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Fix Droopy Ears

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

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For the first time an operation to correct ears was performed in 1900 by German surgeon, Jacques Joseph. Operations conducted on the ears is called otoplasty. Surgery to correct ears enjoy continued popularity among patient clinics of aesthetic medicine. Most often, in plastic surgery clinics treat patients with droopy ears. Droopy ears are not considered a strong defect does not affect the hearing. The problems of patients who undergo otoplasty are more psychological (teased as a child, joke) and aesthetic (protruding ears look ugly) character. Surgery to correct droopy ears can even children who have reached a six-year age.

Otoplasty – an operation conducted on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia (for children, usually under general). Duration of surgery sostavlyaetv average 30-40 minutes. The advantages of such an operation should include the fact that surgical intervention has no effect on hearing. The operation is more of an aesthetic nature. Otoplasty is of two kinds – cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic otoplasty. Cosmetic otoplasty – it operation to correct irregular ear or droopy ears.

Technique: the back of the ear is cut, dissected and the excess cartilage is removed or tuck for the formation of ear correct form. During the operation, you can adjust and protruding earlobe, removing the excess of fat on the back side. Incision is made behind the ear in the crease, so that after healing and scarring was visible. There is also a method of laser otoplasty. Unlike the usual laser otoplasty is to use a laser scalpel, which makes the incisions are smaller and correspondingly less traumatize the ear. Reconstructive Otoplasty. Reconstructive Otoplasty – is to restore all or part of the ear. This operation is much more complex and consists of four phases. In the first phase of the rib cartilage cartilaginous skeleton of the patient create a future ear. On the second – this frame is placed in a subcutaneous pocket formed in place of the absent ear. When this frame accustomed (2-6 months), it is disconnected from the head with moving the ear lobe to the desired position, and in the field emerged BTE cover the wound with skin graft of the patient. In what form and deepen the tragus. After the operation: the patient is discharged through several hours after surgery.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Choosing A Clinic ?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

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By its very nature and attitude towards their health, the vast majority of people with symptoms of the disease if they do not interfere with normal life, not particularly want to make an appointment to see a doctor. Basically everything is embarking on drift – maybe will be held, or written off all the great pressure of work, lack of time, important meetings etc. Only sane people of the new generation understand that the most important thing in life – it's health, and says adage of "health for any money can not buy." And try to adhere to generally accepted rules in the world of medicine – prevention of the disease – the best treatment. Modern medicine allows you to quickly and correctly to the right diagnosis, as well as to conduct an adequate and effective treatment, and the development of private medicine – the right choice of hospital, medical center, doctor's advice … It's the people who care about their health and wellbeing, with the first symptoms of the disease, immediately seek, where to turn for solutions to this problem. Since it is not always determined by the importance of doctors qualifications, and the popularity of advertising and medical centers have the probability of encountering an incompetent doctor, even in the largest clinic – medical centers in Kiev do not always give a guarantee of the professionalism of working on their doctors, the relevance of this free choice is value. Now back to the proper selection of a suitable hospital or doctor.

As already mentioned, to effectively treat a disease, you have to determine not only the clinic in Kiev, as Clinic – this is only the name of the clinic, but about the qualifications of doctors working there, in most cases we do not know anything. It is worth to draw maximum attention. To produce a correct evaluation of health center and the doctors working there need to see feedback on the clinic on specialized sites, be sure to visit this clinic, make an appointment the doctor to assess how closely your possible future Dr. collects medical history, asks about the complaints, inspects, etc. This is possible without financial cost, since virtually all medical and dental clinics in Kiev offer an initial consultation the doctor free. What is the purpose to do all of the above? In order to verify your possible future doctor if he could trust the most valuable thing you have – your health. Also, you can gain the trust and recommendations of your friends, your friends or relatives who used the services of the clinic. This is probably the best way to check the clinic on the professionalism and the doctors working there – to qualify.