned Social poetry anthology include among others, the poets of postwar Garciasol, Celaya, Cremer, Otero, angela Figuera, Eugenio de Nora, iron and Agustin Millares Sall; and the poets of the promotion of fifty, Gloria Fuertes, angel Crespo, Carlos Sahagun, Jose Angel Valente, Maria Beneyto, Gil de Biedma, angel Gonzalez, Rafael Morales, Maria Elvira Lacaci and Felix Grande. Agustin Millares Sall was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on June 30, 1917 and died in the same city on 6 March 1989. It breeds in a family of poets and artists, his father Juan Millares Carlo, Professor of secondary education, and his brother Jose Maria were poets, his brother Manuel, painter.

EP SANEL Endustriyel Tesisler

Monday, February 26th, 2024

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First PV plant in the region of Izmit produced 11 MWh of energy per year FRANKFURT, June 2013 since early summer solar modules from SOLAR buying produce for the first time solar power in Turkey. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. The photovoltaic system consists of 40 modules of our own brand luxra and has a capacity of a total of eight kWp. Realized SOLAR purchase has the PV system in cooperation with the Berlin SolarAllianz network SAN GmbH. site is a factory roof in Izmit in Kocaeli Province of Turkey. The purchase of SOLAR modules of type luxra PV 72S-L/SI generate future barely 12 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy per year. This quantity is sufficient resources to power approximately four three-person households. By the same author: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

While SOLAR purchase in addition has provided the necessary power inverter, cable and plug to the modules, the frames come from Ludwigsfelde in Brandenburg from the company Alusen. Not only a first for SOLAR purchase is about 7.9 tons of CO2 emissions per year the use of luxra solar modules in Turkey. The photovoltaic system is in the total at the same time the first ever, Region has been built so far. Operator is the company EP SANEL Endustriyel Tesisler in Kocaeli, Turkey about 100 km southeast of Istanbul. The PV system puts the company in a position to release around 7.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year in the future. This amount is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions of a passenger car, which annually well traveled by 66,500 miles.

From the purchase of SOLAR modules produced current serves exclusively the consumption and is not fed into the public grid. We are very satisfied with the course of the project. SOLAR purchase has proved reliable partner which has supplied all modules and components on time. In this way we could build the photovoltaic system within the planned time frame and successfully commissioned. In particular the customer has benefited”, says Andreas Muntinga, Managing Director of SolarAllianz network SAN GmbH.

Spa Treatment

Saturday, February 24th, 2024

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During the second world war, it was not customary to talk about fashion or make-up. Although there were desires, but the time was not suitable, because it went to the very survival. During the second world war, it was not customary to talk about fashion or make-up. Although there were desires, but the time was not suitable, because it went to the very survival. Then also this war was ending, and the currency reform was carried out, a wave slopped by the United States to Europe. Slowly formed the youth of the countries to an interested buyers, with which one could make strong sales.

“Everything old” was rejected and the new “was purchased. Were records with English lyrics, cosmetics from France or other things that at the time in Germany did not exist or were not allowed there. Everything was bought. Today saves you not more for months to afford a DVD player or an MP3 player. Now it saves, so that one is beautiful and desirable. In the wake of anti-aging and the costs involved is some money. And for what? The ideal of beauty has changed over the years, and so every trend comes to an end quite quickly, to attract a new course. “” What now “, is tomorrow already back out”.

Only the desire remained after youth and perfection. Then as today. Only now you have”more opportunities to buy a beautiful appearance. The plastic surgeon, who earned a golden nose because are beneficiaries of these measures. This wave also came from the United States, where beauty clinics were shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. Hollywood sends his regards. Whether it is Spa, Abdominoplasty, Oberschenkelforming, or lifting, all designed to be beautiful, or to feel Michel Michale anyway, so


Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

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In our Ecoline company we have seen over the years, as many of our customers are very satisfied with the choice they did in his day. Since people with problems of asthma and allergy to mites, to people who want a thorough cleaning of your carpets and mattresses, among others as Filterqueen. Frequently endocrinologist has said that publicly. The basic reason is one of the products star brand Tristar that we commercialize: Tristar Mg Series vacuums. Many times we read in forums and blogs reviews if the Tristar vacuum is really as good as they say, and compared it with conventional vacuums that incorporate advanced Hepa filter, which of course the Tristar vacuum also has. Learn more about this with Assurant Health. But to understand why the filtration capacity of the Tristar vacuum is so powerful and so recommended to alleviate the effects of dust and is so far from the conventional, is necessary to know the detail of your filter in 5 levels, unique on the market system and only the Tristar vacuum integrates it into its mechanism Filterqueen: paper bag 5 bag kebblar filter layers of foam (which protects engine) activated carbon filter (removes odours) Hepa filter, so that the dirt, can never go outside of the advantages of the Tristar vacuum machine front competition 5 filters system was designed to solve the three basic problems that have other brands of vacuum cleaners: poor air filtration: bags are porous and returned to the foreign germs and bacteria power loss: bags are seal and can not collect dirt more. Instead the Tristar vacuum cleaner is designed so that air passes above and not through the dirt, thanks to a cyclonic power that allows to maintain a constant energy insufficient air flow: does not circulate air and there is no absorption of dirt. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, who has experience with these questions. Conversely, Tristar accessories design, makes cleaning effective 100% to finish, seems interesting to note its most coveted features: – made of lightweight magnesium is very resistant – ergonomic: 360 swivel casters, handle of nylon designed to distribute the weight and move it easily – protects furniture with a bumper system – has guarantee of by life in all parts of magnesium, 5 years warranty on motors and belts and two years in the rest of accessories enters the Ecoline Mataro website if you want to know more about the Tristar vacuum cleaner. We also invite you to view a video demonstration of the Tristar vacuum.calidadeaire.

