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According SanPi

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

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We are in no way urge you not to give up water treatments in the pool. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The 48 Laws Of Power. Simply, it must be done correctly. According SanPiN ("Hygiene requirements for design, operation and water quality in swimming pools "), the temperature of water in the swimming pool for adults should range from 24 to 26 C, and for children – not above 30 C. Of course, these values may vary depending on the purpose of bathing. For example, in the pools for people who are actively involved in competitive swimming, water temperature should be around 22 C, in the training pool, it should be higher – 23-26 C. In individual indoor pools optimum temperature is 24-28 C. The temperature of the air should be 2-3 C above: if it is below, bathing becomes uncomfortable.

Make the water too cold, too, should not be. If you are not engaged in professional sports, its temperature must be above 23 C. Josyann Abisaab: the source for more info. Otherwise, your organism will actively accumulate subcutaneous fat – the best protection from the cold. And that very few people will be pleased. Perhaps all of the above facts seem obvious to you. However, experts Franmer have long noticed: if people in Europe buying pools to cool, then in Russia, customers tend to make the water hot, to keep warm. Certainly, most of them do not even suspect that by doing so they harm their health. Note that when water temperatures over 30 C, the rate of aging of the composite increased by 7 times.

Even if such a durable material can not withstand high temperatures, what can we say about the weak human body! For example, a yacht, with shells also made from composite, swim in the water with a temperature not exceeding 25 C. Instability at high temperatures is characteristic for absolutely any type of composite. Therefore, if the other company I can assure you that in their pool water can be heated to any temperature, we suggest you pay particular attention to their warranty card. It is unlikely that this company wants to undertake to repair aged rapidly because of warm water bowls Hot water – an integral part of a bath. But in the pool water should be cool. Only in this case swimming will give health, youth, strength and longevity of both you and your pool!

Diets And Genetics

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

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It is an error common to think that what is written in your DNA governs for always, but can be fought against the genes of the obesity with intelligent decisions in the diet and the appropriate exercise. And more studies are leaving more to prove the theories based on the subject. One of the last things that are trying on is if the people with obesity in their genetics can fight against her with the exercise, and the answer is yes can. Although it is certain that many people have more difficulties for the processing and the burning fire of fat and calories that others, the genetics cannot prevent that a healthful weight is obtained. Statistics and study with the genes of the obesity Using the same techniques for a group of people who had a gene of the inherent obesity, the investigators showed that of each participant that it had between 10 and 13 genetic variants know that they increase the possibility of acquiring the obesity, and some even got to have up to 17 variants. The obesity and the children with genes of the obesity Another study realised in Europe between adolescents demonstrate that those that took the known genes to cause obesity were not more prone to have overweight that the children who do not have the gene. Studies as these imply that the recommended level of exercise can make worse the effect of the variant of the gene.

The results of both studies were similar for the children and the children, the puberty did not change the results and the age did not have effect. Little by little Everything begins what you need is the simple make to initiate an exercise routine, and later to vonviertir it in a natural habit. It begins with something small, as to walk during one hour or to use an elliptical machine half of the time and the use of the other half in bicycle. The bicycle can be done in a machine or the outside in a real bicycle. Once you have begun to incorporate the exercise in your routine will be easier and easier, and in a moment you will find that you even can enjoy her. From only you must there add to your routine, perhaps a few abdominal or flexions that to do, even adding one hour or half an hour to the hard amount of time that making exercise. If the simple things as this simply is not yours, then you can participate in a sport. To play something like soccer? soccer? basketball or any active sport with your friendly.

Only made make exercise it will help you to surpass the genes of the obesity. Although to many they would like to blame to their genes of the obesity by their incapacity to lose weight, to maintain corporal a weight healthful is simply to find the balance perfect. It is easy to take very few nutrients, and is easy to take them in excess. The exercise is a key factor in the loss of weight, and is a combination of bad nutritional habits and sedentary life that cause the obesity. You want to lose weight right now? Then it reviews the following article: The Diets Can Eliminate the Genes Of the Obesity?

