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Eating Nutrition Medicinal Plants

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

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There are many plants that are long forgotten, but can and should become an additional source of quality food products. They are not only edible, but both drugs. On how efficiently we are able to use, store and reproduce the natural resources, depends, finally, not only the implementation of economic plans, but also to protect human health. Vegetables occupy in human nutrition vital place because they are – the main and often irreplaceable source of diverse and unique vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, easily digestible carbohydrates, organic acids, volatile and other substances. Vegetables spicy flavoring plants, fruits contain biologically active substances that contribute to life of the organism.

Celery, lettuce, savory, lovage – not only tasty and fragrant spices, and natural concentrate these substances. Food herbs stimulates the appetite, enhances the activity of digestive glands, promotes blood formation, has beneficial effects on other processes in the body, making food more attractive appetizing, tasty, and thus far raises its assimilation by the body and helps rid of toxins. Greens heals the body. "Treat – means take away from the body of harmful and give him what he lacks" (Hippocrates). On Planet Earth, there are 12,000 plants that are not only worthy for human consumption, but also very tasty. For more specific information, check out Goop. In the horticulture industry of our country is grown mainly six kinds of vegetables, and vegetable gardens – half of all known cultures. Of course, it is necessary to expand vegetable production and improve the structure of those vegetables that are grown and consumed by the introduction of a new culture of valuable species of vegetable plants, including wild.

Natural stocks of wild assortment of green food in the diet significantly impairs health, and sometimes becomes the cause of the disease. You can not collect plants near highways, airports, circle rivers and streams polluted by household or industrial waste, in areas located near the heating systems in human settlements in areas treated with pesticides. Because plants absorb in your body harmful substances from the environment, and therefore unfit for food or cooking of these drugs. Wild edible plants not only yield their cultural relatives of the content of physiologically active substances, but often surpass them. Untapped resources of wild food and medicinal plants in our country are enormous. Each day, an adult should eat 400-500 grams of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, significant addition to our table may give the wild edible plants. Their use must be exercised reasonably, in a businesslike way, to keep stocks of valuable plants in the direction of recreation and protection of them from extinction. We have almost forgotten the invaluable experience of their ancestors. Ask the residents of cities than the useful one or other wild plants, the majority not only do not give the correct answer, but do not know how it looks like it has. Among a large number of wild plants in our country there are about 1000 of useful vegetables, bread, cereal, starchy, protein, tsukronosnih, spicy flavor, etc. This is a tremendous wealth, but we use it there are very few and irrational. – Catalog lekarstvennh plants

Healing And Living Conditions

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

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Annoying dermatologic condition called atopic dermatitis, and its accompanying unbearable itching, – a signal that the body something is wrong. Atopic dermatitis – a chronic skin disease characterized by a clear itching. This is a kind of allergic reaction and neurogenic, which, roughly, are subject to different countries from five to ten percent of the population. Significant role in causing functional disorders are neurodermatitis nervous system. Some the disease is tormented for decades.

Most often lead to unhealthy eating neurodermatitis, improper metabolism, nervous and endocrine disorders, chronic presence infections, goiter, helminthiasis, asthma, and intoxication. Neurodermatitis lesions are symmetrical with the usual locations: elbow and popliteal folds, back of hands, upper chest, wrist and ankles, neck, near the eyes and mouth. Whenever Senator Elizabeth Warren listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Sometimes it affects other parts of the body, in this case, the skin is covered with scales, crusts and cracks. Innumerable nodules form a united and unbroken watering eyes, pours from the nose swell and redden, some areas of the skin, breaks calm severe itching, rashes show through on your skin, so you have an allergy. Hour to find disease is difficult, since it is very well able to conspire a viral infection.

Food allergy is largely identical with the stomach flu, but sometimes a reaction to cosmetics is similar to skin disease. Hoping to help patients with neurodermatitis and skin allergy, doctors teach them proper behavior and the power supply system. Include in your daily diet of foods with the highest content of vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and may reduce the symptoms of the disease. Most rich in vitamin C rose hips, dark green leafy greens, noni, sweet pepper. Add to your menu onions, garlic, ginger, horseradish and pepper. In the onion there are a large number of anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercetin. Garlic has anti-allergic properties. Add to your dishes of prepared, flaxseed oil or flax, and then to enrich their diet with fatty acids omega 3 and omega-6. Eat only good quality foods such as grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that regular consumption of fresh dairy products, helps to alleviate symptoms disease. Along with gipoalllergennoy diet nadlezhitgramotno care of your skin, wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics, not tired. After all, residents of huge Cities are continually increased load on the immune system. Smoky air, chlorinated water, dry climate, air-conditioned rooms, raises the likelihood of failures in the protective system organism.

