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Corporative Education

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

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The aspect ‘ ‘ actions directed to pblico’ ‘ also it presented low punctuation front to the aiming for the internal public, the aiming for development of abilities techniques, among others (PNPREC, 2009). The integration enters the evaluation of the Corporative Education and the evaluation of performance, as well as the connection between development of abilities and remuneration, had presented the lowest punctuation for the aspects of perception with regard to the integration (PNPREC, 2009). This justifies the revision of the systems of Corporative Education used by these organizations, in order to incorporate mensurao mechanisms and rewards. The research showed that in relation to the integration with the management of the knowledge, the Corporative Education presents great influence in the application of the knowledge. Moreover, this knowledge acquired for the Corporative Education returns for the organizations in important sectors, as the resolution of problems and the development of leaderships (PNPREC, 2009). Thus, the Research demonstrates that the trends of the Corporative Education, in Brazil and the world, are: the continuous use of technologies and systems of information; integration between action of the EC and the too much areas of the company; consolidation of practical the existing ones in the market; EC as inductive element of the support in the company; partnerships with other companies, forming sectorial universities (PNPREC, 2009).

Training And Seminars

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

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Currently, the global crisis is very acute problem potavil the success of the Directorate in the business sector. Constantly 'floating' business methods revealed unwillingness of management to changing conditions, get a job. In connection with this highly topical issue was such as leadership training. There are many types of education and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but most superovskimi and izveysneyshimi on the moment there are seminars and training sessions. Types of seminars and training strongly lot. Known professional training and personal training, business training and corporate training. Basically everything is on purpose, want koiyu reach management.

Trainings and seminars – all professionals. The result of the training, workshop and its effectiveness depends on how early a special conducting such training, on how this professional will be able to communicate with management. That team training firm – primary factor in the high total students. Great fame now enjoyed business seminars and business training for leaders. And this is not unexpected, because only the first person responsible for it of their managers, he is responsible for all activities of the company. And mismanagement will inevitably lead to a fall enterprise.

And why should conclude that education – not a whim but a necessity for now. Known professional training and personal training, business training and corporate training. Basically everything comes from goals koiyu want to reach management. Trainings and seminars – all professionals. The result of the training, workshop and its effectiveness depends on how early a special conducting such training, from of how this professional will be able to communicate with management. That team training firm – primary factor in the high total enrollment. Great fame now enjoyed business seminars and business training for managers.

Medical Treatment

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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To you feel at home in Germany, we take the entire process of organizing your travel for treatment – from invitations to treatment from the clinic and the issuance of legal guarantees for the German embassy in your country permanent residence to you without any problems discovered visa for medical treatment in Germany and before the meeting, the wires in the Munich Airport (Flughafen Munchen Franz Josef Strauss), interpreter services and translation, hotel, reservation of seats appointment at the clinic and 'term' – the date of acceptance by your doctor. Also, if desired, the patient, he may order additional services in the form of, for example, trips to the Alps. Or admire the castles of King Ludwig, parks and mountain Royal Bavarian lakes, which are very much in the picturesque surroundings of Munich and Bavaria in general. Treatment in Germanii – the potentiality of German medicine you can count on the most advanced treatment in Germany, the exact diagnostic check – up and full-equipped multi-disciplinary rehabilitation in urban university and private clinics in Germany and Munich. Similarly, you can count on a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere of German clinics where treatment, care, nursing and patient care take place with German precision, thoroughness, punctuality, and communication with medical staff clinics at once gives the patient confidence in its near recovery. Agree, a good attitude towards you – this is important.

You can immediately feel the the difference between treatment abroad! Clinics in Germanii – it obrazets kachectva Service fee. But the treatment in Germanii – is not only prekracny cervic, women from the CIS. Especially in cases where the pregnancy is complicated or difficult runs, which require constant supervision of doctors and thorough care. And that choice is not surprising, because the clinic Germanii clavyatcya latest oborudovaniem for reabilitatsii reanimatsii and newborns. In addition to treatment onkologicheckih zabolevany, gematologii, neurosurgery and other napravleny, cvoey effektivnoctyu clavitcya and kardiologiya in Germanii.

Mountain Biking

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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In recent years, in parallel with the development of mountain-bike culture, interest in active recreation in the Crimea on the part of cyclists increased. However, the arc will never be ignored: the mild climate and the maximum number of sunny days a year, has attracted cyclists from all over the Union's southern coast route, stand out among others, its beauty and quality of asphalt pavement. But for mountain-bikers, there is another Crimea – Mountain, more severe, with its rocky roads, trails, and if not off the road (unless you're lucky). Cycling routes across mountain Crimea interesting and varied. With proper route selection, equipment, and an objective assessment of its forces, these routes will bring you the maximum enjoyment and pleasure with it.

