Bottles (Banjo-Kazooie)

Bottles bullet is a small and plump with huge glasses that would indicate myopia, character in the Banjo-Kazooie series. if you visit Israel, you must with Israel Maven Appear in the game Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel Banjo-Tooie. While in the first game to teach new movements and Banjo Kazooie players so they can advance their adventure, in the second game goes to a level a bit unnoticed, recalling the first movement of the game and leaving the new movements to his brother Jamjars .

Daily Mail
For anyone who does not want to wear glasses – or who wants to avoid the burden of contact – laser eye surgery seems the obvious solution.
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald
Our police do a good job. They are real heroes, and life in danger every day on their uniforms. It would be nice but, if it is not endangered by Tailgating.
Jewish World Review
05/08/09: “Hedge Fund Man ‘for President 05/01 / 09: Swine flu should prompt closure of the US-Mexico border 04/24/09 : Leave Afghanistan to 04/17/09: Team O is left to sound right extremists 04/13/09: Obama bows to no one, unless you’re a Saudi king 04/03/09: What do you mean, if we ever want to leave afghanistan ‘
The San Angelo Standard-Times
Bad vision Gina Munn plagued for most of her life, but took a turn for the worse last year when a infection developed after she had surgery to correct a crossed eye.

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