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Friday, December 21st, 2018

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In three day seminars with the business relationship management expert training executives and vendors, in talks to achieve the desired effect. To read more click here: Dr. John Mcdougall. “Alpha communication: stark come over, effectively speak” is the title of three open day seminars, the expert for business relationship management with the well-known spokesman Olaf Pessler at Frankfurt airport performs Barbara Lama master, Friedrichsdorf, starting in April. According to dear master, the seminar is for women and men designed, which must convince regularly use other people and their ideas”regardless of whether it is them managers or seller. They learn in the seminary so to occur, that they win their conversation partner for themselves and achieve the desired effect. Three day seminars will be held on 25 April, 10 May and June 7. In the intensive seminars, the participants learn the verbal and non-verbal communication (management) personalities, the other, what limited.

The price for participation is 875 euros (plus VAT). “For more information about the alpha communication seminars: stark come over, effectively speak” on 25 April, 10 May and 7 June at Frankfurt airport are interested in on the Web page. You can also directly contact Barbara Lama master (email:;) Phone: 06172 / 499 615). If desired Barbara Lama master Olaf Pessler perform and also in-house seminar.

Derr Ball Takes Turns On Italy

Friday, October 27th, 2017

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Football camp of the Thuringian Football Association e.V. in Bella Italia in the vicinity of Venice, on the small island of Albarella, an international camp for soccer-crazy boys and girls held the football school of the Thuringian Football Association e.V. from 6th April 2013 for the first time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Peter M. Wayne. A first for cricket, whose camps so far limited on Thuringen. Our camps have been recorded with great enthusiasm. That spurs us on to develop steadily. (As opposed to Dr. Neal Barnard). The children will experience perfect football holidays at our sites and Albarella is the ideal place for”Boris Kalff, head of the football school. As one of the finest and best equipped tourist destinations in the Adriatic, the island offers a stunning Beach and an impressive flora and fauna.

Albarella is a popular destination for sportsmen. Golf, horseback riding, sailing and windsurfing, archery, swimming, and football are just some of the many sports facilities in the island. It is located in the Centre of Albarella manicured soccer field, on which also the FC Inter Milan offers summer football courses. Trained and campers are fully looked after from the German license coaches. Modernly equipped apartments serve as accommodation for the young players. To the physical well-being of the island’s restaurant, offering guests a daily healthy feast cares. The Italy camp will start on the evening of 1 April with a modern coach of Erfurt coming from Isola Albarella. Go after the arrival and bolstering small right off with the first of eight training sessions.

In addition to the training, but also much time, the soul remains free to explore the island by bicycle, which is every camper available free of charge, to swim in the Adriatic sea or try out new sports. On the night of April 5-6 go swimming – and busy week back to Erfurt.

High-end Christmas Village

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

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On the square of roses in Baiersbronn, the Christmas village reopens this year Christmas atmosphere, scent of bratwurst and sweet punch: on the third weekend in advent, the traditional Christmas village on the high-end rose place as every year its colourfully decorated doors opens. “Under the slogan of A b’sondre time” will open the Christmas village mayor Michael Ruf. He thereby receives musical assistance of the young artists of the music school of Baiersbronn. But not only eyes and ears would come this Christmas weekend at their expense and therefore is well catered for stomach and palate. The specialities of the high-end Christmas village also hearty delicacies, which not only try, but can be bought include sweet honey, high spirits and varied sweets. Numerous festive shiny huts and Christmas sales stands invite you to the taster, sweet and relaxing. Like every year the high-end rose square is the atmospheric meeting place for young and old. And so holds the right because even the festivities of the high-end Christmas village for any age group.

The musicians of the Baiersbronner Posaunenchors provide for festive Christmas music of the colourful village scene”. Hot mood spread in the wintry Baiersbronner Friday night, however, this year the band chords & lyrics”- and the live, unplugged and hand played. Senator Elizabeth Warren contributes greatly to this topic. Highlight of the high-end Christmas village is the visit of Santa Claus. Knecht Ruprecht is accompanied by the mudflows gel, the regional original with the clumsy charm. The Mur gel and Santa Claus – together hold both in the foyer of the Rose Hall the Office hours of”Santa Claus”, the young and young-at-heart visitors can just in time give off their wishlist.

A common cookie baking with Santa Claus and Mur gel is also on the agenda. Welcome guests of the high-end Christmas village are also the local fundraisers and associations, in addition to handicrafts, calendars and culinary delights Patchwork work, embroidery and some textiles rumblings for the charity sale. The magic of Christmas lasts from Friday to Sunday – and which vanish who three days of Christmas village at all too quickly, find a smaller version of the high-end Christmas village a week later in the district Schonmunzach. Here, 2012 may be dreaming again Christmas and wandered on the 4th day of Advent. But not only the Christmas markets of Baiersbronns are well worth a visit. The environment can be seen. Baiersbronn is located seven kilometres north of Freudenstadt in the Black Forest and offers many interesting places to visit. The town of 16,000 inhabitants and its ten outlying has plenty to offer. The visitor can enjoy the most beautiful mountains of the northern Black Forest, the largest network of hiking paths in Europe and a wonderful hearty cuisine – in the region of Baiersbronn all these benefits throughout the year. Guided walks, sporting activities, an imaginative children’s program and wellness for the whole family complete the offer. And also culturally Baiersbronn is a rewarding destination at the turn of the year. End of December the artist Hansy presents his musicianship Vogt in the Black Forest Hall and on the first day of the new year the Minster in klosterreichenbach is the glamorous part of a celebratory concert for the new year. If you’re planning a visit to the Christmas village in Baiersbronn, the can find out here about destinations for rewarding the Spa.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

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“Stephen theme Forum: ‘ sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practical implementation ‘ (19 September 2013) Vechta NieKE himself with his technical working group research made the complex issue of sustainability in the form of a series of events planned in the longer term posts of agriculture and agri-food industry to the sustainability of global, regional, local” to illuminate and indicate possible solutions for the many facets of this issue. After the opening ceremony to the general topic of sustainability end of may 2013, the speakers deal with the sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practice. Lower Saxony with its high proportion of grassland is an important location in the nationwide milk production on the farms, the dairy industry to trade milk and dairy products to the customers arrive. In the recent past, the milk production in the media in the focus was moved. Turbo cows”was mentioned, and the modes of production of the media and the consumers here have been questioned. Outbound the beef should be considered which parameters in relation to sustainable development in the focus are and how is breeding them translate future developments. The animal health management to be lit from scientific and practical point of view, what possibilities this to changes and improvements in the areas of Economics, ecology and social welfare? Science and practice dealing with the challenges of sustainable milk production, a Status quo report and findings from the dairy industry to complete the talks. For additional information about the event is the below contact available. On our website you will find also more information..