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Sunday, July 26th, 2009

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horseback riding equine barns I. Germanico, father of C. Cesar and the son of equestrian Drusus and Antonia the least, was adopted by Tiberius, his paternal uncle pursued cuestura the five saddles years prior to ordering law, and immediately after the consulate. Sent to Germany to take command of the army, kept fidelity with as much energy as all the legions that the news of the death of Augusto stubbornly refused arabian to recognize the Emperor Tiberius by offering the same to the supreme jumping command of the State expired shortly after the enemy, and return to Rome to receive her triumphal honors. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is is a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital Tickets for this tour were sold out in minutes mare in cities of Northern America and Europe, the tour was successful in 2006 with over 190 million dollars raised. The total number of people who saw the tour was 1.2 million. More palomino than 35,000 stables tickets were put on sale in Moscow this being the first presentation of Madonna in that city, the tickets were gone in four tack days.
The most expensive ticket for this trip was 3883.00 stable in front in the American Airlines thoroughbred Arena in Miami.

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Policy of good neighborliness

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

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economic military The de facto president Roberto Micheletti Wednesday expressed its readiness to education abandon it would united states not restore peace in Honduras, iraq but with the condition that they not return the ousted religion president Manuel Zelaya. cnn “If George bush at some point, the decision for peace and tranquility in the country, never to return, consisting of former issues President Zelaya, I am willing to do so (leaving office),” he told journalists during the swearing in election of the new minister Interior and Justice, Oscar Raul Matute. “Our committee members who moved to United States made the proposal,” he added. Good Neighbor Policy congress was a policy initiative created and presented by the administration of race the U.S. government headed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Pan-American conference in Montevideo in December 1933 as regards its government relations Latin America during the culture years 1933-45, when political the United States intervention in the internal affairs of Latin American countries was moderate. (United States had openly invaded several countries in the region in the early years of the vote twentieth century, such as Haiti, bush Dominican Republic or Nicaragua.) Looking particularly hemispheric solidarity against policy external threats, especially from the Axis Powers during the media Second World War therefore this policy affects almost all Latin American nations to support United States in clinton that war.

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Treatment of tumor

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

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site to offer more information about the disease … A good diet is so vitamins important in the natural treatment of CF, such as medical physicians treatment. …
Surgery is possible if the disease is localized, that is the case in 20-30 of all patients. If the tumor is larger, but localized, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can possibly reduce the tumor to the extent that it becomes “operator”, but this combination of treatments (referred to as chemoradiation neoadjuvant treatment) is still somewhat controversial in most medical circles. The esophagectomy was the elimination of a segment of the esophagus, as this shortens the distance between the throat and stomach, some other segment of the digestive tract (usually community the stomach or part of the colon) is placed in the thoracic cavity. 17 If the tumor metastasis has already made, surgical resection is not considered worthwhile, but palliative surgery may offer some benefits.
Laser therapy is the use of a high intensity light to destroy tumor cells with only the affection of the area treated. This is done by surgical excision if it is not feasible. The relief of a block can help reduce pain and dysphagia. Also there is photodynamic therapy, a type of laser therapy involves using drugs that are absorbed by the cells carcerigenas and when exposed to a special light activates weight loss these drugs and destroy tumor cells.
Chemotherapy depends on the type of tumor, but the treatment tends to be based on cisplatin (or carboplatin or oxaliplatin) every three weeks with fluorouracil (5-FU) on a continuous basis or every three weeks. In more recent studies, the addition of epirubicin (ECF) was better compared with other regimens in advanced cancer is not removable. Chemotherapy can herbal be given after surgery (adjuvant, ie to reduce the risk of recidivism), before surgery (neoadjuvant) supplements or if surgery is not possible in this case using cisplatin and 5-FU.
Radiotherapy is given before, during or after chemotherapy or surgery, and, sometimes, to independently control the symptoms. In patients with localized disease but contraindications to surgery, the “radical radiotherapy” may be used for curative purposes. Digestive System Anatomy. Human body. Liver. Stomach. Pancreas. Digestion. the moment I started using made me feel amazing about myself Process. Cholesterol. Cancer. … have a balanced diet, because …
See also: Diseases of the digestive system … product of our own neglect and lack thoroughness nutrition with hygiene and diet. …
… anxiety, breakfast, diet, nutrition, digestive system disorders, disorders … dizziness, prevencion health recommendations, the digestive system …

Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-Up by John A. McDougall and Howard Bartner (Paperback – Jul 30, 2006)Illustrated

