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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

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healthcare RIMAC Medical Corps ‘SMP’ LO. BULLETIN Control Committee of the medical-MEDICAL STRIKE MONTH OF JANUARY 2008 MONDAY JANUARY 7: NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Peruvian Medical Federation Day Zero ‘In the National Assembly the Peruvian Medical Federation on Monday 7 January, the medical corps raised in the presence of health minister of the need to solve the medical platform in this period: The implementation of a Unified Health System as the lead agency Reject politics integral to the municipal sector in the health sector as an attempt to disarticulation of responsibilities of the Peruvian state’s health all Peruvians. Absolute rejection of ‘SOAT’ doctor only Delas generate profitable growth away from private insurers to benefit the population, which only costs levar population Aetas Payment of Medical integrating the different parts of the country Homologacion medical insurance with social (16 salaries per year) Equalization of the unemployed and retired medical work according to law Appointment of contracted physicians. Was pulled the first product of the indefinite nationwide strike, where the ministerial resolution authorizing the resumption of the contest directors of hospitals and health institutes, a requirement of the National Guild finger against the designation of health officials’ National Medical Strike Viva! TUESDAY, JANUARY 8: First day of a major mobilization strike ‘ Various medical bodies of Lima and Callao provinces, after concentration in the Plaza de Jesus Maria Mariscal Caceres, made an angry march, through the main streets of Lima, culminating with a mass meeting in the middle of the glorious local Peruvian Medical Federation, in the presence of numerous national media and international, where they demanded the government an immediate solution to our platform of struggle. At a press conference, the president of the FMP express congratulations to the regional offices for compliance 100 of the national medical strike, a fact which aroused the joy of competition and also generates a response of government in a media campaign of vilification against the Peruvian medical profession has no legitimacy or credibility, as evidenced by the survey of the different media. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY health 9: METROPOLITAN ASSEMBLY IN HOSPITAL LOAYZA Second day of strike ‘With the presence of numerous medical bodies of Lima and Callao and some medical bodies from distant provinces of our country, metropolitan assembly was performed in the hospital Loayza which agreements were: Start a health plan decrease of bases in the various medical bodies in order to generate awareness of medical colleagues. for phasing in the process of struggle. It is thus that they have noted the massive increase and progressive physicians from Lima to the national medical strike, who with their fists reaffirmed their will to fight. THURSDAY 10 JANUARY MOBILIZATION AND REJECTION FOR CLOSING IN BIOSECURITY MEASURES ESTABLISHING DIFFERENT HEALTH: Third day of a strike ‘in the Cayetano Heredia Hospital has reported a massive spread of Tuberculosis, 8 residents of the hospital doctors wearing 2 of them MDR form.

