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Investment Attractiveness

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

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Analysis methodologies for assessing the attractiveness of industries shows that virtually all developed and used at this stage of qualitative analysis techniques require the features of the industry as a whole using the procedures of ranking. Let us examine some of them. According to VG Fedorenko 1, in determining the attractiveness of action should consider the following complex factors: the importance of the industry, characteristics of the market products industry, the level of state intervention in the development of the industry, the social significance of the scope, financial condition of the industry. Dr. John Mcdougall has similar goals. According to the methodology SF Pokropivny 2, the estimation and forecasting of the attractiveness of individual sectors of the economy should be based on the use of indicators on profitability, prospects of development and investment risks. IA Form 3 as the main indicator of macroeconomic performance assessment identifies industry profitability used assets. In our opinion, evaluation of positive and negative sides presented techniques appropriate to the light of the results obtained using these approaches: 1. -etc/’>McKinsey. The authors of techniques, based on a statistical basis, come to quite the opposite. IA Form identifies as a priority area of investment construction.

However, the facts presented in separate publications 3, 4, these results suggest unduly optimistic. Although the trend and not so hopeless, so do not include a building complex in the general rating, as does SF Pokropivny. Escaped this fate only the cement industry and manufacturing precast concrete. Therefore fully agree with the conclusions of any of the authors, we can not. 2. IA Blank, analyzing the investment attractiveness of industries, does not stop at a more detailed analysis of this phenomena within the industry, noting that the industry as a whole takes 2nd place in the ranking after the construction industry. Subcategories same industry may have different levels of attractiveness, to rightly points out that SF Pokropivny.

Actually Files

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

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Corporate portal – is the main point of information for employees. This means that, ideally, all the data, install programs and files must reside on the portal. Ie Ideally Most of the projects and describe them should be placed on the corporate portal, all regulations, standards, regulations, news, descriptions, and all the rest is bound to be there. Files, data … Have you ever thought why the files in shared directories are often called "Dump file"? The answer is simple: when users work with documents no standards, responding to questions like "What should be the structure of public folders?", "How should the files be called?", "Where are the files should store, "" How to back up files, "" How preporuchat case (as well as files and subsequent dismissal of the employee) "and others. Suppose you have decided this is how to use the portal – sistematitizrovat documents in the enterprise. Suppose that an organization that introduces you to the portal, or you are on their own structured and carried to the portal with all the necessary information, and the rest "was transferred to the archive." Actually, there is the question "What to do to become a corporate portal is not such a "dump" as "shared folders". To avoid this problem, you must meet the following requirements: The embedded solution should have: a rigid structure and flexible expansion resheniySredstvami type search "to save my document" means of detection of old data and information transfer dokumentovSredstvami archived in the enterprise should be developed standards that describe how and what to keep, how to provide case files and other information when an employee leaves, is responsible for maintenance and support of the relevance of the information. Employees must: be trained on a resheniemPonimat portal that documents should not be on the desktop, and the duties placed on portalePonimat how and where to save documents as they imenovatOsoznovat how to categorize and structure dannyeNauchitsya dokumentyPonimat find how to customize the presentation of information as they see it would be udobnoZnat what to do if you found an error in the portal or have any suggestions for improvement System administrators duties, to have: the ability to find unused information or information that is incorrect feedback from users How to achieve each of the items and make effective portal solution, I'll discuss in future articles.