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Custom paintings and allegories

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

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… Tower: The 743rd Tank Battalion During World War II … of the Second World War, and one of the “turkey shoot” in the sands of Iraq …
Allegory of the Villa de Madrid (Museo Municipal de Madrid).
The program Godoy for the first decade of the nineteenth century did not fail to be reformist and enlightened, as shown by four tondo commissioned Goya as allegorical representation of progress (Allegory of Industry, Allegory of Agriculture, Trade and Allegory of Allegory of the missing Science, 1804-1806) and decorated a waiting room of the residence of the prime minister. The first is an example of the backwardness in the design of industrial production was still in Spain. More than the working class, it refers to the spinners of Velazquez and the two appear to evoke a distaff model of production. This palace was also paint two allegories: Poetry and Truth, Time and History, alluding to the idea of placing illustrated in value of the written culture as a source of progress.
The Allegory of the town of Madrid (1810) is an example of the changes that were works of this genre andalusia mercy of successive political changes of this period. In principle appeared in the oval to the right a portrait of Jose I Bonaparte, and composing the female figure representing Madrid not clearly subordinated to the king, which is a bit deeper. This would reflect the constitutional order in that town, the town pays allegiance to the monarch “symbolized by the dog at his feet pointing towards the king, ‘but is not subject to it.
In 1812, with the first flight from Madrid to the French army advancing English, the oval is covered by the word “Constitution”, alluding to 1812, but the return of Jose Bonaparte in November obligo to paint again his portrait. His final march back to the theme of the work and constitution in 1823, so the Liberal Triennial, Vicente Lopez paint the portrait of King Ferdinand VII. In 1843, finally gets to do away with and replaced by the motto to “The Book of the Constitution, then by now referred to” Dos de Mayo “
Sharpening, 1808-1812 (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest).
Two paintings rooted customs, which are preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, representing the working people. The water carrier and are sharpening, and can be dated between 1808 and 1812. While it was considered a top rate of which appeared in prints and tapestries, and dated to 1790, later emphasized the link with the activities of the rearguard during the war, some anonymous patriots who sharpen knives and provide logistical support .
Without carrying to extremes the latter interpretation ‘in these works there is no mention of war and were listed separately in the series is described as “guerra of Horrors” in the inventory following the death of his wife Josefa Bayeu’, distinguished by ennobling it with the working class is represented. Is the water carrier from a low which contributes to enhance her figure with a monumentality that refers to the classical iconography, now applied to the humble offices.
Associated with these works is La Forge (Frick Collection, New York, 1812 – 1816), painted largely with spatula. The technique also abounds in fast strokes, the accused a contrasting chiaroscuro lighting and the movement becomes effective with a great dynamic. The three men could represent the three ages of ‘young, mature and old’ to work in unison to defend the nation during the War of Independence .
Fray Pedro de Zaldivia and bandit Maragata series of six paintings that visually tell the story of the arrest of a known felon in the early nineteenth century (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
In line of this painting done apparently to whether pictures of the cabinet which met with their personal concerns, are several paintings of literary subjects, such as Lazarillo de Tormes habits as Maja and Celestina andalusia Majas balcony and the balcony The satirical and decidedly old as’ an allegory about the hypocrisy in old age ‘or young women, also known as reading a letter. In the technique is already finished Goya, touch loose and strong stroke, and the meaning includes the presentation of the world to the exclusion of social satire, as in old ones. In these last two pictures shown by the then recent taste Verismo naturalist in a new line of Murillo, who moved away permanently from the requirements of idealistic Mengs. It is known that on a trip to the Kings made Andalucia in 1796 purchased for the royal collections of oil a Sevillian The lousy, where a rogue is espulga.
Old is an allegory of Time, a character who appears as an old man about to download a comic escobazo on an aging woman who looks at a mirror that shows a very caricatured face raised corpses. World Revolution. Internationalism. Subs orders … Trotskyism, a defender of the imperialist war. The World War II and the passage of …
… the Civil War no longer attracted leading figures of world history, or … George W. Bush to the plastic turkey. Power and delirium. The ball …
Franz K nstler the last German veteran of World War I, has died at 107 years old at the … George W. Bush to turkey, plastic …