Hair Removal

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

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One of the most modern methods of hair removal is now a photo-epilation. Many women hastily written on the procedure, hoping to get a quick and painless solution for removing unwanted hair. So what is this procedure and how it is dangerous? Photoepilation – a progressive and modern method of hair removal, under the influence of high-momentum of light. Unlike laser hair removal epilation may affect the hair of any color and almost anywhere on the body. The method of this type of hair removal is based on the ability of melanin to take hair and absorb light.

The energy of the light pulse is directed to the destruction of the bulbs, and in This ultimately leads to loss of hair within a few days after the procedure. Now we need to talk about the dangers and contraindications for hair removal. Of course, no full-time medical examination before such a procedure is not do, but there are general guidelines. Contraindications for the procedure include acute and chronic skin diseases, inflammatory or infectious processes, varicose veins, diabetes, time pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system and a predisposition to form keloids. In any case, before the procedure, no admission of photosensitizing drugs. This can cause the appearance of burns. For this reason, can not be performed with the use of photo-epilation oil.

Also, sometimes the procedure can not be performed because of sunburn. The highest efficiency of hair removal, in practice, is achieved with light skin and dark hair. Primary and most important problem that can arise in applying this type of hair removal – it burns. The devices are equipped with krypton lamps, which emit a broad wavelength range, which in some cases dangerous to humans. For additional security, such devices must be equipped with filtration and cooling. Therefore, the procedure for hair removal so it is important to only modern devices. At the risk of hair removal is the possibility of areas of hyperpigmentation, so the doctor may advise to be tested for photosensitivity. According to the results and judge possible complications. After hair removal pigmentation may occur, this may be due to non-doctor's recommendations, with a strong exposure to the sun earlier than two weeks after the procedure. In first two weeks is not recommended to tan, visit the solarium and applied to the skin to tan any means. In general, all the same, this procedure has many more pluses than minuses. It is painless, non-contact, carried out at short notice and comfortable. Subject to all rules and intelligent use of it quickly bring the expected result. The problem is that not all beauty salons can afford modern equipment. Therefore, you should pay in specialized clinics, whose authority is already known.


Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

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With the advent of October you need to know how you can protect your body from colds and flu happens three types of flu – type A, B and C. As it seems easier than with type A, and the epidemic of type B appear once in 5 years, then While the virus Influenza A torturing people every 2-3 years. Type with something similar to B. By the way, those people who have chickenpox type A, are more likely to be able to get a type B or C. Influenza – the disease is extremely treacherous, but there are ways to protect their health of her attack. Everyone is familiar from the biology course that influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets. That is why the first step is to get a flu shot.

You also need to minimize the time spent in areas with large crowds. Unfortunately, this does not always do. Chronic illness, if they exist, may due to flu escalate, there may be some new complications. In principle, they are something (complications) and are the most serious problem for those who are ill of influenza, as the heart, sosudistitaya system, lungs, all the internal organs. That is why the need to treat the flu and must in no case can it run! Flu differs from SARS fever. Another difference – the transience of the disease. The earliest signs of impending illness are fever, headache, pain in the extremities and back muscles, coughing, red face and throat.

The first symptoms of SARS are lethargy, "scratching" in the throat, rhinitis. Cold is much easier to prevent than to escape from the flu. In general, so as not to get sick, it is advisable not to violate several important rules: Of course, for a healthy body will be useful vitamin C, which would be good to take from the citrus. It is important not to allow meetings with a cold people, and places with large concentrations of people. It is desirable to be removed from the places where the blows strong and cool wind. Certainly need to cover the neck and ears. It is advisable to take with you on the evening of the top tight clothing. And be sure to fear a long stay under air conditioning (even when it seems that hot), or may blow. Frozen fruit and ice cream, too, should not be used. Not to drink cold drinks, even if the day is very hot. After sailing to wipe the body dry. Not worth putting on and wearing wet clothes, even if she gets wet from sweat. In any case to avoid extremes of temperature. In Russia the autumn is most often not terribly cold, mostly in the daytime, but still in October already carries a certain coldness. Need it consider – mainly those who are away from home all day. Should not be excluded from the diet of hot milk, honey, garlic and onions, is good and the chicken broth, healing qualities which are known since ancient times. All above shall be known absolutely anyone. However, not everyone complies with at least some of these preventive rules.

