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Healthy Digestion

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

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For example, you can read 20 minutes lecture, focusing all his attention on her, and then relax, and, rest should be generous in time – 10 – 15 minutes. Of course, during the rest do not have to switch to other visual stimuli (TV, display laptop, photo). It is advisable to do minor exercise in a small volume to have enough time to relax. Thus, we observe the classic "golden rule" – namely, alternating between intellectual work and physical activity. In no case can not be neglected night's sleep.

If you do not sleep, even the easy stuff to digest easily, and heavy and even more so is viewed with disgust. In these cases, much will be "in transit" through your memory, and eventually formed a meaningless jumble of words and phrases. It's important not to lose sight of taking a shower. In addition to courage, which he offered this procedure, the water helps to remove static, which accumulates in the body continuously, preventing the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain. Create the right mood during the session helps to green.

Like the traffic lights, he seamlessly put you through hard road of preparation for exams. Write on green sheets of paper, if possible, prepare for exams in a room or office with green walls, choose a more green items of clothing. This color eases. Violet is an excellent complement to the green so that it strengthens the long-term memory, so it makes sense on the day of the exam to wear something purple. Of food during the session should be paid focus on fruits and vegetables. Do not forget about vitamins. However, abuse in any case, of course, inappropriate. If any educational material can not be remembering, not to be annoyed at myself. Expedient on memorization. In nine cases out of ten such cribs do not even need an exam. But it must be complied with one condition: You check your account at the time of writing, cribs, and not think about anything else. Immediately before the examination should be avoided emotion experience. The surest way – to think about time and imagine the events after the completion of the exam. Draw yourself a bright cheerful picture of the near future – Freedom, relief, satisfaction with themselves. And then all the fears will certainly evaporate – on their shift will come good and, most importantly, the right mood – an adequate examination setting.

Exotic Fruit Juices

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

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They found that the exotic fruit juice (then called it a lemon) stopped the development of scurvy. However, they did not know anything about vitamins. A French spy trying to explain to his king, that The British queen has signed a secret order to use in marine expeditions syrup lemon. But the "paddling" It seemed ridiculous. Time has shown who was right, because it is the English were able to swim to the New Zealand, Australia and other territories. This example shows that observation, the ability to draw conclusions and gain for yourself to help mankind survive and thrive. Today still, the modern science thinks he knows more than God. Produce products with uncertain unusual effects.

Trying to influence the intellect and the human psyche. Nevertheless, humanity needs to grow IQ (intelligence quotient) potential users of the network. After all scheduled flights to other planets. So we are looking for "the elixir of life", "elixir of youth", forgetting that nature wiser than us and she needed to learn. We have over 20 years, promoted the thesis – learn from the bees. We "discovered" the wonderful product, which "produces" the bee more than 50 million years.

This product retains the genetic and physical health of the younger generation. This product provides energy, health and cheerfulness, stimulates the intellect, survival, adaptation. For 20 years we have learned to assemble this product, do not spoil it, and to convey to the person. Every day we are surprised its usefulness. Even called it "Vinibis" – the life of an encore. Above us laugh and call us naive, Pchelkin. Theoretical pharmacologists do not believe that it helps people to improve their psychological and physical health, although experience and practice demonstrates that improves. I think that someday these scientists putting a lot of experiments on frogs, find the cause of the usefulness of this phenomenal product of beekeeping. But we remember the story of a lemon. Let them laugh "splash" in the end must absorb the cosmic ocean we will need special products that preserve the health of the crew. This will help him "Vinibis."

Biologically Active Substances

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

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It is produced in the form of tablets frame, and his reception preceded the use of nano-sorbent Gutta Viva, which prepares the organism for the assimilation of biologically active substances (and, as we have said, in products for ophthalmic practice it is important task). As with any product of elite lines, complex Vizus combines the highest efficiency, comparable with the effect of drugs, with absolute safety, since its formulation is based on the use of active substance of our diet. If we talk about the action Vizusa, its multi-component composition can influence the different causes of visual dysfunction and a positive effect on visual acuity. Special attention should be proved as a result of its influence decrease spasm of accommodation. Cyclospasm is the most common cause of reduced visual function. Typically, it occurs as a result of increased eye strain, a long and intensive work with a computer and papers, the lack of proper daily routine, fatigue, injuries, bad lighting. As a result, people may lose the ability to see clearly distant objects, or to celebrate an unequal visual acuity on the part of one of the eyes, feel the cramps, pain and discomfort. Another terrible consequence of established spasm of accommodation is unabating night headache pain, the cause of which is sometimes very difficult to detect. Timely internal environment saturated with vitamins, micronutrients and other beneficial nutrients can reduce complex Vizus severity or even prevent the development of spasm of accommodation and its consequences! Who should pay attention to the complex Vizus? Thanks to high speed to achieve the biological effect of complex and multilateral action Vizus recommended categories of people whose professional activity is associated with an increased load on the organ of vision or in senior management positions. If you care about your health and you have no time, they say, "Save on time" – it's your choice. Of great importance is the inclusion complex in Vizus remediation after the operation in front of people of all ages, including the older generation. However, given metabolic features of the elderly, spetsialistyKompanii Artlife recommended to reduce the dosage of the complex with the simultaneous extension of the course of treatment. The principle of "low dose – long courses," so far is the gold standard in the approach to rehabilitation of the elderly. And once again turn to the people who find it difficult to part with such an addiction as smoking. The basis of the complexes of the elite lines laid a strong Antioch sidantny complex "Tsifrol-5." Health program based on complex and Vizus Spirea will help you significantly improve your health and prevent serious problems in the future. Natalia, thank you you for a detailed account of the Company Artlife complexes. What else is important to remember all the readers of our magazine? Proper diet and use of dietary supplements may be a good preventive measure in against eye diseases, but often to stay healthy, we are required much more effort. Charging, fresh air, the rejection of bad habits, positive attitude should be an integral part our vital programs. Unfortunately, even the best doctors can only refer a patient to a healthy lifestyle. Will there be people to follow their recommendations, has been dependent on him. Let's remember this!