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President Astori

Monday, December 25th, 2017

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Why this man if you want to promote to the power not eliminated VAT or taxes, because it is one thing to put your hand in your pocket to the poor to the laburantes and another thing is putting your hands in your pocket in them. We finish with the hypocrisy and will no longer lie us in political campaigns and then do the opposite of what they told us. If you both want to promote the famous competitiveness that not dolariza to the palis and not problem with the competitiveness or otherwise that pesifiquen would have the country and thus the worker does not bother him the price of the dollar and this man could put the dollar at a price that strikes your fancy, but if there is no damage to the population measures are not valid, that is the message to us is giving Uruguayan leaders how much more damage to the working class is can provide better Government for the powerful. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Already with what they did in the intendency let vote in said Office and today express that I’m not or will never vote more to these gentlemen to the Presidency because, for sample vasta a button. We voted in the FA because we didn’t want the traditional parties in the Government, so it had done and this man without respect what the express people at the polls now put everything we sought out, again in the Government. I think that with senile located and to continue not doing wrong to this small country would have to resign for disability, which wouldn’t lie. Today thanks to our President I who had gathered for years weight by weight a money to buy me a car and I dreamed to have it this year, today I find I’ll have to keep waiting because the effort that ice did not serve anything or otherwise would have to buy crap like that thanks to Mujica the has, and incidentally neither complies with laws that the Government itself FA put the you COMPUTES, but when you get away from Montevideo ranging in a 4 4 or a super luxury pickup shows an austerity that is not certain because I don’t see him come to Anchorena or House of Government in your vw. When will ABURRIRA lie us and treat us as idiots the AUSTERITY is for people and not for LOS RULERS VASTA already ASELE a good resignation the country or usa little brain that you have left and learn to govern more just think of the working class is who with their effort keeps the country and this Government not castigues for being so condescending can only hope that if has no concept of what makes and what says that he resign and so we can see if the Vice-President Astori is located with a better mental health to be able to govern more fair and providing justice between the rich and the poor and not just think of the capitalists. We want a Government that thinks more working class not as this Government only sees by the capitalists and the indigent leaving behind the working class is who keeps this country. Original author and source of the article.

Panic Attacks

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

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To help people who suffer from panic attacks, there are many treatments for almost all of them, achieving with its use a better control of the attacks or even its abolition, those enabling them a better quality of life. The most important aspect is the self-esteem that the person must be maintained at the highest possible level, the influence of this factor is fully proven. In the case that you can prevent the onset of an attack, then should not accept and give it as a fact, but always staying ready to handle it, without allowing that the situation out of the control of the individual. Helpful tips: periodically undergo a general medical examination; to rule out any possibility that the cause of these panic attacks and anxiety have a physical origin. Nor should we forget to put questions to the doctor; all that is necessary to better understand the origin of this condition. Nor should we dismiss the usefulness of psychological therapy as a means to resolve any doubts that may be taken.

Learn how to breathe better. Breathing effort should lie in the diaphragm and not the chest muscles, in addition to its pace must be slow and regular. Each inhalation should be accompanied by an expansion of the stomach. Prevents the blood to lose oxygenation, resulting in better irrigated limbs and absence of dizziness. Timely relaxation. Learn techniques of meditation or relaxation, so you can use them in the moments where you fall in the account that are beginning to manifest anxiety or negative thoughts.

Avoids the use of medications that not a doctor prescribed you (as anxiolytics, sedatives and beta-blockers), because if you automedicas them, may be more harmful than beneficial. The exercise. It goes without saying that your practice improves your chemical and hormonal balance, it releases hormones like endorphins (the natural drugs of bliss) and many other beneficial effects. Please note that recreational activities also have the same effect. His practice also It will make you feel more satisfied with thee same and more happy, in a Word. Healthy food. Balance your diet including plenty of fruits, vegetables and Greens in it. What no doubt must be avoided. If the care of your body is the most important thing for you, without a doubt that you have to avoid both consume all illegal drugs and also other legal, such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The amusement. In moments of leisure, pastimes you can keep busy hands and the mind, avoiding you have speculative thoughts of the type and if you can start a vicious mental. As soon as you detect symptoms of anxiety or panic, you have to find activities that you depart from this type of concerns, as do activities such as cycling or any other sport outdoor; start a conversation with a friend or a chat with someone that is not so familiar. If you are singing or dancing, practice it, no matter it is in your same House (or even under the shower, in the case of singing).