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Ana Gonzalo

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

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Classes, that are developed throughout the year on the beaches of the Cadiz capital, include exercises on land and, above all, in the water, where, trying to catch waves on their tables, students discover the pleasure of facing the challenges of life. Surfing has something that hooks, above all because it is a challenge with yourself. From the beginning you’re enjoying, but you always want more. It is surrounded by sensations, from speed to the sounds of the water, says Ana Gonzalo. The parents of the students, who come from different towns of the province, are witnesses of how surfing has become one of the activities that contribute most to the overall development of their children. Is a joy for us to see them do something like this, above all it promotes self-esteem, its balance and its autonomy, explains Soledad Lopez, mother of Manuel, an autistic child of 8 years, since it makes three, surfing in this school.

This mother tells how Manuel has in your calendar marked when it touches you surf lesson: because from the day before is happy, excited, and when he leaves, equals, is happy all day. It also helps you burn the anxiety. There are students, like alvaro Garcia, a 19 year-old with down syndrome, which already dedicate the waves that pick up your neighbors, family or its football heroes, because know that, uploaded on their tables, they also are worthy of admiration. Source of the news: surf, a new therapy against autism and Down off the coast of Cadiz syndrome

Life Coaching People

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

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They are fighting to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. people with self-esteem are authentic, there is congruence between what they say, think and made. people with self-esteem know ask apologize and admit when they are wrong. people with self-esteem believe itself themselves, they are constantly autoafirmando, know that they can learn, have a positive attitude and openness to life. people with self-esteem are optimistic. people with self-esteem are realists.

people with self-esteem are sensitive to others and their problems. people with self-esteem do not feel victims powerless of the world that surrounds them. They have the capability of venturing in and out of your zone of comfort. people with self-esteem recognize your fears, accept them, integrate and free, to propel itself forward in pursuit of new dreams. people with self-esteem seek inside to try to understand what is happening to your around, i.e. who understand that the circumstances do not create manthey reveal. people with esteem are empathic, i.e. are people who can and know put in the shoes of the other, really involved in the world of the other, which does not want to say that sympathize or agree with that, but really.

comprise people with self-esteem maintain visual contact with the other or others when they communicate, and have a stance balanced and relaxed in your body, from her head to her feet, as a result of its harmony and congruence inside. Finally and not so be the least important pointa person with self-esteem has the courage and the courage to say what he feels, even when expressing her self internal means to go through the pain of disapproval, rupture, and to be condemned or poorly interpreted, by people who are really important for her, but definitely do not negotiate with their dignity and personal integrity, because it has no price. people with high self-esteem only establish personal and labor relations where the norm is to win – win or not There are treatment. people with self-esteem constantly autoafirman, through incorporate into your inner world that is entitled to be, making mistakes, and a fresh start, he has faith in the process, and they know that it is good.

Sakai Staenger

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

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LEDER du efter det bedste fiskestang der er i stand til at overholde dine behov kan vare overvaeldende. Dette skyldes det faktum, at der er tusinder af udvaelgelser, der er til radighed. NAR du tager at Maillot France pick fra flere muligheder, er du til vigtigste faktorer overveje at nodt. At af disse er udforelsen af staengerne. Du er nodt til en sorge para, en fiskestaenger er i stand Maillot France til en fole mindste slaebebad af din fangst den. Markedet for fiskeri udstyr bestar af flere producenter kappes om til fordel for forbrugerne. Shimano omfattende serien er forende staengerne blandt Maillot France i branchen. Skylder materiale, der bruges til at staengerne gore holdbart til dette.

Hvad mere er, en virkningen af Shimano staenger er hurtig, giver dig hurtigere svar pa agn fisk. Hvor det hele begyndte Shimano begyndte at producere fiskeudstyr i lobet af 1921 aret. Den lancerede sine Forste Shimano staenger i Sakai, i by Osaka, Japan. Virksomheden laenge et godt ry fiskerne pa grund af blandt opbygget har den fremragende kvalitet ikke kun af sine staenger, men alle produkter i almindelighed deres. Bortset fra Shimano omfattende series og andre stang modeller fra Shimano, ogsa andre produkter, der er forbundet med fiskeri har firmaet. In the af virksomheden er dedikeret til en cykel udstyr fisk gore stor. Shimano er anerkendt for sine kreationer, som har medfort en hojtydende cykler i branchen fremragende.

