As Dahlke

Children whom generally they win at this moment, in the future are the ones that more they suffer therefore and will be always in search to demand trustworthy limits of its environment. The more late to start the suffering caused for the proper stubbornness, as much worse for the child. So important how much to establish limits for the development of the ego is to recognize that other egos with limits exist and that these limits have of being respected, because, contrary case is taken beats in the nose. When the first serious frustrations happen at the time of professional formation, when the paternal protection already is not present, in general it is late excessively. These great children react offended to the unusual situation of failure and not rare they run away from it, instead of facing it and continuing the way with its force of action and disposal to assume commitments.

It does not need to be always about an escape by means of the drugs, but, from all way, a number considered of vitiated comes from the contingent of those children of family who had been victims of the superprotection (concern in surplus) in the infancy and lack of confrontation with situations of failure. CLASSIC FIGHTS OF BEING ABLE the birth always will demand courage and offensive force of both the parts, accurately as first infancy demands the will of accomplishment and the force. The vespertine threat of a mother whose aggression is inhibited? ‘ ‘ It only waits until the papa to come back toward house! ‘ ‘ -, in contrast, it is a species of psychic torture, because the child passes some hours with fear. At night, when the father most aggressive fails in the execution of the promised punishment, it lacks the relation of the act with the carried through evil. Now the side not solved of the beginning of the aggression festeja delayed triumphs, that can cause really serious damages. As Dahlke, the thick one of the problems with small children if concentrates in three thematic complexes: the small ones do not eat the food plate all, they do not full the penico and they do not want to go for bed in the way as the parents imagine.

In this in case that, one is about the classic fights of being able of which if it feeds the formation of borders of both the sides. Many times the thematic one occults is not seen, because the parents not yet wait motivations as these in children of so tenra age. This, in turn, has to see with the fact not to accept its proper fights of being able not to desire to look at for the mirror that the small ones are made use to show it to them. Optimum it would be precociously to recognize the basic mechanisms of being able. Over all it must be known that to each fight for the power always two sides belong at least.


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