Infertility Treatment

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

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Systematically monitor their health and well-being should be to everyone – this is a truism known to everyone. However, we do not always follow this recommendation, forget about their health in the daily hustle and turmoil. Nevertheless, even if you do not take special measures to take care of yourself, a lot of smoke and drink, carry the disease on their feet and do not listen to the special sensitivity to the signals your body, then at least once or twice a year should undergo a medical examination by doctors. After examination and recommendation of doctors can contribute not only to maintain health, preserve the beauty of face and body, but also the possibility to have a baby. On the men's and women's infertility is discussed separately, since these states arise from different reasons and under the influence of different factors.

Clinic "Center for Reproductive Technology" was developed by a team with many years of experience in the field of infertility treatment. James A. Levine, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. It is equipped with the latest technology and in the process of creating standards used by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the experience gained in cooperation with similar clinics in the United States. Work with embryos raises specific requirements for power supply systems and ventilation systems, and this was taken into account when designing the center. "Center of Reproductive Technologies" – is accredited in the U.S. and an official certificate of compliance with all U.S.

standards. The main advantage of our center – high level laboratory of embryology, equipped with the latest equipment. Part laboratory equipment is a unique authoring, patented in the U.S.. In the laboratory, introduced the strictest quality control system certificate validation College of American Pathologists. The center has established an extensive with clinics in Europe and America, scientific cooperation with the best professionals and scientists in the field of artificial insemination. Experts of the center not only make use of advanced technology, but also participate in development of new technologies together with well-known foreign clinics IVF (in vitro fertilization). Our center is well respected and popular not only in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, but throughout the world. About 20% of patients come to us from abroad. "Center for Reproductive Technology" works in strict compliance with all standards of evidence-based medicine, approved in Europe and the United States and approved AORM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and EORChiE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). Standard of care at the center of a discussion with patients of all stages of treatment, a full justification the method chosen. Center for Reproductive Technology – a specialized medical facility, where you get professional advice and expert help. Our IVF clinic – the actual implementation of your expectations. Contact the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, and your family will forget about infertility. We offer modern methods of infertility treatment: surgical techniques, auxiliary techniques (IVF, ICSI, donor sperm and eggs, as well as intrauterine insemination). IVF and ICSI Clinic

Melanoma Treatment

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

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Most unfavorable in terms of malignant transformation are moles, towering over the skin with a wide base and a rough surface, especially with a cauliflower appearance. Degenerated in melanoma education begin to grow rapidly in the nearby areas of the same name on half of the body, new pigmented areas, because the melanoma spreads to the lymph does not, and the blood vessels. With the development of disease appear quickly metastasized to various organs – brain, bone, lungs. Everyone has the body of 5 to 20 age spots and structures of various localization. Each year, the world's seven hundred thousand people from the ill melanoma as a result of degeneration of these structures in the skin. Senator of Massachusetts describes an additional similar source. It should also be aware that melanoma is more frequent in white-skinned people who tend to the body more age spots and birthmarks. That is why it is necessary periodically inspected by a doctor, dermatologist, and an increase in tumors of the skin examination is mandatory in onkologa.Diagnostika melanoma in Israel.

For the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma in Israel created the world's largest center, which is not only clinical but also research and development center, develops and implements the most advanced treatment for any disease. Patients from all over the world with melanoma or suspected her of trying to get this opportunity at this center. In a relatively short period of time conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient – a biopsy with histological examination and immune tests for cancer cells, as well as photoacoustic, ultrasound, tomography study to determine the remote metastazov.Lechenie melanoma in Israel. Combined treatment, regardless of stage of disease, given its high malignancy and the rapid spread of metastases through the bloodstream. Removed the tumor with the capture of the adjacent apparently healthy skin to 4-5cm in order to avoid recurrence. Also removes the possibility of metastasis detected, even remote, depending on their location and capabilities to perform the operation in this field.

