Photovoltaic energy in Cuba

… Director of Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure Department of … Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and National Planning Department … No question about it, the energy market has improved since the entry of which has imporved my electricity and gas bills
Solar panels at Guantanamo, Cuba
Cuba over 40 years has made important social programs that profoundly transformed the status of its population, both with respect to development as compared to the rest of Latin America.
These changes are particularly evident in access and levels of education, health and basic services. 96 of the needs of the country household have electricity power system energetico National (SEN). The zones do not have access to these services are the most remote mountainous areas, where the level of rural electrification by all routes and sources is only 81 .
The mountainous areas of Cuba covers green energy 19,000 km2, almost 17 of the country cooking gas and are electricity ESCO living more than 720,000 inhabitants (6.5 of the total population).
Before 1990, communities in isolated mountain areas receiving a minimum of electricity supplied by diesel generating plants. natural gas is one of the forms of energy offered by in their top service and supply of electricity In recent years, given the severe economic constraints of Cuba, these power plants were destroyed by lack of spare parts and fuel. The few that are running very unstable and serve only two / three hours a day. The availability of electricity is essential for residential lighting, improve the heating quality and vitality of the doctors and teachers, as well energy costs as for socio-cultural development of the inhabitants of these communities, to have media, such as radio and television, for its cultural development and recreation.
The electrification of rural households in these communities through solar energy solutions are sustainable, ecologically sound. Under the conditions of these communities located far from the SEN is also the most economical solution.
Given the great importance it attaches to social development and agriculture, has been carrying a plan of electrification in the mountainous areas in order to curb the exodus of the rural population in these areas and gas extend the social benefits that are achieved with same, improving the living standards of the population and simultaneously create the foundation for the development of agricultural production in mountainous areas.
This project aims to gradually gas solve the energy needs of families of some 100,000 rural and remote and isolated as an aid to poorer regions, supporting social development, contributing to the development of the region.
Actually being a project which is to ensure the basic infrastructure of the farming sector and to ensure the information and entertainment in rural areas demonstrate to the formation of an energy and environmentally sound culture.
The electrification of the houses the office of family doctors in these communities through solar energy solutions are sustainable in the long term, ecologically sound, for this natural gas problem. Under the conditions of these communities is also the most economical solution. 2.4 relevant aspects of a national strategy in the context of development. Sustainable … maintenance and investment in energy infrastructure, …
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… the infrastructure of the traditional national power during the peak winter season. … Sustainable development. Sustainable landscape. Environment …

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