Interpretacion Trinity

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

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Jump to ComentariosDavid Comedy When anti-Semitic, or more properly, the enemies of the Jews, sefirot noted after launch against them throughout history various persecutions, even the judaism most bloodthirsty, that there would be no way to get rid of their hated, sought then a novel strategy: Zionism. nationalism had emerged in god Europe as a form of collective emancipation of the peoples and gave an ‘interesting’ methods of segregation. Jews would be identified as a distinct people, ‘the Jewish people,’ and as such would be discriminated against. Holy Trinity by Andrei Rubliov (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow).
The Trinitarian doctrine was set mostly in the bible fourth century by Athanasius and Cappadocia Parent following the Arian controversy. That controversy was the engine of a deepening of the nature of divinity, zohar from the sources and the Christian theological tradition of the communities. Trinitarian dogma wanted, first, to respond to the difficulties and, secondly and equally protect Christianity against three trends which, in the opinion of Parent, threatened to Christianity.
The first trend was the Jewish monotheism. The notion of God made man, God died and was resurrected for God incompatible with the monotheism of strong patriarchal. Attempts to reconcile merkavah the two visions are translated into various theological variants that diminish the dignity of Christ, considering it a very evolved (ebionismo) or an exalted angel (Arianism). This impairment of the dignity of the Son, and addition of the Holy islamic Spirit is the first muslim trend that we wanted to avoid.
The second trend was that we wanted to circumvent the pagan polytheism, common in caldas religions, Egyptian and Greco-Roman. Since its inception, Christianity is exposed to the accusation of polytheism by the Jewish circles because of the claim that there is a God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Refute the accusation was a priority for the Padres.
The third trend was the over-intellectualization of Christianity as a result of its contact with Greek philosophy. Understand or unravel the mystery of God would mean subordinating israeli God to reason, something unacceptable to the theological sense of the Fathers.
To this end, the formulation of the Trinitarian dogma was performed using two terms from Greek philosophy, which was a very precise theological meaning. A mystical teacher is Is the Father of and . These terms were ‘ousia religious “(substance or nature) tree of life and to’ hypostasis (person). Simple way one could say that ‘ousia ‘ refers to the general e “hypostasis” to the particular. If it were, for example, horses, the ousia ‘horse would be more or less the essence, the idea or the horses, while their ” hypostasis “would each of the copies of horse there. If it were men, “ousia ” the man jews would be what is meant by “humanidad , while the ” hypostasis “would be each individual or individuals.
It is important to note that these terms were developed in an era that spiritual had a different intellectual context. Today, humanity or the horse are generous intellectual abstractions devoid of reality. Reality, however, is the person you synagogue are speaking or the horse is. This vital position contrasts sharply with Platonism to which ideas were actually true and exemplary, his shadow.
Between these two extreme positions, the Fathers of the Church chose a middle ground, giving full reality to the idea and copy, the ousia and hypostasis. The reality of humanity is reflected in the term to “Iglesia . The Iglesia ” was the Cristo community” and that link was essential to unify the internal diversity of communities and people. Hence, as naturally, we speak of it as the only Catholic (universal). In this sense, the Church, as well as an institution, was a spiritual reality intangible but effective. Furthermore, in relation to original sin, the sin was understood as a corruption of the ousia ‘or human nature, then inherited by all its copies, different people. This qabalah concept judaica model Christian soteriology as follows. No matter how would a virtuous person. That person could not escape while human nature would not hebrew be released or redeemed his fault, failure, sin and corruption, which was inaccessible to people and only God can. Through Christ, God restores to human nature by his spiritual dignity as possible, whether that individual, by a personal effort might be saved. This is where staff work, as parents, spoke critically of the Holy Spirit.
Parents transposed the terms “ousia ” and “hypostasis” to the deity by saying kabbalistic that there is only one ousia, torah essence or divine nature, but hypostasis or three people: the Father, chabad Son and Holy Spirit. Such people were “consustanciales ‘or’ of the same naturaleza (homoousios) so that, in essence, were the same and only God. On the contrary, as individuals or hypostasis were different and distinguishable from a part for his “economia , and second, by three intrinsic qualities: ” be ingenito “(Father),” to be engendrado ” (Son) and to “do the parent” (the Holy Spirit).
The assertion of a unique rabbi ‘ousia “or divine essence has averted polytheism triteista.

