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SafeTIC Save Lives

Friday, April 28th, 2017

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SafeTIC AG reports on the successful DOC rescue mission in France Mannheim, March 2012. Once again, SafeTIC can tell of a life-saving mission of the DOC system. In France, a young football player only thanks to the immediate use of SafeTIC defibrillator survived a heart attack and is already on the mend. Thus, the easy to use but highly effective system DOC could save four lives since its launch in August 2011. When a sudden cardiac arrest occur on every second and on a reliable defibrillator. This is a current case in the town of BEZONS in France, where DOC system developed by SafeTIC allowed an effective relief and saved a man’s life. On December 27, 2011, one of the players of the football team of Le five suffered”during a match a heart attack and before the eyes of his terrified teammates, lay motionless on the floor. Kevin Loew immediately summoned property owners realized the immediately Gravity of the situation and brought without delay the recently installed system DOC use.

Thanks to an intensive instruction by SafeTIC Loew knew exactly what to do to help the victims of the attack. Through the commissioning of DOC, Loew automatically activated the voice control system, which made a direct connection with the rescue headquarters, which step by step explained measures before place the helpers. After connecting the electrodes signaled the need for a defibrillation the SafeTIC device and sparked the life-saving shock. Shortly thereafter, the ambulance summoned by the DOC independently arrived and transported the young athletes on the quickest way to the hospital. There is the patient now out of danger and on the road of to recovery after an emergency surgery and a two-day medically induced coma. For Kevin Loew is no doubt that the players of Le five,”his life thanks to the usage of the DOC. I can assure you that this customer of training for the DOC -use, which we have received a few weeks ago, would have died anyway. This training was very useful.

Through the simple use of the DOC and his language management system I could afford first aid the customer until the arrival of the ambulance service, without panic”, sums up the successful first Savior Loew’s assessment. Emergency aid for infarction patients in the future will be how important, current figures show the World Health Organization. Today heart disease are known with 17.3 million cases (30%) as the main cause of death worldwide (WHO statistics 2008). The organization expects in 2030 with a surge of fatal heart disease to 23.6 million cases. Systems such as DOC contribute vital, as shown in the case of BEZONS in cardiac arrest today. On the page, SafeTIC provides more information about the defibrillator DOC. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company has the SafeTIC AG on fingerprint and Specialized finger morphology detection systems. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTIC AG about 15,000 customers. The SafeTIC AG is Mannheim.


Monday, April 24th, 2017

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" And it works! If it had not worked, did not go to them, not begging. And as "like shooting a coin," the youth: "There are three rubles? Not enough to get home, I'll also be applied the next time. " You can spend a little boring. Ask a time. If denied, after some time to come again, then another. Next, complain to someone about lack of money, but so that the potential lender also heard the conversation.

Ask again until they give, to rid. But remember, this way of annoying people. There is another, not entirely honest and decent way. Almost always people who lend when you say that money is needed for treatment, the food the child to the funeral and the like. Of course, so to speak unnecessarily – is immoral. But if the end justifies the means … to decide, of course, to you. Please visit James A. Levine, M.D. if you seek more information.

However, life happens that, having to borrow money, you can not pay them on time or the whole amount at once. That definitely not to spoil relations with a lender and not to amass the problems, you can adopt some techniques. – The main and most important rule: never hide from the lender. On the contrary, as often as possible to meet him, constantly communicate with him. Let him know that you are here, will not hide and are willing to pay our debt as soon as possible. For example, he asks: 'When you give money? " Do not be afraid to take responsibility, speak honestly, "Do not I know. Yes, I understand that you led. But since there is a situation. Very ashamed. '- Demonstrate that you feel guilty that you are very uncomfortable. Offer something to compensate for the delay. – You can put pressure on self-esteem, they say, everything I threw, no one to help do not want all the money just Give. Just do a normal, not shaking me every day, a true friend. But if you decide to take someone, use the following principles: – The golden rule: "If you want to lose a friend – let him borrow money," Try not to take your friends – it does not contribute to the strengthening of friendship. In the worst case, you can even lose a friend. – If you give someone money, forget about them. Decide for yourself what you do not give money to the debt, and give to them. So be calm yourself. If the debt is back – this will be a pleasant surprise. If this is not satisfactory, it is best not to borrow. – Ask for guarantees. Insure. The receipt, deposit, transfer money in front of witnesses – all of which help in the event of default. Here are some simple rules guaranteed to help you borrow money if necessary, and to avoid problems when you give a loan.

Purely Plant-based Omega-3 Fatty Acid ALA Does Well

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

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Currently, healthy living from health research is worthwhile. This includes also the regular consumption of pure vegetable oils with many Omega-3 fatty acids. Because in different research was again reported on the cardioprotective (protected heart) properties of the plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In the studies, the effect was investigated by ALA on the prevention of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death. The studies show sum up how an up-to-the-minute overview working document, a fairly clear result: regular consumption of vegetable oils with a high proportion of ALA can be a positive impact on heart health and has heart protective effects. Some years ago, researchers have demonstrated that ALA positive affects of linseed oil on blood pressure. Because high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart Infarkt and co., ALA effect lowering high blood pressure could be one of the causes for the positive effect of ALA on the Cardiovascular system? But certainly not the only one. Since we know that inflammatory processes that take place in the vessels, are a major cause of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the research focuses on the anti-inflammatory properties of ALA.

Two research from the United States and of Switzerland shows that ALA positively engages on different level in the bio-molecular events in the vessels. Firstly, it reduces the concentration of inflammatory markers in the blood vessels, and on the other hand, it inhibits the clumping tendency of blood on Biomolecular level. Both effects together ensure fewer blood clots form, and they cling to so well to a less inflamed vessel wall. So, run different effects of ALA eventually see that the blood vessels are not so quickly clog. So that would be significantly lowered the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is confirmed by an up-to-the-minute overview work now. The authors could show that the consumption of ALA with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease goes hand in hand.

ALA is a purely natural plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid from flaxseed oil, which should necessarily be made from nutritional and medical point of view to the part of the daily diet. Now, unfortunately linseed oil contains flavors that make direct consumption for many not just a culinary pleasure. In addition, it is very sensitive and the valuable Omega-3 fatty acid ALA can easily be destroyed by storage. So it makes sense to rely on specially processed linseed oil. In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to easily create highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in the swallowing pure vegetable capsules. The soft capsules protect highly sensitive linseed oil. These capsules are Navitum Pharma OmVitum by the company in the trade. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis, the forerunner Myocardial infarction and inflammation. Read more here: SAGE. Three capsules daily provide the body with ALA.

The Law Of Attraction And The Network Marketing MLM

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

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The mental position that we take the challenges will be a key factor for the scope or not of our success as entrepreneurs in an MLM business, according to the Kybalion of Hermes Trimegistro the universe is Mental or that the Supreme being creator of all things mentalizo the universe in which we find ourselves and if we were made in his image and likenessthen we have all the same capacity to create our environment and life, of course the quality of this life will depend on the quality of thinking that us we possess, in this is based the law of attraction, where you attract into your life whatever you want just viewing and giving force with the power of your thought, but that is not enough and this is the point to which I wanted to arrive and it is that action must be taken in the world of forms and not only at the mental level, taking an attitude positive face challenges and simultaneously accompanied by actions and decisions is a guarantee of success, does not mean that we can not be wrong, by supposed that we cannot fail, but if we see failures and errors as opportunities to improve then safely go heading to the expected success, when present adversities importantly lifted, correct and to proceed with firmness in our cherished life project. According to the law of attraction, we should consider well what are our goals and objectives we want to achieve and daily, viewing them as a fact already achieved, this coupled with a continuous action plan and without falter before the problems, it is guarantee of success, we can shape our destiny, nothing is written, the future is the sum of the present, or our future so we build in every day, if you want to change your future, then change the present, today, now, with work, effort, faith and confidence in which things are going out as we wish, entrepreneur friend, I wish you success in your chosen path, as a great poet, Walker said there is no way, you make the road by walking, and is a great truth, no matter which is the road than your you have chosen, the important thing is that you build a base work and effort, so you’ll have more satisfaction, because you did for yourself what both you anhelabas.. .