Before Signing Tell Me, “are You Happy ‘

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

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The evidence of emotional intelligence are, for some years, a tool used by many companies and government agencies to outline and meet the candidates to get any work place. These tests vary in complexity and allow the examiner to get an idea sba loan of who the person examined. Very recently I had the opportunity to observe the results of a person undergoing a test of emotional intelligence. First was a little surprised, many of the elements in the test were rated successful to a greater or lesser extent (at least I seemed to agree with what you know the person), there was, however, some others in which the test I seemed not to reflect reality. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” ‘They say a picture is like’ he told me the person examined, does not reflect who I was before the test or who sere, who was alone at the time of examination. ” Several questions arose when I see the results. More than a photograph seemed to me an impressionist painting, where the image is not entirely nitida and is allowed to play commercial loan with the boundaries, assuming that it did not seem so far off the test. However, it appears that the variation in one unit (on a scale of 150 fifty points possible) is sufficient to determine “areas of opportunity ‘(which is the positive way of saying defects) in humans, because it seemed exaggerated if one accepts that the test can not be determinative of the character, then promote recommendations based on a slight variation may be a waste of time because, somehow, this could be really really specific feature in most developed and therefore , we would be wasting efforts on improving something that already are good. With all that in mind I kept thinking about the limits of these tests and I think we have a number of ‘areas of opportunity’ (or defects) Intrinsic and that many of those who do seem to accept: 1. They seek to quantify unsecured loan the unquantifiable. 2. They separate people at parties assuming the independence of them, that promotes better isolated ‘parts’ of the character and not an overall improvement. 3. To assume that you are better or worse than average (which is the only way that the test can speak of ‘normality’ in the abilities of individuals) does not mean you’re good enough course your needs. Perhaps more important that a director who is empathetic to be a messenger, as well as be more important than the messenger is a bit explosive type unlike the director (who is expected to have violent reactions to adversity). 4. When posting acquire a character of ‘scientific’, which gives further validation to some people even if we accept that what is assessed is not necessarily real. Bearing in mind these (and probably other weaknesses that such evidence may have), it seems consistent question the finance validity of such a test can serve as a filter for the recruitment of an individual. Input seems to be a good tool, but the reality is that it could give false information the candidate may have had a very bad week, for example, commercial business loans one section trying to measure happiness, if the candidate finished with his girlfriend, financing suffered the death of his grandmother, was a flat tire way to the interview and took his morning coffee, probably will leave as an unhappy person, though, depending on the person concerned, may, maybe a month, be a person ‘happy’. Similarly the test search for ‘dig’ that candidate does not want to say in his interview, to ask this: “has no right not to confess some things’ Of course the private equity employer should know whether the candidate has a professional record but not I’m quite sure who is entitled to know whether, according to a test of emotional intelligence, be happy or have good self-esteem.


Thursday, November 5th, 2009

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Facade Farroupilha agency.
Banrisul, Banco del Estado de Rio Grande del Sur SA, a gaucho is a state bank, whose business focus Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.
It was established on 12 September 1928 by the then state president, Getulio Vargas Dornelles. Created with the primary objective of long-term loans, an insistent solicitation of local farmers. Their mortgages were sure of the state, facilitating their placement in the market Interian, and abroad, the main source of resources for their long-term loans. Meanwhile, unsecured loan as mortgage loans they had low return and performance, I think the Bank since its inception a portfolio of short-term loans, offering loans as a continuous flow of tillage (mainly of rice, as the livestock industry and beef jerky or jerky. In 1998, the merged Banrisul ‘Caixa Economica Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul, through Decree 38,536 of 27 May the same year.
Its current mission is to promote economic and social development of Rio Grande do Sul. It is an institution which cares for people commercial business loans of all economic and social segments. It is a society of mixed economy, in the form of limited liability company whose largest shareholder is the State of Rio Grande do Sul , with a 56.97 interest, is present in 78 of the municipalities gauchos, with 415 agencies. As multiple provincial bank acts in the commercial portfolios, financial credit and investment, real estate credit, development, commercial leasing and investment. In the commercial portfolio develops products makes the investment viable, a strong partnership with the public sector, or agribusiness, micro, small and medium enterprises and service sector. As a development bank, is to articulate business and principal office of the chain. In social action, is dedicated to promote projects to improve the quality of life of the gauchos, mainly in the areas of education, culture, sports and environment. The focus of activity are natural persons, small and medium enterprises. To meet the 2.9 million customers, the network of customer support Banrisul has over a thousand commercial loan points in the country, distributed in 415 agencies, 286 posts, 2 agencies abroad (New York and Grand Cayman, a desk in Buenos Aires and 361 points Banrisul electronic, and 8928 staff (2006 data). Banrisul The group is made up of the State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul SA, SA Administradora Banrisul Consortia, Banrisul Securities Brokers Ltd. and Change, general stores and Banrisul Banrisul Services Ltd. His current presidnete is Fernando Guerreiro de Lemos, who heads the bank since 2003.
In the first half of 2006, the record Banrisul luvr that corresponded to financing a yield of 29 on liquid assets, surpassing by 11 than in June 2005. For the year 2008, according to Exame magazine Banrisul is one of the best companies to invest.
Preference gauchos
In 2007, overcame Banrisul again in the category of preferred banks and gaucho gauchos through the survey ‘burn marks decides do Jornal do Comercio. The Jornal do Comercio published annually that intoaccount, which has been won by Banrisul systematically.
In 2007, Banrisul step in finance a process of capitalization which ranks as one of the two largest public banks in Brazil. Banrisul returned to having a number ranozable free float in the Bovespa. The action was seen as a success, sba loan as well as maintaining control of the institution with the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, the bank significantly increased its liquid assets. The preference shares were traded without the right to vote.Banrisul company participates as Level 1 of Corporate Governance Index. The codes of their actions are BRSR3, BRSR5 and BRSR6.
The Banricompras Banrisul is a product that allows customers to use the card for current account payments to demand, time or split in establishments that have the agreement with the Bank. It is considered innovative because it belongs to the private equity client Banrisul, the flag of the PBS, the network of treaties and technological solutions.
Museum Open to the public, in Porto Alegre, in the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana and the Memorial of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the museum shows the whole trajectory of Banrisul. Banrisul, through the museum, meets a representative collection of the History of the State for its existence tuned to the socioeconomic and cultural context of Rio Grande do Sul.


Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

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EXPERIENCE OF GRAMEEN ROSARIO REPLICA: A LOOK humanistic YUNUS METHODOLOGY. When in the year 2001 we began to shape the idea of founding a Replica of the Bank of the Poor in legal Rosario (second largest city of Argentina) knew that we were fighting against the very idea wrapped in the poorer classes of our city about that the attorneys State (National, Provincial or Municipal, no matter which one) was to unconditionally attend the unmet basic needs of people with the social condition. In this country of contradictions, the State encourages welfare policies involving more than 20 of the population, structurally poor who will not suffer hunger but shall not have the possibility that their children or their children’s children let this condition. In a rich country like Argentina seems something unintelligible. However, this stratum of the captive population will continue the political destinies of who else is offered in exchange for their votes. This scenario has been gestating politics for over 50 years, in which successive governments maintained or increased the number of poor people through economic policies designed to not allow them to raise their educational level and economic, as they are useful for the purposes and sectoral constituencies. That if, will have his bag for food, community kitchen, their small cash allowance for incidentals and all without any consideration, only to remain poor and obedient to the system. Education and Work, or talk. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,

The problems of

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

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The problems of the Arab-Muslim iraq war woman, however, we have seen that nothing in the Koran, nor the tradition of the Prophet, or Islamic history, warrants a minimum injury to the pashto woman. Then, why does human rights this image of a woman humiliated, oppressed, tyrannized by Islam is so coins widespread and iraqi systematic in the world as ‘Do These myths or middle east realities’ I genuinely think both exist, there is a part of myth and legend about the Arab-Muslim woman to be unfairly distributed and islam there is a bitter reality that exists but is not as dramatic as they often show the media and that does policy not always muslim correspond politics to Western analysis. Before blaming to the other we must begin by what is ours and questions: Why this contradiction between what is true reality of Islam and crisis of in iraq Muslims’ Do Because in practice, afghan the evolution of recognition of women’s rights is a bit paradoxical ‘While in the Western tradition has not been justice long recognized equality to women, who then gains have been made very significant legal and social issues in some countries of Islamic tradition women who enjoyed this relations status conflict since the revelation of Coran have seen an involution and, sometimes, a regression of their rights. The ever busy founder and manager of NCL holdings serves as President and CEO of NCL Holdings, a global professional services company Explanations can be lengthy, but I would point first the fact that the brake on the development of women in some parts of the Muslim world is linked to a certain reading political of Islam made by some Wise Men ‘of course’ they soldiers had a misogynistic culture and reproducing the ancient traditions sexist, thinking that they were on soviet the right path religion of Islam. You have to highlight a very violence important problematic: the Muslim men taliban were willing to marines live Islam as a revolution of relationships in public life and a profound change in political and economic democracy hierarchy, but that Islam did not want to change protest anything in the relations between the sexes.