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Benefits Page

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

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Our blog we try to constantly improve, and enrich the functions our site. These functions must be useful to our readers, but especially for our subscribers. And that is why now accounts with an advantage of which I invite you to take advantage. We are talking about the page’s author. With author’s page you can display other data about yourself that you want the reader to know readers.

For example you can upload your photo so that you see on your author page, but the thing more important still is that you can write in 2 or 3 lines your biography, describing who you are, the address of your web site, to which you dedicate yourself and products or services to offer. All this resultara in free publicity for you and your website. Click here to see an example of what we are talking about: this person is one of the writers most active of our blog. As if little, every time we send weekly newsletter to hundreds of people, under the entry, the link will appear to the page of the author who has written it and this You will benefit even more than our advertising. To build you your author page go to your profile, write a description of your activities and internet site, upload your photo, and already have your page list author, it’s that easy.


Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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Currently, an advertisement must be magical, emotional, exciting, entertaining, stimulating, intriguing, creative and above all immediately. Today we have to point to the sensitive side of people and that purchasing decisions are more tied to the emotional side that intellectual/rational. Today we have to point to the simple, people have an attention deficit and lose interest very quickly. Getting my company has that simplicity when it comes to talk with your customers? Simple, simplify is a game of words, but just that it is; look for that verb, this adjective, that quickly identify in the market, with its clients, in Word of mouth. That term or Word must be original, of course, does not fall into fashion, these expire.

Find a detail that was ignored and use it, exit trend, stop stereotyping its products, your company, know it and find that that will identify it over all things and immediately. Now let’s talk about the ads and its simplicity. People they are bombarded information, and that bothers them. Simplify!, delete all those details that distract, all these data and unnecessary information. A product is not what it is, if not what the customer perceives that it is.

Therefore, know your customers, analyze what you look at when they’re looking at your company, your brand, your service. Surprise them, without letting the simplicity, it is a little ambiguous and put on test to their customers, they love them. The current man enjoys thinking, guessing, participating, belonging to something special, sharing their intelligence with others. Today people buy their products that want to not because you have the latest technology, people acquire their services makes it important to them, that they want for their life. Again, we know our audience, we know that man is generally centered on their person, in their well-being, your weight, your physical condition, your status, your your your if were able to give them a benefit that enlarge some of those features that make an important, healthy, intelligent, sophisticated individual have our armed business. We already know that we have to say to reach our customers and make them feel cool, cool, cool and now do do? Use humor, remove a second reality that haunts him, his customer and give a respite. Humor makes that your ad is more likely to be retained and their more human brand. A more humane brand can serve as bridge between the product and its consumer. Break schemes, people are involved in a reality of eternal youth, adolescent whims and revelation against the taboos and stereotypes. Use irony, is complicated, we must be careful and use it primarily to get to a public spot, not mass. I.e., use a medium that does not reach easily to everyone, rather almost direct to the potential client. Don’t think that being creative is to be original, don’t think that impact is sell, no! the attention It is not selling, and advertising must sell. It has to be very careful and thorough. When an advertisement is done brilliantly, for example on public roads, it will be remembered forever and by many people, but if you do wrong becomes a public grievance. To read about how to properly use the images in advertising read: at a glance. What sell us images.

Phenomenal Memory

Friday, March 8th, 2013

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In many countries of the world event held in memory, in Germany, USA, England etc. The first international MEMORIADA took place in 1991 in England. Registered world record: Remembering numbers – 1620 numbers for 1 hour – Andy Bell (England). Memorizing binary numbers – numbers 2745 in 30 minutes – Zhang Yu (USA). Fast memorizing numbers – 314 digits in 5 minutes – Yu Zhang (USA). Records recorded in the Guinness Book of Records: Remembering the number n – in February 1995 by Hiroyuki Goto of Tokyo called from memory the number n up to 42 195 characters. Record was recorded in the Tokyo Broadcasting Center. French physicist Andre Marie Ampere (1775-1836) was able to repeat long passages from the encyclopedia on topics of heraldry and falconry, even 50 years after reading the relevant articles.

South African and international statesman Jan Smuts Christian (1890-1950) already at an advanced age memorized the 5000 books. In June 2009, a neurosurgeon from Lviv Andriy Slyusarchuk set a world record for memorizing the number . He remembered the 30 million digits after the decimal point standing this number. In 2009, the winner was Briton memoriady Ben Pridmore. He became a three-time champion memoriady nominations for remembering names, faces and four thousand numbers in sequence. The list goes on.

. . We admire people who show such impressive results, but remember to train numbers, dates, names, foreign words, etc. not as difficult as it seems. First and foremost, we need to set a goal and stop criticizing his memory.