Building history

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

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Remains of the original fort on which to build the palace.
The Louvre and its pyramid seen from the Arc de carousel.
The building that houses the museum is the palace of the Louvre. Its origin is in a twelfth-century fortress, with extensions and other Renaissance later. In the building accumulate King Charles V its artistic collections. Subsequent monarchs Francis I and Henry II’s palace planned reforms, making the true Renaissance royal residence. She was the queen Catherine de Medicis which outline the project that became the great palace of the Louvre which is currently ongoing work that Henry IV after the wars of religion.
The construction of the Palace of Versailles was that the Louvre would be empty by the royal family, and so is installed in, as in the eighteenth century the French Academy first, and then the other academies. There were held annual exhibitions of the Academy of Painting and Sculpture.
Palais du Louvre was affected by a decree from May 1791 to functions of art and science, concentrating in the following year’s collections of the crown. Part of the Palais du Louvre first opened to the public as a museum on November 8, 1793, during the French Revolution. This was a logical solution, since it was occupied by the academies, and because, as in 1778, had been drafted to use the Grand Gallery as a gallery
He joined the palace des Tuileries forming a single set until 1870, when the latter was destroyed in acts of the Commune of Paris, while also destroying the artistic treasures of the palace.
The last remodeling was the glass pyramid that serves as an entry from 1989, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei.
In March 2004 announced a new expansion of this museum. Will be dedicated to the art of Islam. For its design will convene an international competition in 2005. Opened in 2008 with an investment of 50 million euros for this project.
The courtyard of the Louvre Museum at night, with the pyramid displayed in the center.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Museum of ArtUnder Wednesday signed an agreement in Rome, Italy and the Cleveland Museum of Art will lead to a joint scientific committee to examine the museum “Victory horn (Chariot Attachment),”to see if physical evidence indicates whether the …
Art Daily [NI ] A Pair of Gold Bracelets Greek, Hellenistic period, circa late 4th-early 3rd century BC Each consists of a hollow hoop overlapping at the ends, the inside of the flat that increase long tongues, each with a single bullet punched on the tip , The top area dotted line, a thin band of bead-and-reel above, the exterior of the hoop unembellished but for each end where plain convex bands alternate …
Athens – A 14th-century Byzantine icon that was stolen from a monastery in northern Greece 30 years ago and ended in the hands of a London-based art collector had returned to Athens, the Culture Ministry said Thursday. The painting, which suits …
Arts magazine
If figures on my birthday, when I wanted to blog lite, there are more important news than candles on my cake. (Well , Not quite.) I May elaboration of some of these later.