Shimano omfattende staenger og’s cykler i selskabet har det et navn i verden af fiskeri fortjent. Dette skyldes, Shimano koncentrerer sig om rigtigheden af sit produkt design og konstruktion. Den hoje effektivitet Shimano omfattende Gearing I lobet af de sidste firs ar, har virksomheden formaet at vokse og vinde fordel for tusinder af og lystfiskere fra forskellige fiskere of le af Kloden. Det skylder grundige detaljer og opmaerksomhed, som det giver, samtidig med at deres fiskeudstyr. Dette er tydeligt i den Shimano omfattende series og fiskestaenger af producenten ovrige i. PA grund af populariteten af Shimano staenger, har virksomheden formaet en ekspandere uden for Osaka. Under nuvaerende Tider, Shimano har hovedkvarter alle i hele verden. Men det kommer til opforelse af holdbare fiskestaenger, ligesom Shimano nar omfattende, sit hovedkontor i Irvine, Californien, far mest kredit. Folkene New And Old Football Shirts Printing bag skabelsen af disse fremragende fiskestaenger dedikerer deres pa en forsoge at komme med forbedrede modeller nyere tid. Det er derfor bedre versioner af Shimano omfattende er for nylig radighed til series. Den overlegne teknologi disse staenger indeholder hojeffektive gearing. Staenger er verdensberomt Shimano Shimano omfat – serien og andre sorter af fiskestaenger fra firmaet er foretrukket af fiskere fra hele verden. Fra Nordamerika, Kina, Europe, Singapore Lystfiskere og andre asiatiske lande vaelger en kobe Shimano staenger. SOM i ar 2005, har virksomheden tjent i alt pa 1.4 milliarder kroner fra salget af without fiskeudstyr d’Alene. Anslas, at Det kommer fra fiskestaenger af Shimano salget af 25 procent. Efterhanden fiskere ved at opdage fordelene ved Shimano er flere og flere som omfat – serien og andre staenger Modeller, salget af selskabet ogsa holde pa at oge. Med alle fiskestaenger fra forskellige producenter, er du til en vaelge godt nodt.


Thursday, August 1st, 2013

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Proposal for literary analysis: analysis of the characters in this article proposes an approach to analyze the characters in a literary narrative in written form. We must, first, determine which is the protagonist (or actors) of the work and what are the secondary characters. It can also be taken into account if there is an antagonist, and appear different types of characters, for example: round (with several facets, with many features or qualities, complexes, complete), drawings (characters type, archetype or prototype; with a single feature, without complexity; are built around an idea or a single passion) and functional (those who do not are characterized). 1 Character analysis of the protagonist of a work can be done, as well as the analysis of other topics, in different ways. We suggest the following schema. Each sub-theme should be done in a paragraph and all the ideas must be supported. 1.1 Physical characterization to physically describe the protagonist according to the features that the author gives us through the work if there is no physical description in the work, must build a description based on the actions and way of being of the character. We must sustain our judgments.

1.2 Characterization psychological is the spiritual, moral, psychological; description feelings, passions, values, etc. are taken into account Each attribute must be supported by actions or way of being or think of the character. 1.3 Actions briefly narrated the actions that the character performs. To develop this topic, respond to the question: what did you do? We consider above all the central action and based on that action we analyze the issues remaining: motives, purposes, means and consequences. 1.4 Reasons or moving the reasons are causes, forces or springs that drive a character to act. The reasons that determine the behavior of a character are varied and complex. They include aspects biological, philosophical, psychological, spiritual, emotional and rational; factors pertaining to the physical or social environment, even as remote as the destination and external forces.