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Eating Nutrition Medicinal Plants

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

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There are many plants that are long forgotten, but can and should become an additional source of quality food products. They are not only edible, but both drugs. On how efficiently we are able to use, store and reproduce the natural resources, depends, finally, not only the implementation of economic plans, but also to protect human health. Vegetables occupy in human nutrition vital place because they are – the main and often irreplaceable source of diverse and unique vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, easily digestible carbohydrates, organic acids, volatile and other substances. Vegetables spicy flavoring plants, fruits contain biologically active substances that contribute to life of the organism.

Celery, lettuce, savory, lovage – not only tasty and fragrant spices, and natural concentrate these substances. Food herbs stimulates the appetite, enhances the activity of digestive glands, promotes blood formation, has beneficial effects on other processes in the body, making food more attractive appetizing, tasty, and thus far raises its assimilation by the body and helps rid of toxins. Greens heals the body. "Treat – means take away from the body of harmful and give him what he lacks" (Hippocrates). On Planet Earth, there are 12,000 plants that are not only worthy for human consumption, but also very tasty. For more specific information, check out Goop. In the horticulture industry of our country is grown mainly six kinds of vegetables, and vegetable gardens – half of all known cultures. Of course, it is necessary to expand vegetable production and improve the structure of those vegetables that are grown and consumed by the introduction of a new culture of valuable species of vegetable plants, including wild.

Natural stocks of wild assortment of green food in the diet significantly impairs health, and sometimes becomes the cause of the disease. You can not collect plants near highways, airports, circle rivers and streams polluted by household or industrial waste, in areas located near the heating systems in human settlements in areas treated with pesticides. Because plants absorb in your body harmful substances from the environment, and therefore unfit for food or cooking of these drugs. Wild edible plants not only yield their cultural relatives of the content of physiologically active substances, but often surpass them. Untapped resources of wild food and medicinal plants in our country are enormous. Each day, an adult should eat 400-500 grams of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, significant addition to our table may give the wild edible plants. Their use must be exercised reasonably, in a businesslike way, to keep stocks of valuable plants in the direction of recreation and protection of them from extinction. We have almost forgotten the invaluable experience of their ancestors. Ask the residents of cities than the useful one or other wild plants, the majority not only do not give the correct answer, but do not know how it looks like it has. Among a large number of wild plants in our country there are about 1000 of useful vegetables, bread, cereal, starchy, protein, tsukronosnih, spicy flavor, etc. This is a tremendous wealth, but we use it there are very few and irrational. – Catalog lekarstvennh plants

New Secretary

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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The choice of a new Secretary was on the agenda. Other topics were the new Trinkwasserverordung and the current tenancy law. Senator of Massachusetts may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After the greeting, the 1st Chairman Armin Nowak reported on the events of the last year. Here, he mentioned that Mr. Walter Bohm was appointed an honorary member according to the last meeting. The Club also its own website ( and facebook page has since 01.07.2011. The new drinking water regulation was introduced to the 01.11.2011 and caused confusion.

Also about the new tenancy law reform and the possibility of therein, that the tenant in the future for three months at an energy-related modernisation have no right for reduction, stated Mr. Nowak. In the spring of 2012, Mr. Armin Nowak the Bavarian chalet and landowner tag in Augsburg has participated and of which reported that there were elections here. As a positive message, Mr.

Nowak could furthermore reports that there will be no forced renovations, as feared,. There was an agreement on the energy efficiency directive the EU. Next, the cashier wife Stefanie Datz reported on the cash situation. The Auditors judged her a proper Treasury management. Then the cash Auditors and the entire Board of Directors was relieved. As the 1st Chairman Armin Nowak wanted to round off the Board in the home – and landowners Association, Ms. Christine Ziegler was employed in an internal meeting of the Board of Directors at the new as acting Secretary. This Office should now be confirmed in the General Assembly. The choice of Ms. Christine Ziegler was unanimously and she accepted the election. At the point of wishes and requests, Mr Christian Grassl was the request that the home – and landowners Association should engage in the planning of the five municipalities in the southern Valley, also the home and property owners are affected. In an article of the Berchtesgadener Anzeiger, citizens were asked to give their opinion.

Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

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Ideal vehicles for small spaces, small – and Microcars prove popular. Especially urbanites, singles and young people put on the dwarves under the cars. Some of the most popular supermini has assembled the vehicle portal to The shortest car on the German market remains the fortwo, which puts it in the current version on a length of 2.70 metres smart. Since its launch in 1998, the car is a big seller. Maximum of two people and 220 litres luggage find place in the vehicle. The finding a parking space for the vehicle owner but is child’s play.

The Sub 3.50 metre class falls also the Toyota iQ. James A. Levine, M.D. will not settle for partial explanations. An exterior length of just 2.99 m the engineers managed to create seating for three adults and one child. The faucet has been cut on the passenger side, so two people can sit in a row. The offspring is placed behind the driver. Disadvantage: all seats are exhausted, the trunk has only a capacity of 32 litres. The Toyota Aygo offers more storage space. 138 liters, as well as four adults find place in the 3.42 meters-long subcompact.