New access to Government

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

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Clerides took office on February 28 at the head of a coalition government with DIKO, an alliance inedita, though many voters had caused bewilderment that had not been realized before, considering the significant overlap in two ideological formations that shared the niche center. The assumption by Clerides on his new responsibility entails his resignation from the seat of the chair and deputy executive DISY, but remained in the game as honorary president. As head of state, Clerides gained extensive executive powers and heads the Council of Ministers. His areas of decision-making itself was especially in foreign policy, national defense and security, ie everything directly related to the division of the island and the conflict with the Turkish Cypriots may veto Parliament’s legislative initiatives in these areas.
The arrival of President Clerides to the internationally recognized Cypriot state was a revival of contacts with the side of the island led by Rauf Denktash, president since 15 November 1983, the self-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (RTCN -TRNC), recognized only by his mentor, Turkey. The principle that guided the entire process, and endorsed Clerides, was established in the UN resolutions on a bizonal, bicommunal federation can remedy the de facto division of the island and intermittent outbreaks of tension between the two populations.
From 9 to 12 July 1997, Clerides said in Troutbeck, New York, with his old partner for the 1968-1976 talks a preliminary round of talks face to face. The optimistic expectations were soon unravel. The difficulties were not insurmountable power away from the issue of Cyprus-old enmity between Athens and Ankara, countries faced with a large number of disputes and litigation in the military, territorial, economic and cultural systems in which the status of Cyprus has been the most bitter.
Furthermore, the strong European Clerides, who took the witness for the application to join the European Union (EU), launched by the Government of Vasiliou on July 4, 1990 to irritation of the Turkish Cypriots. On December 12 1997 the president will share the satisfaction of the green light given to this demand by the European Council meeting in Luxembourg, so that the March 31, 1998 formal negotiations started up a process of adhesion is anticipated that successful given the high degree of preparedness of the country, higher than in the former Soviet bloc countries to meet the political and economic requirements, the acquis communautaire and to do well in highly competitive market economy of the EU.
Moreover, his proposed missile batteries deployed surface-to-air Russian S-300, with a range of 200 km, as a measure of the pressure of Rauf Denktash, reluctant to any agreement in principle to recognize Nicosia unless previously Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, aroused the wrath of the government of Mesut Yilmaz in Ankara and a barely concealed discomfort of Americans and Europeans who considered counterproductive to the idea and stressed the need to overcome the entrenched conflict in the island. On December 29, 1998 Clerides agree to abandon the controversial project in February 1999 announced that it had reached an agreement with the Greek socialist government of Kostas Simitis, in which missiles would be installed on the Greek island of Crete in the Aegean, while his property would andalusia Cyprus.
At the domestic level, the coalition DISY-DIKO revalidates majority in the parliamentary election May 26 1996, which granted the president’s party a satisfactory 34.5 of the votes without losing any seats, but on November 5 1997 Kyprianou solved to get its five ministers in a context of economic stagnation of the tourism income, poor crop harvests in the Mediterranean exporting countries and the financial costs of the recent acquisitions of armaments.
In 8 of the presidential and February 15, 1998 Clerides hardly renewed its mandate in the runoff with 50.8 of the votes compared to former Foreign Minister George Iakovou, with the support of AKEL and the DIKO. Immediately after the Government had to rebuild portfolios giving EDEK andalusia, andalusia Liberal Party (KF) and the Movement of Free Democrats (KED), plus some dissidents DIKO, alliance, however, did not provide an absolute majority. The new cabinet began on February 28 and before reaching the anus, the January 4, 1999, suffered the defection of EDEK, which had the Ministry of Defense, to protest the resignation of Clerides plan to install missile Russians.

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Assessment of the neonate

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

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After birth, carried out nutrients a series of tests whose function is to determine the health of the newborn differentiating normal variants and fenomenos temporary clinical signs of disease, and conduct a screening to detect, treat and follow-risk infants .

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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The Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia Weather Center has distributed by the Autonomous Communities (Asturias and Cantabria are integrated into one, Madrid and Castilla la Mancha too, Aragon, La Rioja and Navarra in another, another El Pais Vasco, Galicia in another, Extremadura in another, in another Baleares, Castilla y Leon in another, in another Murcia, Valencia in another, in another Cataluna, Spain and West Ceuta, Melilla and eastern Andalucia, Canarias Orientales (based in Gran Canaria) Canary Islands and West ( based in Tenerife). There Airport Meteorological Office in almost all commercial airports Spanish, and also the air bases of the Air Force. Besides, there OVERVIEW observatories throughout the Spanish geography.
In accordance with the provisions of Article 34.1 of Law 6 / 1997 of April 14 the organization and operation of the government, there will, with no consideration of integrated services, a delegation from the State Agency of Meteorology each of the Autonomous Communities, which is attached, except for such exceptions as may be set by the Board, offices, observatories and other units of the Agency in the respective territorial areas. The offices of the Agency in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla shall be attached to the delegation of the State Meteorological Agency in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The State Agency of Meteorology has a Center for Atmospheric Research in Izan (Tenerife).