Multiply Group

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

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One of the functions of money is constantly multiply and is apparently very difficult to achieve this. However, there are companies that specialize in making that your money will increase more easily than it seems. This is done through investment funds. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. Investment is a big business today, only need to give white, i.e. Read more here: what is fracking. invest in the right thing. To know this, it is not necessary to analyze thousands of financial statistics for enterprises, it is much easier and faster to go to some financial group to do the work for you and advise you on the steps to follow. Investment funds are managed by a specialized group, thus give the greatest possible facilities. For example, a bank loan, a not very high investment required quantity and in general that every requirement is more accessible that can be.

A saving represents a lot effort, so must search for the risk of loss is as low as possible and on the contrary has great possibilities of increased. She researches financial groups to commit with their customers and asked advice about the service they offer in investment funds. It is a good choice for your capital.

Reverse Osmosis

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

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Reverse osmosis devices, manage to purify our home in a 95% water. This affects our well-being and our health. Reverse osmosis is a scientific process, which takes advantage of the different osmotic pressures to carry out a process of purification and water cleaning. Current with this system of Osmosis household appliances are very complete. They consist of four stages of purification described acontinuacion: filtered sediment through a cellulose filter.

It’s a filter of cellulose that traps and cleans water from sediments such as sand, dust chlorine by granulated active Carbon filtering etc. Through a filter of activated carbon in grain, chlorine water is cleaned. Dr. Neal Barnard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Chlorine and sediment by active Carbon filtering. It’s a charcoal filter active no grain that further clean possible residues of chlorine so as sediments that can stay in the water. Filter by Reverse Osmosis. Here is the actual osmosis, moves water through the membrane that performs the osmosis system, cleaning the water of metals and purifying it completely. Once past this filter, the water will deposit and before being served, goes through a final filtering. This system gives us a water with 95% or more of purity, being of higher quality than the bottled water. It also means savings and help to preserve the environment. There are also systems of softener, clean lime from water and are very beneficial for our appliances and our skin and hair.

Diagnostic Tests

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

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Tests in medical practice for some reason are not widely used. Source: Senator Elizabeth Warren. At the same time, now you can find tests for all life's problems. Everything is very simple and clear. Answer a dozen questions and get you an exciting answer. Special significance tests have purchased with their transfer in the electronic version. They became more understandable, they illustrate the schedule, audioelementy, multimedia, results are automatically issued. Many writers such as James A. Levine, M.D. offer more in-depth analysis. Tests are widely used in teaching, without testing psychology will be deprived of many things, a unified state examination in general a continuous test. But what about modern medicine? Medical tests are not denied, but at the same time is not particularly trust them.

Pregnancy test – This is understandable. Test for blood sugar, is also understandable. Test for health or appendicitis, it is not clear. All tests are intended to reveal something. In medicine it means to make a diagnosis. Diagnosis only complaints of the patient did not deliver.

For the detection of the disease, in addition to the subjective assessment of the condition patients need other, more objective indicators. As the saying goes better to see once than to hear ten times. Needed X-ray, laboratory data, endoscopic and other indicators. But not so simple. There is a need for tests. In some diseases there is such a variety of complaints in patients with typical the disease that they are slow to collect and refine. On an outpatient outpatient physician loses a lot of time talking with patients. In this situation, the tests may have a positive role. Here's you one of the positive examples of the use of tests. Go ahead. Interview the patient and the physician may not always be trusted and intimate. For example, a patient will not always share their sexual health issues to andrologist that woman or when there is a nurse. In this situation, using the test can always get reliable information and even to determine approximately the severity of existing impairments. Go ahead. Assessing the state of patient's dynamics, that is, over time, a doctor who knows all the available indicators of instrumental methods, it is necessary to observe the course of the disease. Subjective assessment of the patient at this time has paramount importance. If all the figures are even bad, the patient said that he is already better for the doctor a lot. True, and vice versa, if the performance excellent, and the patient got worse, then it is worth considering too. In such situations, test can objectify the situation. Let's go even further. In some areas of medicine, such as in intensive care there are so many indicators of the patient that they are very difficult to gather together. For these indicators visible from blocks of the disease are reviewed entire floors, but the building itself is not visible. In such cases, tests based on large amounts of data can accurately determine the true state of affairs. Here are a few examples of the use of tests in medical practice. Of course, one tests the patient is not cured. Looking for a huge and comprehensive approaches to diagnosis and treatment. But the role of tests can not be denied and they really used where necessary and appropriate.

