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Jump to ComentariosDavid Comedy When anti-Semitic, or more properly, the enemies of the Jews, sefirot noted after launch against them throughout history various persecutions, even the judaism most bloodthirsty, that there would be no way to get rid of their hated, sought then a novel strategy: Zionism. nationalism had emerged in god Europe as a form of collective emancipation of the peoples and gave an ‘interesting’ methods of segregation. Jews would be identified as a distinct people, ‘the Jewish people,’ and as such would be discriminated against. Holy Trinity by Andrei Rubliov (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow).
The Trinitarian doctrine was set mostly in the bible fourth century by Athanasius and Cappadocia Parent following the Arian controversy. That controversy was the engine of a deepening of the nature of divinity, zohar from the sources and the Christian theological tradition of the communities. Trinitarian dogma wanted, first, to respond to the difficulties and, secondly and equally protect Christianity against three trends which, in the opinion of Parent, threatened to Christianity.
The first trend was the Jewish monotheism. The notion of God made man, God died and was resurrected for God incompatible with the monotheism of strong patriarchal. Attempts to reconcile merkavah the two visions are translated into various theological variants that diminish the dignity of Christ, considering it a very evolved (ebionismo) or an exalted angel (Arianism). This impairment of the dignity of the Son, and addition of the Holy islamic Spirit is the first muslim trend that we wanted to avoid.
The second trend was that we wanted to circumvent the pagan polytheism, common in caldas religions, Egyptian and Greco-Roman. Since its inception, Christianity is exposed to the accusation of polytheism by the Jewish circles because of the claim that there is a God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Refute the accusation was a priority for the Padres.
The third trend was the over-intellectualization of Christianity as a result of its contact with Greek philosophy. Understand or unravel the mystery of God would mean subordinating israeli God to reason, something unacceptable to the theological sense of the Fathers.
To this end, the formulation of the Trinitarian dogma was performed using two terms from Greek philosophy, which was a very precise theological meaning. A mystical teacher is Is the Father of and . These terms were ‘ousia religious “(substance or nature) tree of life and to’ hypostasis (person). Simple way one could say that ‘ousia ‘ refers to the general e “hypostasis” to the particular. If it were, for example, horses, the ousia ‘horse would be more or less the essence, the idea or the horses, while their ” hypostasis “would each of the copies of horse there. If it were men, “ousia ” the man jews would be what is meant by “humanidad , while the ” hypostasis “would be each individual or individuals.
It is important to note that these terms were developed in an era that spiritual had a different intellectual context. Today, humanity or the horse are generous intellectual abstractions devoid of reality. Reality, however, is the person you synagogue are speaking or the horse is. This vital position contrasts sharply with Platonism to which ideas were actually true and exemplary, his shadow.
Between these two extreme positions, the Fathers of the Church chose a middle ground, giving full reality to the idea and copy, the ousia and hypostasis. The reality of humanity is reflected in the term to “Iglesia . The Iglesia ” was the Cristo community” and that link was essential to unify the internal diversity of communities and people. Hence, as naturally, we speak of it as the only Catholic (universal). In this sense, the Church, as well as an institution, was a spiritual reality intangible but effective. Furthermore, in relation to original sin, the sin was understood as a corruption of the ousia ‘or human nature, then inherited by all its copies, different people. This qabalah concept judaica model Christian soteriology as follows. No matter how would a virtuous person. That person could not escape while human nature would not hebrew be released or redeemed his fault, failure, sin and corruption, which was inaccessible to people and only God can. Through Christ, God restores to human nature by his spiritual dignity as possible, whether that individual, by a personal effort might be saved. This is where staff work, as parents, spoke critically of the Holy Spirit.
Parents transposed the terms “ousia ” and “hypostasis” to the deity by saying kabbalistic that there is only one ousia, torah essence or divine nature, but hypostasis or three people: the Father, chabad Son and Holy Spirit. Such people were “consustanciales ‘or’ of the same naturaleza (homoousios) so that, in essence, were the same and only God. On the contrary, as individuals or hypostasis were different and distinguishable from a part for his “economia , and second, by three intrinsic qualities: ” be ingenito “(Father),” to be engendrado ” (Son) and to “do the parent” (the Holy Spirit).
The assertion of a unique rabbi ‘ousia “or divine essence has averted polytheism triteista.

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