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Cycling in St. Petersburg

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

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Travel to St. Petersburg on a bike, not the greatest adventure of your life. The desire to unwind and enjoy the white nights and active recreation, behold all that she will bring to you in the end. Better to make such a trip alone or in company. Tickets for the train, so as not to anger the neighbors below, you will have to take a reserved seat on the upper shelves. In the car you should get in first with a whole bikes, then already in the car lifted the front wheel. They placed on each other on the third shelf so that the foot hanging over the table, so bikes will not disturb anyone. (As opposed to endocrinologist).

When arriving at your destination you will have to go last. Tickets will cost you a round trip from $ 1000. Arriving in Peter, on Saint Isaac's Cathedral, you can go anywhere, and the journey you take more pleasure than in Moscow. The locals are extremely intelligence, they give way, do not climb under the wheels and will answer any question. With respect to cyclists are the same and the owners of cars. Sidewalks have special conventions for wheelchair users and cyclists.

Riding a bike makes it possible to overtake the entire city for a few days. View the various islands, bridges and parks, this stone and Krestovsky island and Peter and Paul Fortress (entrance here with bikes allowed), and much more in this great city. Charm White nights, the beauty of the city at night, all this is fascinating and a lot of impressions. This city will call you to her again and again.

French Province

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Aquitaine – southwest region of France. Its western border luxuriate in the waters of the Atlantic, to be more precise, the Bay of Biscay, south – touch the sky and the Pyrenees to Spain, east – side by side with the Department of Midi-Pyrenees, and north – with limousines and Poitou Charentes. James A. Levine, M.D. often says this. It is a region of contrasts, combining the bourgeois Bordeaux, with the rural simplicity of Perigord, the softness of liqueur wines Sauternes with a fortress of Armagnac, the calm waters of the Gulf Arcachon from the raging Atlantic Ocean. Not for nothing old man took a fancy to local places, with its mild climate, rich flora and fauna. Incidentally, the first person to have entered the land of Aquitaine, was a Cro-Magnon (the Upper Paleolithic period from 40 to 10 thousand years). His presence shows the cave of Lascaux in the Perigord, which is called the "Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic rock art." On the inner walls of the caves depict various shapes of animals. Aquitaine is the third area of the region of France, the first – for the production of wine (more Source: Wines of Bordeaux), here is the highest sand dune in Europe, the widest estuary of France and the largest square country. Hear other arguments on the topic with Assurant Health. In this region, were born and created such masters of the pen, as Montaigne, Montesquieu and Mauriac.

It is on the Atlantic coast of Aquitaine for the first time in Europe, was tested for the surf board, brought by a California writer Peter Virtelom. Aquitaine comprises five departments, quite similar to each other: the Gironde – the capital of Bordeaux, Dordogne – from Perigueux, Lot-et-Garonne, and – with Agen, Landes – from Mont-de-MARSANNAY, and finally the Atlantic Pyrenees – a chief town of Pau. South West region is also called the French part of the Basque Country, the descendants of the warlike vaskontsev. Sea, sand, mountains, pine trees, vineyards and rich cultural heritage – here's a brief portrait of this unique in the its kind in the region. Prior to the arrival of the Romans in Ic bc, the territory today Aquitaine lived different tribes: Biturigi (founders Burdigaly, today Bordeaux), Vaskontsy (possibly the ancestors of the Basque), (founders Perigueux), and others. Julius Caesar conquers Aquitaine in 1956 bc and from that time began the gradual transformation of the region and the entire Roman province as a whole. Since 1927 bc Gaul becomes Aquitaine (before it was Lyon), its boundaries stretch from the Pyrenees to the Loire. The Middle Ages is characterized by the reign of Duke of Aquitaine, and Gascon. After a second marriage Alienory of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine and her daughter of William X, to Henry ii Plantagenet, who became in 1154 the English King, the epoch of the rule of English kings. The presence of the English in Aquitaine is completed after the end of the Hundred Years War in 1453.


Saturday, February 25th, 2017

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Therefore, coming to rest one of the spouses and the other is looking forward to the meeting. In such a situation, basically, a man inferior to permit the beloved, especially when you consider that in most cases, the powers that be are constantly in the works. Hence, for Ireland is happy to travel weaker half of humanity – a woman. We will not be in this part of the article to talk about impressions derived from what he saw, and stayed at the lovely ladies favorite pastime – shopping. Maybe some people will notice a sarcastic, "go far away for shopping and bring what you can buy a house?".

To be honest, "Irish Shopping" on the west coast of this country, the Isle of Arran, is worth it. Despite its gloomy beauty of a simple breath, and at the same time with romantic overtones, this place is famous for their sweaters. Perhaps, seeing the creation of such national and learn the history of things that no woman would remain indifferent. As she left their home, a favorite without a "talisman"? It turns out that "age-old Irish sweater – it is the work of women of Ireland, who tried for their husbands, sons, brothers fishermen. They do not just do their homework and invest in a product all the warmth and tenderness, as they say, do "with the soul." Then there, everyday thing due to unusual with respect to it, acquires a magic character "and became known throughout the world. What is fascinating in these sweaters? First, they tied merinosnoy wool sheep.

Mountain Biking

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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In recent years, in parallel with the development of mountain-bike culture, interest in active recreation in the Crimea on the part of cyclists increased. However, the arc will never be ignored: the mild climate and the maximum number of sunny days a year, has attracted cyclists from all over the Union's southern coast route, stand out among others, its beauty and quality of asphalt pavement. But for mountain-bikers, there is another Crimea – Mountain, more severe, with its rocky roads, trails, and if not off the road (unless you're lucky). Cycling routes across mountain Crimea interesting and varied. With proper route selection, equipment, and an objective assessment of its forces, these routes will bring you the maximum enjoyment and pleasure with it.

But the South Crimea anyway mountainous terrain, with a varied mountainous terrain, and a characteristic height difference. Therefore we should not draw parallels with travel in their own city: where you can ride on the pavement, in a flat area a hundred miles per day, in the Crimea, for example, may be limited to forty kilometers. Anyone who has ever included over a bike through the main ridge of the Crimean understands what I mean. Half of the day you drag bike up the hill with a height difference of more than 800 meters, and then an hour or two drives off with her. Energy consumption at the same time – great, but they are overshadowed memorable done descent. One should not disparage security. Do not forget to wear a helmet! Additional protection is also not redundant.