But the South Crimea anyway mountainous terrain, with a varied mountainous terrain, and a characteristic height difference. Therefore we should not draw parallels with travel in their own city: where you can ride on the pavement, in a flat area a hundred miles per day, in the Crimea, for example, may be limited to forty kilometers. Anyone who has ever included over a bike through the main ridge of the Crimean understands what I mean. Half of the day you drag bike up the hill with a height difference of more than 800 meters, and then an hour or two drives off with her. Energy consumption at the same time – great, but they are overshadowed memorable done descent. One should not disparage security. Do not forget to wear a helmet! Additional protection is also not redundant.

Spanish Sports Federation

Friday, January 17th, 2014

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Hiking part of the need for human beings to get in touch with nature, taking advantage of their time in discovering and enjoying the environment that surrounds you. As such, it is, therefore, a non-competitive sports activity. It is precisely this desire to unite with nature which leads us to explore different rural areas or mountains, to unite peoples and valleys through roads marked, preferably traditional, recovering the old systems of communication. Therefore, hiking takes place in the natural environment, always in harmony with the environment, conserving it and protecting it; contributing to the development of rural tourism, and knowledge of all those economic, ethnographic, culinary and even urban elements that surround us. ORIGIN of the trekking begins in France after World War II.

Other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium drove trekking to new ways of conceiving the Manor of mountain. In Spain is introduced in Catalonia at the end of the 1960s and from here extends to other autonomous regions, but with an uneven development of a few others. The Spanish mountain Federation, today Spanish Sports Federation of mountain and climbing (FEDME) took over, and he called with the name of hiking, this new activity, born in the field of mountaineering and whose main difference is made along signposted paths. Spain currently has little more than 14,000 km. of trails signposted compared to countries like Germany with 210,000 km. France has 172,000 km. and Switzerland with 50,000 km.

Despite being a small country. TYPES of trails trails of Grand Tour (SGR): more than 50 kilometres; bind very distant points, and travel places, districts, regions or countries. Trails of small tour (SPR): between 10 and 50 kilometres. They show a few specific environments or reach a population, a refuge or a dei interest point. They often connect with SGR. The may be circular, so that they begin and end in the same place.

Visit Barcelona

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

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Today we present onedyinbarcelona of plug-ins: today I’d like to dedicate the day to complement your wardrobe and home. You start by the head; you spend by of kap, where you don’t know that Hat decide, all are pimps. Salts with most furnished head. You decide that it is also a good day to take care of yourself; so you eat vegetarian l hortet, you surprised the variety of the Charter and the delicious which is around away from the cliche thing healthy is soso. A new bag that coordinate with your last auto-regalada garment you think best to follow the afternoon, so you’re going at the whim of doll, perfect name for the store and the time. Hard to decide, but sales with a piece of those that you know you’re going to get much out. Not too far away is loom, where to find a scarf and necklace set to newly purchased bag.

To end the almost perfect day, you find those two details that you were looking for to your House and also those gifts you had earrings des of for weeks to your friends. Everything in the store. Often oneday, truth? Whim of wrist: faithful to the details and the care for finishes the embroils located in old premises in the District of el born, invites you to discover a wide space where antique furniture of different styles give the environment a personal charm. Muse under the tree: A fairy-tale account Silvina shop Musa that they don’t know how it started his obsession to make bags of all shapes and sizes. Kap: From head to toes just over one year ago, in the heart of Raval Edu and Javi created the universe DEKAP, a space between the new and old, urban and classic, between stone walls and wooden beams here you will discover a whole world of the feet to the head. There are more sites! Do you want to know them?

Function of Organisms

Monday, January 13th, 2014

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Thus, knowledge being a function of organisms, evolves with these and, therefore, can be studied and explained by a scientific discipline that study the evolution of knowledge in multiple knowledge systems. Of this mode, the knowledge is taken in the domain of philosophy to the domain of science. Focus posracionalista if agencies are, as he said Maturana, closed systems (Maturana & Varela, 1984;) Maturana, 1993 b), i.e. systems determined in our structure, is this that determines and not the means – both internal changes and the possible interactions with the latter occurring us. So that everyone knows as its own structural determinations. Accordingly, I accept as valid the claim that we do not have access to the knowledge of an objective reality and knowledge, rather than a representation corresponding to a supposed univocal order of reality, is an internal order, giving each agency, according to its own structure, to the accumulation of internal disturbances which are fired inside not as a result of their interactions with the environment. To say that knowledge is self-organization of the own experience and is, therefore, an indication of the structure of the Agency who knows and not of the supposedly known reality. This fact derives no less significant for the purposes of the problem that concerns us that: being human knowledge self-organization of the experience itself can be considered as, to this, not only cognitive (in intellective sense) but also composed of emotional aspects that are knowledge in the strictest sense of the term.