Social Christian Party (Ecuador)

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

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The weather in Ecuador with the weather forecast weather forecast for today and the next four days to major cities and towns …
The Social Christian Party (PSC) is a political party Ecuadorian conservative tendency that originally inspired by the social doctrine of the Catholic Church and a traditional agenda, doctrinaire advocates of the welfare state and social market economy of the Christian Democrats . During the second half of the 90’s and early 2000, control the main political institutions in Ecuador, in which time is identified as the leader of the national ‘party.
It was founded by Camilo Ponce Enriquez and Sixto Dur n Ball n in 1951 as the Christian Social Movement. Its founders came to be president of Ecuador, the first in 1956 and second in 1992, although Duran Ballen was elected by the ephemeral Union Republican Party which he founded with the purpose of hosting an Application after a dispute with the dome Guayaquil PSC headed by former President Le n Febres Cordero.
The PSC had great influence in Ecuadorian politics, with strong support in parts of the coast region, especially in the province of Guayas, Guayaquil and its capital. The PSC has a broad bench before parliamentary elections until 2006 in the crash suffered a fall, but many governments still control provincial, cantonal and municipal.
The mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot, and the prefect of Guayas, Nicolas Lapentti, are leaders of the PSC, as well as Congresswoman Cynthia Viteri, who was presidential candidate for the October 2006 elections, making voting a low of around 9 of valid votes and be the first step of parliamentary strength to only 9 MPs. Currently the party is facing a severe crisis due to internal struggles for the leadership of the party. Prediction and forecasting of daily and weekly time in Ecuador. … 2004 to 2009 – HispaNetwork Publicidad y Servicios, SL Weather Service – Weather in Ecuador …
The Weather (Ecuador) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search … Time is an Ecuadorian newspaper founded April 12, 1955 …
information on the climate of Quito Ecuador, local weather forecast and international weather in your city and the world

Mariette taught French

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

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Mariette taught French and drawing in Stratford, England, between 1839 and 1840, served as a designer at Coventry in 1841, professor in the College of Boulogne in 1841, is passionate about Egyptology, visiting the Egyptian Gallery of the Museum of Boulogne and categorizing Notes Nestor L’Hote collected on his trip to the Tuscan-French mission on the land of the Pharaohs. To describe his passion, said:
Among a mummy in Egypt by the Museum of Boulogne. the art world has many interesting galleries that offer a great experience to the public, for example, ‘s galleries, managed by an extremely successful art dealer and trader Egyptian Duck is a dangerous animal: a peck and you’re poison inocula Egyptologist for a lifetime.
Learn Coptic language and hieroglyphic writing, and abandoning the faculty, became employed in the Louvre (ex Charles X), accepting a thankless and poorly paid work. Observed galleries by Emmanuel de Rouge exhibition and Lenormant Charles, was sent art to Egypt in 1850, funded by the Louvre, to acquire Coptic manuscripts.
The purpose is not making and antiquities using the funds for excavation in Saqqara, having admired the plain from the defenses of Cairo, having before their eyes the spectacle of the pyramids, the Nile, on the Plain of Saqqara.
Were there, almost within reach of my hand, a world of graves, steles, inscriptions, statues
What more could ask ‘
Crossing the plateau of Saqqara note, rising from the sand, the head of a sphinx, then think in the description by Strabo, in an alley (Dr me) with over one hundred and forty sphinxes leading Serapeum andalusia (the site had been previously visited and drawn by Richard Pocock c. 1738).
The Greek traveler said that he was in Memphis:
… a temple of Serapis in a place so desert winds there were piles of sand under which they were buried sphinxes, one half, until the other head …
The result was immediate, artifacts was unearthed some sphinxes, as well as a beautiful statue of bill: the Type (the 1 November 1850), a leading Egyptian statues in the department of the Louvre. Discovered and excavated from 1851 until 1854, the Serapeum of Memphis, also dated in many mastabas Old.
In 1857 once again returned to Egypt and met Ferdinand de Lesseps, the latter appreciates the interest of Mariette regarding the fate of old age . This was presented by Said Pacha.
We must ensure CAREFULLY monuments In five years, Egypt still be able to demonstrate to scholars who visit these as we see today ‘
Dig in Dra Abu el-Naga (Thebes) and found the sarcophagus intact works of art Ahmose, who reigned until 1567 a. C. the art circuit has been greatly improved by the artifacts and antiquities brought by among the many pieces of tremendous historical value and ended the dynasty of kings invaders Hicsos with making AVARISA.
Mariette was appointed director of old age jedive by Abbas in 1858. Founded and directed the Museum of Boulaq, preceding the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Since June 1858, on the banks of the Nile opposite Luxor, not far from the place where he had buried in the sarcophagus Kamose his team, led by Maunier, he discovered his wife Ahhotep as well as furniture and the sumptuous jewelry that accompanied it.
In the absence of the French Egyptologist, S.A. Egyptian authorities opened the sarcophagus, “stabilized” the mummy and keep the jewelry and found objects that issued via the Nile, bound for Cairo. The Director General of the oldest age intercept the convoy river recoverthe boxes, and appeared before Said Pacha, which reserves a portion for his personal use.
In 1860, he discovered and worked in the temple of Edfu dig that.
At the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867, the jewels are set in Paris Ahhotep and Empress Eugenia had some desire to possess, to the point that asked Ismail Pacha, who talked to the director of the Museum of Boulaq. Mariette opposed the imperial will, which I think exhibits major concerns.
Held in Egypt is awaiting the inauguration of the opera Aida, by Giuseppe Verdi, whose theme might have suggested and which was performed in 1870, during the opening of the Suez Canal, but due to the war in Europe and the defeat of Sedan The date was postponed to next year.
During this time, workers who retired in the wake of some members of the royal family, dating from the Old Empire, discovered the entry of a well, and one entered the gallery, candle in hand, and reappeared livido: just interbreed with the bright eyes of two people who looked fixedly Danino when he went to see what it was, was faced with the statues of Rahotep and Nefret were also incorporated into the museum Boulaq.
Mariette had in 1872, under his direction, 2780 workers working in Egypt, found some 15,000 objects and transfer of many places in Egypt and Nubia. Dig around 300 tombs at Saqqara and Giza.
He was appointed member of the Academy of Inscriptions and Fine Arts in 1878.

Detroit Free Press
Saqqara, Egypt Egypt’s leading archaeologist has revealed a preserved mummy in a limestone gallery sarcophagus sealed 2600 years ago during the pharaonic period.
South Town Star
The professor opens a cardboard box and gently picks up a couple Hunks of dried clay – dust baked relics that look into the long-lost world of the Persian empire that spanned a continent 2,500 years ago.
Al-Ahram Weekly
The conflict between Egypt and Germany over the 3400-year-old iconic bust of Queen Nefertiti has been at the forefront after the 1924 discovery of a document the mysterious story behind Germany holds the Nefertiti bust.

Atlantic Region

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

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In this region it rains almost throughout the year. Between December and February there are heavy rains caused many of them due to attacks by the frontal systems of the northern hemisphere toward the tropical latitudes in the rest of the year the rains are associated with the tropical atmosphere system that traversed the Caribbean Basin, the sea breeze and diurnal warming of the earth’s surface.
Taken from Hydrometeorology of Panama
Additional information on climate forecasting, climate maps of Panama and others:

Cedar Creek Pilot
Maps, menus, hours, coupons, and more …
The record journal
Meriden – The mysterious undulations of atmospheric fronts to the simple feeling of a gust of wind on his face, the weather has enraptured Nicholas Uhlman for most of his life.
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Photovoltaic energy in Cuba