Must be appointed immunotherapy – resources that enhance the immune system, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Among the new, experimentally developed methods for the treatment of melanoma center in Israel is an exclusive, proven drug Ipilimumab. It is a potent stimulator of production of T cells responsible for anti-cancer immunity. In patients receiving treatment with this drug, life expectancy has increased by 2-4 years. There are some cases even complete recovery of patients who have been prescribed the death penalty. The drug is also effective after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, when developing a dramatic immune suppression and join in this background, various inflammatory diseases, often leading to death of a patient. Ipilimumab is being further development and increasing demand worldwide for the treatment of not only melanoma but also cancer of other organs and tissues.

Fix Droopy Ears

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

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For the first time an operation to correct ears was performed in 1900 by German surgeon, Jacques Joseph. Operations conducted on the ears is called otoplasty. Surgery to correct ears enjoy continued popularity among patient clinics of aesthetic medicine. Most often, in plastic surgery clinics treat patients with droopy ears. Droopy ears are not considered a strong defect does not affect the hearing. The problems of patients who undergo otoplasty are more psychological (teased as a child, joke) and aesthetic (protruding ears look ugly) character. Surgery to correct droopy ears can even children who have reached a six-year age.

Otoplasty – an operation conducted on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia (for children, usually under general). Duration of surgery sostavlyaetv average 30-40 minutes. The advantages of such an operation should include the fact that surgical intervention has no effect on hearing. The operation is more of an aesthetic nature. Otoplasty is of two kinds – cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic otoplasty. Cosmetic otoplasty – it operation to correct irregular ear or droopy ears.

Technique: the back of the ear is cut, dissected and the excess cartilage is removed or tuck for the formation of ear correct form. During the operation, you can adjust and protruding earlobe, removing the excess of fat on the back side. Incision is made behind the ear in the crease, so that after healing and scarring was visible. There is also a method of laser otoplasty. Unlike the usual laser otoplasty is to use a laser scalpel, which makes the incisions are smaller and correspondingly less traumatize the ear. Reconstructive Otoplasty. Reconstructive Otoplasty – is to restore all or part of the ear. This operation is much more complex and consists of four phases. In the first phase of the rib cartilage cartilaginous skeleton of the patient create a future ear. On the second – this frame is placed in a subcutaneous pocket formed in place of the absent ear. When this frame accustomed (2-6 months), it is disconnected from the head with moving the ear lobe to the desired position, and in the field emerged BTE cover the wound with skin graft of the patient. In what form and deepen the tragus. After the operation: the patient is discharged through several hours after surgery.

Propolis Products

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

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In conditions similar to the fridge, honey can be kept forever. Propolis – the same way. There is a very unstable products – royal Milk, for example. It is fit for several hours. Question: Does a spoon of honey every day on an empty stomach – the secret to good health? Answer: Yes, of course.

But the best way to take in honey diluted with water, and time dilution should not exceed 20 minutes. Q: Is Certified products, you are using a treatment? In general, bees to be certified? A: As for the bees just can not say. In terms of agriculture and nutrition certification shall be subject to the apiary. Certification is subject to honey, and are not subject to certification of other bee products. Q: Are your bees are certified? Hive, from which you get them? Answer: No, a separate certificate for I do not have bees.

I am not aware of such requirements by the regulatory authorities. Q: Do you have permission to use this method? A: Currently I am in the process of licensing. Question: Approved by a method different kinds of structures? Answer: Yes, of course. Apitherapy is included in the register of medical specialties, it is the traditional method. Q: It is treated by this method is low back pain (namely, the displacement vertebral discs), or only eases pain? Answer: Osteochondrosis is treated. Disks and herniated disks are restored, it all depends on the degree. Question: Can I do uzhalivanie yourself? A: It is necessary appropriate education. Or a person with whom you can consult. But in general things are, so that the beekeeper himself – treats, his family – treats that surround people – treats. It's everywhere. Even kings were treated exactly beekeepers, not doctors. Question: Is the treatment of alopecia bee venom? Answer: Yes, there are recipes. There is a description. I can cite the example of myself: I periodically podzhalivayu himself the crown, there is a slowing of hair, he can not estimate (Laughs), but around say that held her hair. Q: At what age can apply products containing bee venom and other bee products? A: Honey, propolis and royal jelly can be used with infancy. General recommendations for the use of bee venom – from 7 years and this is associated with the formation of the immune system. However, each case must be considered separately. Q: Why are honey cough drops below? Answer: The properties of honey can not produce such an effect. Q: What if an unauthorized bee sting? Answer: If bitten knows that he is allergic to bee venom, it is necessary to take antihistamine, and if there are no pharmacies, then drink at least 100 grams of vodka. The child should be given plenty of drink, remove the stinger, apply to the bite, and pack water to see a specialist.

