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True Entrepreneur

Sunday, December 26th, 2021

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When an entrepreneur wants to start a new project or a new business with difficulties is? Some may say that the first and foremost is money, the lack of capital to start it; I don’t think so. A true entrepreneur knows that the toughest difficulties are only those which he himself can be. The true entrepreneur knows search within Yes, and find the most hidden and recesses of your capacity, you need to start, which currently been fixed in his mind as the next target. Unum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The true entrepreneur clearly possesses a restless, adventurous spirit, a spirit curious, researcher, vehement, ambitious; and thats really something healthily enviable, and above all very valuable and noteworthy; but here a new question which leads us to the next question arises: does reach with that?. Perhaps this spirit leads him to start his new objective without many questions and perhaps with little preparation, without quantifying or leaving aside some negative issues project and even with very few knowledge; It may be that play you against. And although for true entrepreneur latter doesn’t matter too much, and they are generally people who are not left with the win, the truth is many times also is giving of bruces and the stark reality shows them that not everything is simply in the business world I like this and I will do so but first of all, the viewAS I will do so. But more than these issues, the entrepreneur, continue listening and guided, basically, by its instinct; and before a similar question that was title of one of my previous articles you can have a business on the internet? and whose answer is, obviously if the entrepreneur runs with many advantages.

Today, any person, unlike other times, can have their own business, which was previously forbidden for some, today already not; Internet has opened doors and paved the way allowing that anyone can access have their own business. The developed, which first began and have arrived to the success, already for some time, convey their experiences and knowledge in the development of business online through guides, tutorials, manuals, books (e-books) audio files, video etc. etc. And they really are within the reach of anyone who wants to start. Then, it is clearly proved that anyone can start and play a role network and use it to make money; only is needed, time, effort, investment, eager and persistence.

Now, if you’re a true entrepreneur, who are accustomed to the challenges, you can initiate projects, that your instinct pushes you forward and causing changes or new don’t you fear, I can assure you that the internet is the fertile ground for your blossoming and the road to progress and prosperity. Finally, I leave you an old saying, that is no longer current or loses validity, not by old and who realizes that there are three different classes of people: 1) fools who do not learn from their own mistakes. (2) The intelligent, who learn from their own mistakes. (3) The wise men, who learn from the mistakes of the others a true entrepreneur knows which of three classes belongs. And you, know that? How? Do not know to which belong, you’re confused, which is not the time, that the crisis? The true entrepreneur not fazed to this new global crisis, will open the old trunk where has jealously saved and hidden options, and in all, to elect only one: go ahead. Lots of luck!

The Weapon

Monday, November 19th, 2012

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There I passed the arm for its belly and I leaned my face in its hair, acariciando with the tip of my nose. Later I whispered in your ear: – Love I you, my love! He swims goes separating in them! When I said this, you always if capsized she kissed and me. We made love and later we slept agarradinhos one in the other. It was thus for how much time, Eduardo? Three years? We were so happy. We lived in a perpetual Moon of Honey! One day I passed very badly and fainted. You were working and alone I in house. He falls and I beat the head, that it hurt and it bleed very. When I woke up I was so scared, later you it arrived it took and me to the doctor.

It made a mount of questions and ordered to make examinations. After that day I only got worse, until he came the diagnosis of the cancer with a death sentence! He did not have nothing that could be made. I meagered in the bed. I was lean, pale, ugly. But you did not leave my side, my love! You me did not leave alone nor one instant at least. He was always optimum husband of the world! In my last sigh you pressed my hand, saying she loved that me, and later that I left, closed my eyes crying As love I you, Eduardo! As love I you! I am thankful for that it made for me! It is because of that I say: – You are mine, Eduardo! I am the only woman to who I loved of truth! You have that to be with me! Essaznha does not go to occupy my place! It does not go! My love, knows that weapon that you bought to protect the house of thieves? It can helping in them to be together of new! You need to leave this body, Eduardo. He needs to leave it to be with me! Chord, my love, has waked up! It goes there and it catches the weapon! This my love! You need to catch it, load it, to place in the mouth and to set in motion the trigger! Thus we only go to be able to be together of new.

now forever! Eduardo, is me that you love. Its life without me has not felt. There it forgets this and the children it. It comes with me, comes? It makes this for me, us. It makes! It dies to come back to the arms of its first wife!