Follow The Example Of The Best

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

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Our life is subject to a series of influences, some are positive while others are negative, we should think seriously about what things are that feed our minds, since much of this information will be crucial in our future. Creating the reality is our responsibility, not consciously but internally is, to the extent that we know the spiritual forces then begin to manifest a much better world. The experience is an extremely valuable accumulation of knowledge and has a price, learn to do things excellently takes some time and a tremendous dedication. To have a good experience is a long and expensive road in all senses, but if we could have the secrets and information most important about a certain area that guarantee us success in more quickly than if did without any instruction. In the book the secret of the power of the Metasde Andrew Corentt teaches us that our purposes must be as high as in reality wish them, through reading this book you will learn the techniques necessary to cause their targets to carry a seal of guarantee, you will get a motivation so high that will allow you huge progress in record time, you can get anything they want.

A great strategy for success is to follow the guidelines of the real winners this process is called simulation, learning the secrets of the specialists make much faster progress. A well-known proverb tells us do not have to invent the warm water that is if there is experience and expertise in certain areas then you should use that power in our life, therefore it is indispensable to follow Council and guidance of successful people, that guarantees excellent results. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Alfred Adler and gain more knowledge.. For example, if we talk about the topic of wealth there is a series of great secrets that are related to the power of money, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt learn everything related to prosperity and techniques that for centuries have used big businessmen to create the conditions you have always wanted, through these teachings for your life you can achieve enormous purposes in any area of your life. You should do a simulation total life you want as it manifests Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals for example if you want to be owner of a large corporation, imagine in the boardroom, to simulate international calls, consider the way in which receive large investors .all this represents power, and once you know the processes of change then the materialization of their dreams will be a fact, enjoy absolute freedom, I can assure you that if you will get a deep belief in little time can materialize this wish, there are cases of fortunes in record time, there are cases of miraculous healings, etc. All this is supported by an incredible power that is faith, with faith you can achieve what it is, remember that faith is induced through the senses and the thinking, of simulation, acting as if he were already in possession of the life you have always dreamed.

Earth OASIS Munich

Monday, February 19th, 2024

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“” Earth OASIS – seminars 2010 – ‘Healing power of South America’ the new EARTH OASIS seminar program healing from South America “10 wonderful healer, shaman, and Curandeiros will take in the next few months” from several sudamerikanischen countries to about 30 seminars and events in all regions of Germany. Our instructors come from Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Argentina and embody – despite all the differences in their teachings and healing kraftvolle healing energy of South America with many indigenous traditions and an enormous wealth of herbs and natural medicine. Don Agustin, the highest ranking Peruvian shaman and his partner come to Dona Marlene from 19 June to 7 healing ceremonies to Germany! This wonderful work on the way to comprehensive healing and health is paired with vitality, Joie de vivre for everyone by value that wants to explore the meaning and importance of its existence, recognize his true life vision and mission and the conscious responsibility for your own health in body, mind and soul, and Creativity. P K’ is an economist, actor, shaman and healer in Greub, lived in Mexico for 10 years. By master shaman, Pascal learned a wealth of powerful techniques. “Many of them have miracles” causes and diseases “cured, where school doctors not knowing more. Also Pascal itself are managed cures that cannot be explained logically.

In Munich Pascal gives in the July workshop the timeless knowledge of the Mayas”the best exercises of his Maya School of cosmic consciousness”. More healers and shaman after the summer break: Teresa Ramarajara, the leading Brazilian media, coming from 28 August to healing and Channelingtagen Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Freiburg. Takiz Marquez, a gifted healer from Peru, with many Heilerfolgen of too serious illness, travels to Munich, Hamburg and Cologne in the autumn to medical treatment. Other highlights of the healing power”events are three outstanding healers who are 2011 invited as speakers to the Munich World Conference ethnotherapies. Get between September and November respectively to Munich and Cologne: Dr Romulo Braschi, charismatic liberation theologian and medical scientists as well as Alicia Braschi, dance therapist and Professor of fine arts, both Argentina. Laura Pacheco, Hampicamalloc (miracle healer) the Mochica tradition, with proven healing abilities at spine, bone and tendon diseases.

Unsecured Loans

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

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When taking out a loan, it is the borrower s decision on whether to take it secured or unsecured. However, secured loans are more favorable as compared to unsecured loans. The definite way to out get out of a financial hassle is to take a loan. The loans given out can either be secured or unsecured. To know which one to take out depends on the individual borrower. The loan product should’nt fit in with the borrower’s financial capabilities.

They out lowest rate should take a loan with the and other chargeable fees. But, what is the difference? Unsecured loans unsecured loans do not require any form of a security pledge for a borrower to get advanced with loan money they need. The lender depends on a contract signed between themselves and the borrower to avail the money. The contractual responsibility is a child of a memorandum of understanding between the borrower and the lender promising to pay back the loan advanced. Unsecured loans are risk risky to give out than the secured loans. This makes the amounts that can be availed to be comparatively smaller. The repayment duration is therefore shorter.

Its rules, regulations and conditions are very stiff. A lender determines what they can advance to a particular borrower by their credit history and the amount of money they earn. The higher a person earns, the higher the amount of cash they can get. Merits of unsecured loans it protects the equity of your property. The loss of your home, for example, your house is reduced. No. of collateral is needed to secure the loan. For smaller purchases, it is more economical than the use of credit cards. The approval and processing of the loan is faster as no lengthy prerequisite is required with these loans. Demerits of unsecured loans rate of interest and other chargeable fees are quite high they are expensive over a long period.