Implants Before

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

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By This same technology can replace the old ugly metal fillings to white ones. Pain factor: only on the cauterized Where: Budapest, Cost: Roughly the same as in the conventional method of manufacture of crowns and formulation of fillings – from 215 euros. You want: Implants Before: up to 6 months now: less than 2 hours Product: Mini-implant How it works: every one of us could lose a tooth because of inflammation in the gums or during the injury. The best way to compensate for the loss of a tooth is to install the implants, when implanted titanium pin into the bone tissue, and it is worn the crown. That means no bridges, less bone loss and lower risk of gum disease. But the old method of setting implants meant unpleasant visits to the dentist when the pin is implanted into bone tissue, and then closed with stitches, followed by a long 6 months to wait before Fitting the crown on the pin. Now, a new method – a mini-implants are inserted during the same visit a dentist, and their value is equal to just one-third of the usual cost of implants. Mini-implants inserted through the gum, their length is only 6 mm – which is almost 2 times shorter than conventional pins.

Prior to that, had to spend this operation, and the invention of mini-implants you wash come to the dentist with a hole on the spot missing tooth, and leave after 2 hours the tooth, which looks very like his own. Pain factor: only on the injection of anesthetic injection, and the method itself is much less painful than the conventional method. Cost: 750 lb Where: in the UK you want: your gums should not be visible at a smile Before: up to 4 months of recovery time is now: a few days Product: Gum Lift When the gum line is uneven, or too let down, it can allow you a few years. Usually reduces the length of the gums with a scalpel – it's painful and extremely unpleasant. Now the dentist cuts the gum with a laser scalpel, which immediately allows the blood vessels closed while the patient is virtually no pain. Teeth immediately become longer visually, and it automatically makes you younger. Pain factor: very low, because it uses a local anesthetic in the form of gels. Where: UK

Scientology Dianetics

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

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May 7-8, in the Odessa Church of Scientology Dianetics was the weekly seminar Hubbard. The seminar was dedicated to the sixtieth birthday of the legendary book out of self-help, "Dianetics," which broke like thunder of the blue May 9, 1950. On Friday and Saturday in Odessa Church of Scientology parishioners came to the workshop of Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and Ilyichevsk. To understand why people come from all over Ukraine, Yalta to Lviv, in the Saturday, parishioners gathered on the evening of the graduates at 19.00, where graduates of the seminar shared their triumphs over pain and suffering. Here's what some of them said: "In the beginning of the workshop, I felt uncomfortable, and I as usual It was cold. And during the procedures of Dianetics, I learned that it started at the time of my birth. After the passage of this incident, I no longer feel cold.

" Marina. "At the seminar, I was surprised to learn information on the causes of my illness and bad luck. During the seminar, I realized why I (Candidate Master of Sports) of heart disease. Why am I so negative (to say the least) to react in my life situation and Some people from my environment. Before the seminar I was slowly dying man's condition, ever tired of. I'm tired of life, I wanted to change something, but I did not know that!? It seemed to me that I am 100% forgave the former my husband and it's not affected me, but …

Now I realize that everything can change and be healthy without drugs. I wonder what would happen next. " Hope. The purpose of Dianetics – a new state of man, where he will be able to get rid of irrational behavior towards themselves and their loved ones will live much happier lives. People looking for ways to find such a state throughout history, but it has never been achieved. Now possible. This state is called in Dianetics Clear (pure, clear). Two-day workshops Hubbard Dianetics and continue to be held throughout Ukraine on the weekends. And anyone who wants to improve their lives, will now be able attend such seminars, to help it to someone to get rid of suffering, as well as to receive such assistance itself. Founder of Dianetics, a scholar and philosopher of the XX century L. Ron Hubbard said about those who went on to Dianetic route: "You expect an adventure. So to him and take. And yes do not stay the way you were before. " For more information contact: Pushkinskaya 44 Zaplatkin Oleg E-mail: Tel. O674873394