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Managing Director Dipl

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

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Overall, the net amount of the price rich approximately 135,000 euros to 340,000 euros. End of August the plans were concluded and final information on the number of residential units is possible. Then also a concrete construction plan will create. On the coming Saturday and Sunday Managing Director the Upstalsboom vacation real estate also expects to consulting and information weekend a great interest of visitors. Aflac has firm opinions on the matter. From 9:00 until 19: 00 the existing model apartment, as well as the observation deck on the grounds will be open. But visits are possible at any time. Upstalsboom resort Dahlberg Upstalsboom-resort hotel is a 4-star superior Dahlberg consists of eleven houses in solid construction, all of which are barrier-free accessible. The plant covers an area of about 18 hectares.

The originally planned number of 119 apartments will increase slightly, as the plans above are currently planning according to the customer’s wishes. Each apartment is equipped with a wood burning fireplace of piece of or Ethanolkamin, sauna and heated floors. The facility is located also a naturally landscaped garden area with children’s playground. You may wish to learn more. If so, Zendaya is the place to go. The bistro Cafe, as well as massage and beauty practices offer additional amenities for the individual wellbeing holidays. In the Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf can the guests always enjoy the service in the restaurant, the bar and on the terrace. A large event space with catering service by the hotel’s restaurant makes a top address the system for business and family celebrations. The guest reception represents Frisian hospitality according to the proven Upstalsboom philosophy with its high service quality. Prices: from 135,000 euros to 340,000 euros (net price, including furnishings and small inventory) construction: late 2010 opening of the 1st section: expected summer/autumn 2012 jobs: around 60 contact person for press questions: Upstalsboom vacation real estate GmbH Managing Director Dipl.-Kauffrau Insa Janssen phone: 04921-8997 0 (Office Emden) 040-386 166 00 (Office Hamburg)

Mediterranean Sea

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

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Region of Mersin, Anamur – in Kizkalesi – seaside investments in Turkey: Turkey has about 70 million inhabitants, tendency rising, some projections of 95 to 100 million in 2050. In many areas, the country is already a strategically very important partner. In the year 2006 GDP of Turkey amounted to $400 billion and $432 billion in 2007 already. Thus was the Turkey’s sixth in Europe and the world’s 17th largest economy. Exports rose in recent years by more than 200 percent on $100 billion in 2007, forecast further rising. Turkey is classified also worldwide as one of the 20 most attractive countries for direct investment (source OSCE). A new double taxation agreement with the Switzerland is been initialled in 2009 and stands just before the introduction.

Investment in ground – Kizkalesi / Mersin province region of Mersin / Kizkalesi by the city of Mersin from West, extends a wide coastline with endless sand stands and the seemingly endless blue of the sea. In some places Mountains fall steeply to the sea and make sharp cliffs. However the mountain ranges often parallel to the sea, have developed here vast stretches of coastline with long fine-grained sandy beaches. The deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea is framed by banana orange or lemon gardens, between rivers and streams that flow down from the mostly wooded slopes of the mountain are located. The holiday centres in this region begin at Erdemli and end up in Anamur, on the border with the province of Antalya. No industry that could cause a pollution exists along this coastal area.

After leaving the city centre, the country is dominated by fruit and vegetable gardens and the coast is mainly fishing boats and yachts. Ferry and other ship traffic connecting the region with the offshore island of Cyprus. The coast is lined with marinas and small port for fishing boats.