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Veterinary Specialists

Friday, March 10th, 2017

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In connection with the situation in the Rostov region in the Volgograd region to the dangers of bird flu is treated with special care. After detection of avian influenza from the neighbors, in the Volgograd region, increased control for the prevention of this disease. This information was voiced at the meeting of the operational headquarters for the prevention and elimination of particularly dangerous and infectious diseases in the region, which was held under the chairmanship of Vice-Governor Paul Chumakov. According to the press service, the meeting noted that the joint work of all authorized bodies, heads of poultry farms to implement a comprehensive prevention plan allowed up to now prevent the emergence of highly dangerous and contagious diseases in the region. Regional Department of Veterinary Specialists in conjunction with staff Rosselkhoznadzor conduct comprehensive inspections at poultry plants. Strengthened veterinary and sanitary control and supervision over the implementation of the meat birds in the markets under the special supervision of inter-regional transport poultry, hatching eggs and edible. Avian influenza and went to Africa.

Two cases of infection in poultry H5-N1 virus detected in the African republic of Benin. About , Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries of the country Dovonu Roger. According to him, the results of laboratory tests in Italy showed that poultry on farms north of the capital of Benin, Porto- Novo and Cotonou, near the town of infected deadly to humans of avian influenza. It turns out that guilt is so frequent outbreaks of avian influenza in recent years may be warming. .

Almighty Creator

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

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I think that the Almighty Creator separated the emission frequency of the physical body of man from all other frequency radiations of living beings on Earth. Why do so complex manner as may be agreed carrier frequency of the spiritual program of human internal organs with the frequencies of the physical body? In my opinion, only to tie into one universal spiritual value of the physical body of man. Only then it is possible that a human society, self-changing moral and ethical values in society, automatically changes the frequency of the radiation of the physical body man. Then the carrier frequency must change the program of spiritual man, and after it will automatically change the frequency and side of the physical body. Altered frequency side of the physical body will not be configured to pre-set to maintain the physical health of the radiation frequency of the Earth, or as I call them, the frequency side of the Earth. It is in this case, the resonance frequency radiation loss of the physical body man with the frequencies of the Earth or to put it simply, lost contact with Earth man and human society puts itself on the brink of spiritual and physical self-destruction. This may take the form of wars, global economic and social crises, global epidemics of infectious diseases, global disease epidemics of non-infectious nature, global environmental hazards that will only grow and acquire dangerous, distorted, unpredictable forms. As I said, this is constantly warned by mankind for centuries in the teachings of the universally recognized world religions.