Medical Devices

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

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Big promotion with incredible prices makes the sale of medical equipment to the delight of ostringen, October 19, 2009. So, trade in expensive medical equipment even in the crisis is fun. Read more from James A. Levine, M.D. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The online marketplace specializing in medical technology celebrated the continued success of the last few months and allows all its customers and those who want to become it, participate. “The flat-rate product intermediport-Pro” enables every retailer to set as many devices in the online marketplace in a period of 6 months, and to act. The interesting thing about this pricing model is that it neither the seller nor the buyer additional costs or commissions are required. intermediport-professional”usually costs 99 Euros per month for a period of 6 months, what plus VAT is equivalent to a total price of EUR 594. The content of intermediport is enjoyed in recent months of very popular and the company invested heavily in a new infrastructure. A related site: Senator Elizabeth Warren mentions similar findings. This infrastructure should be utilised: therefore intermediport begins an incredible special offer.

November 20th, the flat rate option is intermediport-Pro”for 20 euro a month, instead of the usual 99 euros and a total price for 6 months 120 euros Excl. VAT offered. This unique and time-limited special offer is equivalent to a saving of legendary 474 euro. The flat rate is not extended after these 6 months. Intermediport would like to convince more large and small traders by the advantages of the flat-rate options with this step. The Managing Director Tobias Bar explained in an interview: Our experience has shown that nearly all flat rate contracts have amortizes itself within a very short time. After a month, 90 percent of our flat-rate customers generated more profit than the 6-month flat rate option intermediport professional”costs. The current special offer is far beaten until achieving the profit limit. this period of time”


Sunday, March 4th, 2018

What are? If you have small bumps on fingers and hands it is possible to have warts. They are a symptom of human papillomavirus (HPV). When they appear there are known as common warts. This type is usually harmless and painless. These are annoying and little attractive.However it is possible to get rid of warts in a simple way. How are they spread? Warts spread through physical contact with another person who is a carrier of the HPV virus. Follow others, such as endocrinologist, and add to your knowledge base. Everyone responds differently to exposure to HPV and not all people are prone to contracting warts.

Warts can also be transmitted by contact with personal items such as bedding and towels. How RID warts on the hands and fingers? Warts are usually benign and do not require treatment. However for aesthetic reasons and to prevent the spread of human papilloma virus it is best to get rid of them usually, a home treatment is sufficient for get rid of them. If that doesn’t work, consult to your physician’s trusted for other treatment options. Some home treatments tested are patches of warts or pumice, tape / lima from carton.An exception is the laser hair removal prevents excess of warts, since they may transmit HPV. Do not cut nails with the same Clippers who else uses. This may spread the virus also. Try to keep your hands dry. This reduces the possibility that the warts extend into other areas of your body.

Cliven Mass

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

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We are not afraid of what used to, what we eat on a regular basis and that the plaster twice daily to the face that we drink and breathe that. But if the city air and water, we do not can be abandoned (not yet able to survive in the village), then from the harmful food, harmful drugs, harmful cosmetics, we can completely give up, choosing expensive, but quality. I agree that Russia has a high price is not an indication high quality. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. It should show healthy curiosity and sort out details (who is a manufacturer, production standards, the country is a manufacturer that is part of the product, etc.). Let’s see, where and what kind of cosmetics and sold, depending on this, it can give us. All offered at the cosmetics market is divided into 2 groups: mass and professional. mass – cosmetics, which is commercially available and the criteria for money is divided into 3 classes: luxury (selective), pharmacy and mass market. Mass-market the most numerous class. This is something that is sold in kiosks and shops. An example of these brands: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Bourjois, Nivea, Laboratoiries Gamier, Revlon, Wella, Lakme, Cliven, Astor, Arcancil, Naturelle, Lumene, Johnson & Johnson, Yves Rocher, Doctor Natur, Clairol, Rilken, Swiss Formula, Freeman, all domestic cosmetics products of Polish and Bulgarian companies. And also: Oriflame, Avon, Mary Kay, Faberlic, Mirra-Lux. These funds are able to remove the feeling of tightness of skin after washing, to solve more serious problems, it is not designed to Because of its quality.