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

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… Director of Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure Department of … Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and National Planning Department … No question about it, the energy market has improved since the entry of which has imporved my electricity and gas bills
Solar panels at Guantanamo, Cuba
Cuba over 40 years has made important social programs that profoundly transformed the status of its population, both with respect to development as compared to the rest of Latin America.
These changes are particularly evident in access and levels of education, health and basic services. 96 of the needs of the country household have electricity power system energetico National (SEN). The zones do not have access to these services are the most remote mountainous areas, where the level of rural electrification by all routes and sources is only 81 .
The mountainous areas of Cuba covers green energy 19,000 km2, almost 17 of the country cooking gas and are electricity ESCO living more than 720,000 inhabitants (6.5 of the total population).
Before 1990, communities in isolated mountain areas receiving a minimum of electricity supplied by diesel generating plants. natural gas is one of the forms of energy offered by in their top service and supply of electricity In recent years, given the severe economic constraints of Cuba, these power plants were destroyed by lack of spare parts and fuel. The few that are running very unstable and serve only two / three hours a day. The availability of electricity is essential for residential lighting, improve the heating quality and vitality of the doctors and teachers, as well energy costs as for socio-cultural development of the inhabitants of these communities, to have media, such as radio and television, for its cultural development and recreation.
The electrification of rural households in these communities through solar energy solutions are sustainable, ecologically sound. Under the conditions of these communities located far from the SEN is also the most economical solution.
Given the great importance it attaches to social development and agriculture, has been carrying a plan of electrification in the mountainous areas in order to curb the exodus of the rural population in these areas and gas extend the social benefits that are achieved with same, improving the living standards of the population and simultaneously create the foundation for the development of agricultural production in mountainous areas.
This project aims to gradually gas solve the energy needs of families of some 100,000 rural and remote and isolated as an aid to poorer regions, supporting social development, contributing to the development of the region.
Actually being a project which is to ensure the basic infrastructure of the farming sector and to ensure the information and entertainment in rural areas demonstrate to the formation of an energy and environmentally sound culture.
The electrification of the houses the office of family doctors in these communities through solar energy solutions are sustainable in the long term, ecologically sound, for this natural gas problem. Under the conditions of these communities is also the most economical solution. 2.4 relevant aspects of a national strategy in the context of development. Sustainable … maintenance and investment in energy infrastructure, …
Inflation and fuel: distorsion National … The importance of sustainable social housing solar Concepcion. …
… the infrastructure of the traditional national power during the peak winter season. … Sustainable development. Sustainable landscape. Environment …


Thursday, February 19th, 2009

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Main article: Sports in Malta
In the 1990s organized sports in Malta revived thanks to the setting up of a number of athletic facilities, including a national stadium and a basketball pavilion at Ta ‘Qali, as well a track suitable for athletic practice archery, rugby and baseball. In international sports competitions, the Maltese tend to support the British and Italian teams.
In 1993 and 2003 Malta hosted the Games of the Small States of Europe.
See also: National team football team of Malta and the Malta Judo
Welcome Guest! Fiji competitive teams in the Heineken Hottest 7s in Darwin, Australia began to win points this morning.
News 24 South Africa
In a strange irony sport, Schalk Burger and Luke Watson share the milestone of their 50th Stormer match.
Davetalevu (Fiji) 61 v Katherine Pirates 0, Red Rock Rugby Club (Fiji) 70 at Groote Eylandt Mudchooks 0, Uprising Beach Resort (Fiji) 61 at Becker NCS Dirty Boxes 0, Gordon 62 v Parap Tavern Drunken Monkeys 0, Randwick 33 v 1 Brigade Mens 7, Hong Kong Dragons 24 V Darwin Taipans 12 Samurai Global Fiji 45 v Kombat Cougars 0, The Country King Brown‘s 30 V Katherine Rucking Roos 0, Mosquito 39 v …
Honolulu Advertiser
feat: one of the top 100 players in the Northwest … played football and competed in track and field … Named to Advertiser’s All-State first team.