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24/7 Protection And Care Twenty-four By An.mut For The Face –

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

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a day & night skincare, which protects around the clock is twenty-four by an.mut. Thanks to specific Tripeptide and moisture-regulating hyaluronic acid skin is moisturized depth effective supplies, smoothed and significantly relaxed. Vitamin C and take the protection of skin cells, slow down the skin ageing process and stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Even dryness wrinkles are filled and the skin regains its elasticity and elasticity. ilar findings. Natural pistachio oil and almond oil protect the skin from drying out and provide them with important lipids.

The soothing effect of panthenol promotes skin recovery. The complexion is fresh, healthy and despite icy temperatures with ease. twenty-four is suitable for all skin types and unfolds its effect after the first use. Application: Morning and evening twenty-four after cleaning apply and massage slightly. The care brand an.mut is with their products to committed to the beauty from the inside and to preserve. Beauty from the Depth is pure and authentic and not a question of age, but of the vitality. Therefore, an.mut combines finest ingredients of highest effectiveness with extracts from nature, which give the skin a healthy glow. Price: 79,00 for 50ml source: available in & in selected pharmacies. Contact: OBERKUHL PUBLIC RELATIONS Sandra Obermaier HUMBOLDT STR. 53-55 A Germany 55 345 22083 Hamburg

Veterinary Specialists

Friday, March 10th, 2017

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In connection with the situation in the Rostov region in the Volgograd region to the dangers of bird flu is treated with special care. After detection of avian influenza from the neighbors, in the Volgograd region, increased control for the prevention of this disease. This information was voiced at the meeting of the operational headquarters for the prevention and elimination of particularly dangerous and infectious diseases in the region, which was held under the chairmanship of Vice-Governor Paul Chumakov. According to the press service, the meeting noted that the joint work of all authorized bodies, heads of poultry farms to implement a comprehensive prevention plan allowed up to now prevent the emergence of highly dangerous and contagious diseases in the region. Regional Department of Veterinary Specialists in conjunction with staff Rosselkhoznadzor conduct comprehensive inspections at poultry plants. Strengthened veterinary and sanitary control and supervision over the implementation of the meat birds in the markets under the special supervision of inter-regional transport poultry, hatching eggs and edible. Avian influenza and went to Africa.

Two cases of infection in poultry H5-N1 virus detected in the African republic of Benin. About , Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries of the country Dovonu Roger. According to him, the results of laboratory tests in Italy showed that poultry on farms north of the capital of Benin, Porto- Novo and Cotonou, near the town of infected deadly to humans of avian influenza. It turns out that guilt is so frequent outbreaks of avian influenza in recent years may be warming. .

Medical Foot Care

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

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Podiatry – what is it? The occupation “Podiatry is the non-medical dentistry at the foot” is derived from the Greek: podos = foot, logy = teaching / science. Podiatry is the prevention and long-term treatment to the healthy, endangered by damage and / or already damaged foot. In contrast to the cosmetically oriented pedicure (pedicure), which deals exclusively with nursing and decorative measures at the healthy foot, indexed medical foot treatment in the Center stands in podiatry. Is it to see the Podiatrist of the podiatrists what differentiates as high set foot care in medical advance? In contrast to the Podiatrist, the Podiatrist has completed a comprehensive healthcare training is completed with a State exam. The training to the podiatrists / Chiropodist lasts 2 years (full-time), 3 years (part time) in theory and practice with more than 3000 hours! Recognizes each patient at the Podiatrist’s protected professional title or Chiropodist the contact suitable for him with medical expertise. The measures of podiatrists / Chiropodist are varied and arise from areas (Diabetology) internal medicine, dermatology, surgery and orthopedics.

They include preventive and curative therapeutic measures around the foot. The Chiropodist / Podiatrist is defined as a medical professional occupation and non-medical health care practitioner as a result of the Podologengesetzes. The most podiatrists are working with Treasury approval, since diabetics with consequential damage to the foot in the sense of a diabetic foot ulcers (DFS) can receive a remedy regulation to the medical treatment by a doctor as only group health insurance. Unfortunately, feet are generally considered less important and are among the most neglected parts of the body of the people. You can see the health consequences every day in practice. As a Podiatrist / Chiropodist one knows ways and means to mitigate, cure or treat. It would be nice if you the Could be aware of importance of the feet of the population and thus the foot care from the dirty – and get to corner in which it undeserved still resides in many eyes of people! If we give them the right attention, we will discover also its beauty!

PVC Leather

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

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aruzzi taugo brings 1,000 g light schoolbags organic leather Annaberg – June 2011. Organic leather with/without cowhide satchel by aruzzi taugo are different, feel different. In contrast to conventional bags made of plastic, the ecological rucksack by aruzzi are taugo by a pleasant feel and look: they smell good (just not chemistry”), they look well and handle themselves well. In time, aruzzi taugo very light schoolbags organic leather for graders on the market brings to the new school year and the coming training after the summer holidays. The new schoolbags iSi complements the existing range of bags of organic leather and cowhide. Satchel iSi has a strikingly clear design: colour contrasting seams and white felt pads create a fresh contrast to the organic leather in the colours red, pastel turquoise and black. The new schoolbags iSi is made of vegetable tanned leather of bio.

Equipped with a large interior compartment and a front pocket iSi room offers A4 folder, as well as whale village books for a wide DIN format 30 x 30 cm. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps with a width of comfortable 4 cm ensures optimal comfort. The shoulder straps are made of high-quality organic leather as well as the satchel and upholstered with fixed, 2 mm thick wool felt. We sewed only with pollutant tested yarn that complies with the human ecological requirements of oko Tex standard 100, product class I for baby products. Nice detail a ring mount for key in the inner compartment is can be attached as accessible appended to the key and bus ticket.

Practical handle organic leather for carrying and suspension of the Schulranzens. With a clasp of the plug-in the rucksack is very easy to open the connector buckle is decorative laminated by a strap made of organic leather. The highlight is the unladen weight of the Schulranzens, which is only approximately 1,000 g. The new schoolbags iSi is a very light and super comfortable leather satchel suited due to its light weight and its good fit for school. Also ideal for delicate children. Available immediately in online trading. Aruzzi taugo aruzzi company taugo offers a very personalized bags or bio-bags range. Safe and environmentally-friendly bags with significantly better Ecobalance as bags made of plastic to create, satchel without chrome, PVC and plasticizers (phthalates), combining modern design, a very good function with excellent environmental performance, this is the claim by aruzzi taugo.