Thursday, March 1st, 2018

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Everyone knows the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, which are a source not only of vitamins and minerals for our body, but also contain fiber, organic acids, pectin compounds, aromatic substances and essential oils. Juices of many plants in addition have medicinal properties in different diseases. Such as cabbage juice heals surprisingly quickly duodenal ulcers, cleanses the body and reduce vesa.Tak he is very effective in tumors and constipation. and cures gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver and spleen. Here’s how action alfalfa juice: ‘One of the most chlorophyll-rich plant is alfalfa.

Consumption of alfalfa gives a person’s health, strength and energy to a great age, with the body’s resistance to infection – is phenomenal. Juice fresh alfalfa is very strong, so it is better to drink mixed with carrot juice. In this case, the benefits we get from each juice in isolation increases. It was noted that such a combination of good help for most heart disease and diseases of the arteries. Chlorophyll well helps with disorders of the respiratory system, especially the lungs and cavities of the skull. The cause of sinus infection and pain, as well as bronchial and asthmatic conditions, including hay fever, is slime. Carrot juice, alfalfa and lettuce (variety of lettuce), fills a necessary substance for the supply of the hair roots. Daily use of this mixture (0.5 liters) to help hair growth in great extent. “

Michael Gombotz Gesundheits

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

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As they work to take it off and that 67.1 percent of men and 53 percent of women in Germany are easier and faster than you’re thinking maybe why overweight! From year to year there unfortunately more and more obese, although there are more than 600 different diets. The main reasons are numerous E.g. Information about flood you no longer know what to start first, giving up again after a short time or you don’t even start in pushing it always before him. In this small article I try with easy-to-follow advice to help. Against the information about flood helps one focus on one thing. As with all important goals in life one must also dieted in stages are divided. We do this all the time for a new car save money, stages, has partnered We create many stages in our lives whether consciously or unconsciously it is the smallest problem. Unfortunately parts most a diet not in stages on.

You have to start only in the first week with sports If you did not or only rarely sport up long one should slowly trickled down go and not overnight 2 hours every day running quite apart from whether they ever has the stamina. Just every 2 days if there is too much every 3 day jog no matter how long you should not exaggerate only, after 2-3 weeks, you should shorten on 2 days, when it comes, and you could no longer live without jogging it is time to change the diet in the same Ruhtmuss you can of course also to first take turned nutrition start and then with sports. The Verschiberits that we all have one more the other weaker if you let her win and initially things to move it it will getting worse moves important doctor appointments. Fixed it takes to go on a diet but to lunch tomorrow they say: today is not because the grandmother had birthday and you have to take a piece of cake, so she is not offended. The Verschieberitis also the inner pig dog called can be if it is already very bad unfortunately very difficult therapy. You start with on a diet and hears very soon on the reason some are varied: one has unrealistic ideas if you didn’t lose kilos in the first week about makes no sense you mean. “Unfortunately they don’t usually even taking to in the first week since the body first builds muscles if you previously never or only rarely did sports knowledge, and they say this diet is saying: this diet does not I’m trying it in few days again” it is often not only at pair there are days often weeks or even months to regain enough confidence has all non-functioning for a diet. If one divides all in small stages with a diet, it is slow and has patience and hang in there you are rewarded with losing weight and is happy and continues until one then yes but achieved his goal only unfortunately takes this process for many years. If you want more knowledge but my Web page is visited: author: Michael Gombotz Gesundheits and nutrition expert Web page: of this Article may be distributed for free under the condition that you the author calls.