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Astrology. Twelfth House

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

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Twelfth house – it is also social workers and social security, 'a social security' and similar institutions. This is a night shelter for the homeless, shelters for children and adults and the life of 'homeless' as a whole. In the Soviet Union were medical dispensaries labor (LTP) – is also the twelfth house. Twelfth House – is medical sobering-up stations. Twelfth House – is the secret enemies of man and his secret backers (with good figures of the twelve home natal chart Rights), were not revealed, hidden, not to diagnose disease. Twelfth House – is an illusion and subconscious fears of people, as well as self-sacrifice and self-restraint, but at the same time, the twelfth house – it's hidden reserves of man. Twelfth house – it also blows the secret, the possibility of suicide, but also the possibility of insight, enlightenment, away from society and people. For even more analysis, hear from Josyann Abisaab. Twelfth house – it's all hidden and covert action man of intrigue, initiated by the person or against the person.

Twelfth House – the home of treason and traitors, the house closed societies, sects, secret societies, clandestine groups of people who consider themselves smarter than (above) and spiritual others. For example, many terrible sect, often worship the devil or are widespread in human history 'Freemasons' – Masonic lodges, substitute the idea of God, the idea of a Great Architect Universe. People love to be secret, and members 'elected' among others. Therefore, the various sects and Masonic lodges many researchers are often very influential and high ranking.

Bad Honnef Muller

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

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Spa design by Torsten Muller from Bad Honnef, Torsten Muller provides insight into an exclusive spa area. He is known for his exceptional Raume-& Bath Design. According to Muller, the amendment of the concept of wellness in Spa (Sanus per Aquam is enough Alone not sufficient healthy through water), to reach customers today. The actual meaning of Spa is the reflection of nature, which is origin and model of life. This desire is in every human being and therefore is a basic need that is spreading in the bathroom design as well. Significantly, the success lies in the overall concept. The emotion in the room at the same time, is perceptible and tangible that daily experience in the bathroom is therefore similar to a ritual. A luxury spa offers its users this naturalness.

This is supported by the use of exclusively natural, exclusive materials. Enjoy, experience and relax is the motto, which in detail for the area of the bath room plans Muller and converts. Design der Extraklasse emerge first as usual through in-depth knowledge of psychology and Physonomie of the people. The sensitive implementation of individual customer requirements is crucial. Feelings, comparable with a swim in the lake or showers in the monsoon rain can become so reality. The achieved lightness stems mainly on precision, sensitivity, knowledge and the knowledge of new materials and their availability. According to Muller special float glass is currently innovative material for distinctive ambience.

This includes materials such as grasses, shells or even Birch embedded in resin. The look is accompanied by sensual fragrances, adapt the day or even year can be selected via computer control. Even a snow shower to cool off is possible. In the bathroom today materialize Sun, heat up to this request to the Lichttherapieauch. Explanation: lighting concepts impact heavily on the psychology and mood of people. Light is used not only as a mood maker but also as Stimmungsveranderer. The same applies to audio and optics. Using gentle splashing of a waterfall from waltz Crystal or gemstone Rose Quartz natural inspiration, which invites you to dream, resulting in sculptures the arising out watercourses.This three-dimensional space experience is extra security – and unusual, that at the same time appeals to the five senses of man, animated and activated. Alone a feast for all the senses is soft colours, exclusive Interior, to be the wonderful scents in the Spa. To take the time becomes a fascinating longing is the new extraordinary spa experience carried out Torsten Muller.

The Physician

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

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Until the moment, a drug does not exist that is antiviral in use physician and that this has an action accomplishes against the virus affection. The symptomatic treatments of the fever, chronic headaches, mialgias and arthralgias must be carried through in the benign cases and of indiferenciada fever, however, the use of salicilatos must be prevented, therefore these can cause hemorrhages digestivas. recommended therefore the use of paracetamol. Fosnseca and Figueiredo (2006). Graph 5: Percentage of errors and rightnesss on the substance that must be excluded the use in case of suspicion of Affection. When questioned on the substance that must be excluded the use in affection case, 63,15 of the participant citizens had made right, indicating that in suspicion of Affection cidoacetilssalicilico does not have to be ingested (AAS), proving that they go to know what they do not have to ingest suspecting of a case affection.

The use of salicilatos must be prevented, therefore these can cause digestive hemorrhages are recommended therefore the use of paracetamol. A related site: Dr. Josyann Abisaab mentions similar findings. (Fosnseca and Figueiredo, 2006). Graph 6: Percentage of errors and rightnesss on what if it must ingest with suspicion of Affection in the impossibility of if directing to one unit of health. When questioned on what if it must ingest with suspicion of affection in the impossibility of if directing to a unit of health, 92,1% of the participant citizens had made right, indicating that in this situation it must be made use of paracetamol and verbal hidratao in abundance thus preventing the hemorrhage risk, showing that they had not committed the error to ingest a wrong medication and to aggravate its state. The mosquito aedes aegypti in its phase would wash, inhabits in clean water and stop, water stored for domestic use, or in any place that have clean and accumulated water. Health department (BRAZIL, 1996, p.17). Graph 7: Percentage of errors and rightnesss on the places propcipos to the proliferation of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti.