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Banrisul, Banco del Estado de Rio Grande del Sur SA, a gaucho is a state bank, whose business focus Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.
It was established on 12 September 1928 by the then state president, Getulio Vargas Dornelles. Created with the primary objective of long-term loans, an insistent solicitation of local farmers. Their mortgages were sure of the state, facilitating their placement in the market Interian, and abroad, the main source of resources for their long-term loans. Meanwhile, unsecured loan as mortgage loans they had low return and performance, I think the Bank since its inception a portfolio of short-term loans, offering loans as a continuous flow of tillage (mainly of rice, as the livestock industry and beef jerky or jerky. In 1998, the merged Banrisul ‘Caixa Economica Estadual do Rio Grande do Sul, through Decree 38,536 of 27 May the same year.
Its current mission is to promote economic and social development of Rio Grande do Sul. It is an institution which cares for people commercial business loans of all economic and social segments. It is a society of mixed economy, in the form of limited liability company whose largest shareholder is the State of Rio Grande do Sul , with a 56.97 interest, is present in 78 of the municipalities gauchos, with 415 agencies. As multiple provincial bank acts in the commercial portfolios, financial credit and investment, real estate credit, development, commercial leasing and investment. In the commercial portfolio develops products makes the investment viable, a strong partnership with the public sector, or agribusiness, micro, small and medium enterprises and service sector. As a development bank, is to articulate business and principal office of the chain. In social action, is dedicated to promote projects to improve the quality of life of the gauchos, mainly in the areas of education, culture, sports and environment. The focus of activity are natural persons, small and medium enterprises. To meet the 2.9 million customers, the network of customer support Banrisul has over a thousand commercial loan points in the country, distributed in 415 agencies, 286 posts, 2 agencies abroad (New York and Grand Cayman, a desk in Buenos Aires and 361 points Banrisul electronic, and 8928 staff (2006 data). Banrisul The group is made up of the State Bank of Rio Grande do Sul SA, SA Administradora Banrisul Consortia, Banrisul Securities Brokers Ltd. and Change, general stores and Banrisul Banrisul Services Ltd. His current presidnete is Fernando Guerreiro de Lemos, who heads the bank since 2003.
In the first half of 2006, the record Banrisul luvr that corresponded to financing a yield of 29 on liquid assets, surpassing by 11 than in June 2005. For the year 2008, according to Exame magazine Banrisul is one of the best companies to invest.
Preference gauchos
In 2007, overcame Banrisul again in the category of preferred banks and gaucho gauchos through the survey ‘burn marks decides do Jornal do Comercio. The Jornal do Comercio published annually that intoaccount, which has been won by Banrisul systematically.
In 2007, Banrisul step in finance a process of capitalization which ranks as one of the two largest public banks in Brazil. Banrisul returned to having a number ranozable free float in the Bovespa. The action was seen as a success, sba loan as well as maintaining control of the institution with the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, the bank significantly increased its liquid assets. The preference shares were traded without the right to vote.Banrisul company participates as Level 1 of Corporate Governance Index. The codes of their actions are BRSR3, BRSR5 and BRSR6.
The Banricompras Banrisul is a product that allows customers to use the card for current account payments to demand, time or split in establishments that have the agreement with the Bank. It is considered innovative because it belongs to the private equity client Banrisul, the flag of the PBS, the network of treaties and technological solutions.
Museum Open to the public, in Porto Alegre, in the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana and the Memorial of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the museum shows the whole trajectory of Banrisul. Banrisul, through the museum, meets a representative collection of the History of the State for its existence tuned to the socioeconomic and cultural context of Rio Grande do Sul.

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