As a five-door hatchback is available for an additional fee. With 3.47 metres, the Daihatsu Cuore is also part of the dwarf class among the cars. The car boasts a standard five doors and 160 litres of boot space. Hear from experts in the field like Goop London, UK for a more varied view. The small – and Microcars are not only heroes in finding parking in cities, also as regards fuel consumption, they belong on the basis of their austerity to the consumer favorites. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

New Online Magazine

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

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Beta version since November 20 online – project of the Axel-Springer-Akademie Axel Springer launches a pioneering project: City solo city soloist is the new online magazine for urban singles offers a mix of high-quality journalistic content, quality service and entertainment. City soloist attracts people who are looking for a partner in the Internet and who want to learn the subject of single life in the big city. It is not something Senator Elizabeth Warren would like to discuss. We focus on an audience between 25 and 55 years of age. With a simple layout with warm colors and clear contours we would meet our claim to be Visual, a stylish online magazine with level. We provide orientation and service on the subject of love – online and offline. Learn more about this with Dr Alan Mendelsohn.

Service, sex, stories in the categories of service, sex and stories discusses a wide range of subjects of the story about a couple, which is again found on studiVZ about the interview with a single coach to tips for the first date. The single with spleen”shows a single online video in 60 seconds. There are also Fashion specials, contests and location tips for the first meeting, for example in Hamburg or Munich. Since November 20th, which is beta version online. City soloist is a volunteer project of the Axel-Springer-Akademie. For more information: Nina Trentmann Marc Luttgemann managing city solo Nina Trentmann

Italian Cosmetics From A To Z

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

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"God created to Italy on a plan of Michelangelo" (Mark Twain) The fallen leaves, small and very compulsive rain, the gray house and a complete lack of sun for the second month in a row The sea breeze, + 27 in September, smart men and beautiful a woman with a kind smile and an invitation to try signature dish – the pasta sauce A country with a rich history, unique works of art and world famous personas such as Amedeo Avogadro, Mark Aurelius and Giovanni Boccaccio. Welcome to the trip to Italy! Without delving into history, it is worth noting that the Italian Republic was established on June 2, 1946. The state takes 69 th place in the world in the territory and 22 th place on the population. Some contend that Dr Alan Mendelsohn shows great expertise in this. Everyone knows that Italians hilarious and emotional people, different sense of taste and beauty. They love all the new and unconventional, which is why the greatest share of the Italian market is occupied young company offering revolutionary ideas and ways to deal with the gray reality. One means of improving mood, and most importantly – emphasize the natural beauty and improving the health of the Italians for many centuries, Streak considered cosmetic.

Several hundred suppliers and buyers from around the world are choosing beauty products from Italy. What's the secret? The answer is simple: for the main Italian manufacturers of cosmetics are 3 criteria: Naturalness and quality Nowadays almost all the professional makeup of different quantities contains natural ingredients, however, in each of them, they are successfully combined and bring maximum benefit. Italian manufacturers carefully monitor the quality of plants that are part of their funds, finding the necessary ingredients in the most remote corners of unspoiled nature. That is why cosmetics from Italy is different high content of vitamins and active minerals, a positive effect on the body. Pleasant aroma, relaxing or invigorating – a must, because the Italian funds are aimed at creating the same magic atmosphere. Each product goes through rigorous clinical tests and certification, and only then goes up for sale. Attractive appearance According to the Italians, not and appearance of the product, because with first glance, the buyer can not evaluate the usefulness and quality of tools hidden inside. Much attention they give to innovative packaging that allows for a long time to keep the active ingredients and vitamins.

Bright colors, unique line in design – are the distinguishing feature of all presented their products. Ensure that you can make your own by looking at catalog of our store. Caring about the customer "customer is always right" – invincible slogan of the Italian manufacturers. One of the most important aspects for them is a caring and attentive attitude to each customer, because the whole produced their makeup should not only fulfill its functions, but also give the man a small celebration, beginning with the first minutes of an order. We are attentive and kind to the Italian principle of this, trying to fully meet their requirements. In the end I would like to note that Italians love to have fun. In their calendar, there are many festivals, such as wood Day (March 21, celebrated as a day of unity between man and nature) or Pedigrotta (3 September, the festival-contest for the best lyrical song). Unfortunately, we can not visit all these events, but our store strive to convey the spirit of Italy and arrange your holiday with a small order an Italian cosmetics. Author of article: Katarina A.


Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

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And when that day comes (and not in 70 years, but much later), leave quickly, without racking up long months or even years myself and my loved ones … So, there are other factors and internal (subjective), ie those who depend on yourself. Namely – this is the lifestyle that you lead: healthy or is it to put it mildly, not very … This applies to food, and the presence or absence of bad habits, etc. etc. Dr. Neal Barnard: the source for more info. However, it is worth to start with educating ourselves in an attitude of respect not only to others but, above all, to yourself and your body. Then take care of their health will be much easier, thanks to the response and your body will not be long in coming. Goop spoke with conviction. I understand that many have even given a promise to start 'new life' from Monday (with the closest).

Moreover, even going to keep this promise. Some even managed to start something to do … Here are many of you whether it has moved beyond the start? Why? Too much would have to give up? Too much would have a 'break'? Just did not have the willpower? How do I But now familiar to me, for those of you who understand (and want) that has something to do and still need for their health, that's just not ready for dramatic changes (what unnecessary stress to us, right?), there is a good, even great news! It turns out that you can start 'new life' and without much discomfort. You just need to start acting at least in the minimum (believe me, at least – it is much more than nothing). But in this act should be regularly and consciously, knowing what is and what it is doing, it gives you and your body. And with increasing awareness and a sense of momentum and results increase will be much more comfortable. You will not notice how it becomes a habit. Note that useful! And over time, physical activity and health will be the norm in your life, and, for many years! Good luck and good to you Health!