The doctrine arqueosofica

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

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The Arqueosofia is an eclectic form of Christian esotericism that is cabala based on the teachings of western occult (Hermeticism, alchemy, astrology, genuine, Theosophy), as in Tantrism jewish mysticism of India and the Christianity of the Orthodox Church. The early Fathers kabbala of the Church preconciliaria such as Origen and Clement of Alexandria, brought in Christian theology former doctrinal issues arising from the gnosis and the Orient, also zohar a founding esoteric Exegesis of biblical texts, an important element of the synthesis arqueosofica. The Arqueosofia considers man as a complex structure consisting of a series of subtle bodies (ethereal, astral, mental, causal) and a triad of principles different from each other: the spirit, the soul and the soul erodinamica (neologism of Palamidessi) . qabalah These three principles, which appear before the physical birth of the cabbala individual, are the three aspects or ‘centers of gravity’ of the real man or immortal Ego, and are expressed through the subtle bodies called different torah vehicles (the spirit is linked mystical to mental the soul to sepher the astral and soul erodinamica with ethereal). These in turn spiritual correspond to certain centers’ hidden ‘man (chakra) that are visible during the esoteric judaism practice of meditation. Specifically, the spirit is scholem tied to the center front (between the kabbalistic eyebrows), the soul tree of life to the heart center (near the heart) and soul at the center 72 names of god erodinamica baseline (at the base of the spine). Man is a creature in kaballah perpetual evolution and this is done through the metempsychosis: through his causal body, the man goes jewish through the chain of reincarnations, always linked to their own karma. rabbi Man aspires to be ‘absolutely no way “that lies beyond the demonstration judaica sensitive a way binah that kabala is pure power, pure wisdom and pure love. The main instrument of the changes, according to Arqueosofia is occult asceticism. Asceticism (from the Greek for “askesis , religion exercise ‘to’ spiritual tarot discipline ‘) is gematria a relentless pursuit, a struggle for interior refinement, an indefatigable man’s spiritual training who wishes to offer its principles to the harmonious mood service mysticism models and archetypal divine. Asceticism, according to Palamidessi about the creature to the spirituality Creator, red string by encouraging the meditation process of deification that the Fathers of the East called teosis. It then allows the expansion of the “spiritual” (clairvoyance, clariaudiencia, memories of past lives).

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Ancient art

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

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The Belvedere Torso, the work of Apollonius of Athens in the I century a. C. Michelangelo admired the extraordinary (this is the work of someone who has more than Nature) despite or perhaps because of, its semi, which produces a fascination common to all ancient art that mitifica. It is famous for its definition drawings of a good sculpture, the beauty that remained after having rolled down a slope .
Art or Art of the ancient painter Old age is the art of the Ancient Age. The history of ancient art is the division of art history that focuses on the study and interpretation formal, technical, structural, and ideological (iconographic, iconological) and its historical explanation, although the historical archeology is a science aimed at the material culture of the works of art are the most valuable, and is responsible for its discovery and contextual analysis.
Delimitation time watercolor runs from the beginning of history (about the fourth millennium BC in the Near East and Egypt) to the fall of prints the Western Roman Empire (V century). The geographical extent of the development of early civilizations’ as defined by the appearance paintings of writing and the political and religious power ‘where it can be located (Mediterranean civilizations of India, the Far East, Pre-Columbian America and the rest of Europe and africa) and when to speak in each of a historical period (History) or a prehistoric period (Pre), oil painting which determined that his canvas artistic production was the subject of the history of prehistoric giclee art, but really the methodology for its study is largely common part, there is a fundamental portrait difference, and the possibility of using the written sources for historical periods. This resource is irreplaceable, since it not only allows the identification in case of authors or sponsors of the artistic work abstract and to reconstruct the context in which it occurred, but it allows the interpretation landscapes of art in its relation to production in other intellectual fields of thought, especially religion and philosophy. This allows you to perform a reading of the art will understand that through the vision of the world (Weltanschauung) or dominant ideology in times and places as distant to us as the civilizations of the ancient, and that art is the material embodiment and visual.
In contrast to Western civilization, civilizations gallery in Africa, Far East and America did not experience the sharp discontinuity introduced Western art from ancient and medieval art, with the latter term not often applied to these civilizations.
There is also a commercial sculpture and a former collector of Art, I understood as old age is, as the term used to encompass all types of art objects that are not considered modern art belonging to ancient or subsequent periods (medieval art, art Modern Age, and even much of the contemporary art if it is not understood portraits only as the most current, but as the poster art of the Modern Age from the mid-eighteenth-century).

Daily Art
Sitting figure. Tada. Late 13th-14th painters century C. E. Buyer. posters Fundaci ‘Arcelino Bot’ Museum for African Art. ‘National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria.
New York Times
The new Acropolis Museum, one of the highest-profile cultural projects in Europe in ten years, opens this weekend.
USA Today
gods and heroes long dead mortals got off their pedestals in the evening air of Athens during print the lavish launch of the new Acropolis Museum, a decades old dream that Greece hopes will help reclaim a cherished part of the heritage of Great Britain.
gods and illustration heroes long dead mortals walked off their pedestals in the evening air from Athens on Saturday at the lavish launch of the new Acropolis Museum.
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