Cosmetic Surgery In Brussels Madrid Clinic

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

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Thanks to the progress that has occurred in recent years in the area of aesthetics, today we can talk about a type of surgery that allows us to substantially improve the recovery time of the patient, now no longer required no hospitalization. Since it is now possible to make treatment of body and facial rejuvenation without surgery, for those requiring surgical intervention, should take into account that performed under local anesthesia. The clinic Brussels team is highly specialized and participates in national and international congresses to follow the latest techniques and technologies. Hear from experts in the field like Farida Sharan for a more varied view. Clinic Brussels it is for priority relationship between doctor and patient, further contact with the clinic or surgery, therefore the doctors established a hotline with the patients. Medical Center Brussels know that patient care is paramount, so that offer medical services of first level and more advanced technological equipment. The medical team of the Centro Clinico Brussels is a member of the Spanish society of Plastic Reconstructive and aesthetic (SECPRE), Spanish society of aesthetic surgery (SECE) and the Spanish society of aesthetic medicine and surgery (SEMCC). Among the most common facial and body treatments breast surgery or treatment to increase the breasts, face lift, Lip augmentation, hair removal Laser etc.

Canine Training

Monday, April 17th, 2017

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Boxers the Boxers is a race of energetic dogs juguetones and. They are perfect mascots for the children because they have an extended childhood, which means that adult dogs until the 3 years are not considered. The training is not a problem, since they are known for being obedient and to have a strong personality. He is recommendable to train a Boxer to an early age. Sometimes they can be used as dogs guide or of police. Rottweilers the origin of the Rottweilers goes back to old times.

Its existence has been associated with the Roman Empire in which they evolved like caretakers of the cattle. Since then, its incredible force and intelligence have been recognized. They are used like dogs police and of military aid during the wars. The Rottweilers is black with spots in their cheeks, legs, chest, face and underneath their tail. They are noticeable with an inverted triangle that can be found in its chest.

Each eyebrow has a unique spot. They are intelligent and reckless. You will notice that its front wrinkles a little when they are alert. The Rottweilers is very active and juguetones and is expresses to learn tricks. It discovers all the secrets to train to your dog with Canine Training in: Thanks and that you have a pretty day! April Sanchez original Author and source of the article

Psychiatric Nurse

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

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The psychiatric nurse, when using the music for the intentions that establishes, must in accordance with choose them the taste of its clientele, therefore its use can be in free way, without bond with areas specific and come back exclusively to its hearing (SOUZA, 2003). After the revision of the literature carried through on the use of music in psychiatric customers, is observed that it has great power of performance in its emotions and behaviors. Therefore, the simple fact to place a music to hear in the work environment must be evaluated, therefore it will have to be pleasant not alone to the ear of the professional, but also of the patient (GALVO et al, 2007). Of this form, music works and still develops motor activity of the patient having to obey the characteristics of each individual and to respect the limits of each one, being that it is necessary medical and physical evaluation before the indication of the same one, in intention to identify contraindications for such. Dr. Neal Barnard has much experience in this field. The motor activity, as if it can observe can bring some benefits for the psychiatric patient, therefore beyond promoting improvement in the quality of life, increases auto-esteem, reduces the idleness and increases the participation of the patient in other activities. The nurse who thinks about promoting something that the individual of holistic form works, without separating to body and mind and that it brings as many how much psychological physical benefits, can use physical exercises as form of assistance (ANDRADE; PEDRO, 2005). Any person is susceptvel of being dealt with musicoterapia. The most indicated they are those virgin people of musical knowledge, where it has greater easiness to introduce itself in the not-verbal context. Particularly they are indicated in the autismo and the schizophrenia, where the musicoterapia can be the first technique of approach. The patient with musical knowledge previous it can enter in confrontation with the supervisor, and is difficult to breach with the musical defenses when intending to work with its more regressive aspects (TALINA, 2003).

Detect Talents And Promote

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

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Once called “the human computer” (german: the human computer) referred to, had extraordinary head numeracy 18.947.668.177.995.426.462.773.730 Shakuntala Devi. It will most almost impossible at all to read the number. Quite different from Shakuntala Devi. So, this number was the result of a multiplication task, the solution of which earned her an entry in the Guinness Book of records. Certainly, a great deal of talent includes to develop an extraordinary ability in the mental arithmetic. But talent alone is not enough. Because talent must be recognized also as early as possible in children and then promoted. It was also when Shakuntala Devi.

Devi grew up in the South Indian city of Bangalore, in a kannada-speaking brahmin family. Kannada Kannada is one of the four major dravidian language families (apart from Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam). Brahmins are the highest Varna caste in the Hindu caste system. Already at the age of only three years, he was Shakuntalas father Extraordinary on. First let her demonstrate her father her numbers talent during demonstrations on the street. At the age of six, she has then presented their skills on the Indian University of Mysore. Talent recognized and promoted your exceptional talent, 1988 in a study by Arthur Jensen (Professor of psychology at the University of Berkeley) was investigated.

The correctly solved tasks was to consider, inter alia, the cube root of 61.629.875 (395 results), as well as the seventh root of 170.859.375 (15 results). Dr. Peter M. Wayne shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. While Devi expected at such a rate that she said the result before Jensen had written in his notebook. Talents not only matter of genetics since they promoted itself as a small child by her father, she later wrote the book awaken the genius in your child”(german: awaken the genius in your child). On the question of whether innate talents or are a product of the environment, said Dr. Markus Hameed (head of Institute of medical genetics at the) Wiener Med UNI): there are sometimes biological performance requirements for a talent. Genetics plays a role. Alone but it is worth nothing. Talents to be discovered. “And then: practice, practice, practice.” You never stop learning! But finding and funding a talent is not only limited to childhood for the doctor of genetics. Also lifelong learning should be not just a slogan. There are a few physical restrictions in the sport. Here, you can no longer reach about 60. “But in most other cases it is worth to pounce even late on a previously neglected talent.” If you have discovered a talent in itself so they use it. Promote your talent. By common practice it is always better, and especially it is a pleasure to see the own results. This will make sure noticeable in old age. Oh, Yes, the number at the beginning reads in addition: 18 quadrillion, 947 Trilliarden 668 trillion 177 trillion, $ 995 trillion 426 billion, 462 Millions, 773 thousand, 730. “The contribution”Once as the human computer”(german: the human computer) referred to, had extraordinary head numeracy Shakuntala Devi” delivered before all this press release numbers attacked in, data and facts. Those articles have been researched and compiled for the “Health portal” blog. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt

Going On The Road With Toto …

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

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Going on the road with a child, we hope that the baby during the holidays will enhance their health, typed forces will have new experiences … To rest did not go down the drain, it is necessary to provide in advance all. Acclimatization should always remember that the global and fundamental change of residence (height above sea level, barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature) often lead to the emergence of so- called acclimatization syndrome – a general malaise and increased propensity to disease in relation to adaptation to new conditions of existence. Acclimatization and problems connected with it by More Than farther from home than younger the child, the more he suffers, the greater the hazards of civilization around him. Therefore, if your child for a year hurt, do not walk and suffered from a trip to the country (village 30 km from the city, forest, river) may be much more useful than a holiday on the Mediterranean coast, even in a five star hotel. If you do decide to relax with a child at sea, then the best option for you will go as at least a month. The first ten days of leave for acclimatization, and the remaining twenty – actually on holiday.

Without the pot will not do baby up to five years can not and must not use a public toilet on the road. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Assurant Health. This is inconvenient unhygienic, and besides, at the right moment he may be unavailable or busy. After the diaper pot – the only possible alternative to the toilet.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

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“Stephen theme Forum: ‘ sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practical implementation ‘ (19 September 2013) Vechta NieKE himself with his technical working group research made the complex issue of sustainability in the form of a series of events planned in the longer term posts of agriculture and agri-food industry to the sustainability of global, regional, local” to illuminate and indicate possible solutions for the many facets of this issue. After the opening ceremony to the general topic of sustainability end of may 2013, the speakers deal with the sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practice. Lower Saxony with its high proportion of grassland is an important location in the nationwide milk production on the farms, the dairy industry to trade milk and dairy products to the customers arrive. In the recent past, the milk production in the media in the focus was moved. Turbo cows”was mentioned, and the modes of production of the media and the consumers here have been questioned. Outbound the beef should be considered which parameters in relation to sustainable development in the focus are and how is breeding them translate future developments. The animal health management to be lit from scientific and practical point of view, what possibilities this to changes and improvements in the areas of Economics, ecology and social welfare? Science and practice dealing with the challenges of sustainable milk production, a Status quo report and findings from the dairy industry to complete the talks. For additional information about the event is the below contact available. On our website you will find also more information..