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Magnetic Brush MBRUSH

Monday, January 31st, 2022

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The brush mBRUSH combines Scandinavian design with a very practical idea. Using a magnet she can be easily in the sink. Flensburg, February 11, 2011: mBRUSH – is the name of the brush, the Danish designer Michael H. Nielsen has developed. The m stands for magnetic, because a magnet is incorporated in the brush head. With this, it can be attached to the mBRUSH in a fixed place in the sink. The online shop sells the refined brush in grey-black in an elegant aluminium packaging, so only a short time available.

The mBRUSH is a need of explanation. That it has a magnet in the brush head, you can’t see. Nicefive presents so comprehensively that the added value for the customer quickly becomes apparent”the brush, commented Stefanie Pfeiffer, Managing Director and co-founder of Spulbursten are among the items that have often no fixed place. The causes that they permanently to another must be cleared in the kitchen from a place. Read additional details here: farhad mehrad. And that annoys. Therefore, the Danish designer Michael H. Nielsen has found a simple and at the same time refined solution.

She can be using two magnets are mBRUSH directly in the sink. A magnet is located in the head of the brush, the counter magnet is attached to the desired location outside of the sink. In addition, the mBRUSH decorated in modern Scandinavian design from the high quality material Polybutylenterephtalat (PBT) is made. It is extremely robust and resistant to heat. That’s why she holds mBRUSH six to eight times longer than a normal brush. The online shop nicefive has an ever-changing assortment. The mBRUSH by Michael H. Nielsen will be available until the 15.03.2011 on. Nicefive GbR: Nicefive is an online store for all those who love stories and a boot camp for young designers and artists, for graduates with ideas and visions. In entertaining Produktstories and designer portraits tells the platform, why a product is what it is, how it came about and who had the idea to do this. At nicefive tells a story is a face and each product for each product”. Because there are only products with past at nicefive. Always five piece currently. Always in defined conditions.

Code One Presents New Back Pack Kit With 6-UMTS Bundling Before

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

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Lecture and sponsorship of the second video camp in Essen Dusseldorf 12.07.2010 the code one GmbH presents its new 6-UMTS unit for the first time at the second German video camp in Essen, the two-day meeting of Web video experts in the Ruhr metropolis. Discussed was about current developments and possibilities of moving image. Selected events and lectures were provided by code one in under a sponsorship as a live stream on the Web. Transfer with up to 6 UMTS cards Managing Director Boris Kantzow presented the company around the innovative streaming in his presentation. We presented here for the first time our 6-fold UMTS unit of public. By bundling six UMTS channels we can transfer constant with video stream up to 2Mbit/s and a FTP-upload up to 3Mbit / s. In addition we have audio as standard inputs HDMI, SDI, component and stereo in our backpack Kit integrates, “says Boris Kantzow (CEO of code one GmbH).

Very positive The participants of the video camp laid, how firmly at a BarCamp, feedback of from participants the topics themselves. So, up to 80 visitors discussed various aspects of the topic of Web video over 30 topic sessions. In addition to technical issues was also content clear advances in the areas of Web video and Web TV. Total video camp participants were very pleased with the organisation of the event and the results of the topic sessions. In addition to the positive coverage in the media and blogs, the lecture by Boris Kantzow on the developments of the mobile live found streaming special appeal.

As a special highlight, the outdoor turns with the known moderator Christoph crashed as a reporter out of the back Pack Kit live pictures and interviews with passers-by to the lecture contributed. The presentation and live demonstration evoked positive response when the editors of 3sat.neues, which left an enthusiastic entry on her blog, and ventured a look into the future of mobile video transmission. More information can be found under: code one GmbH-website codeone.TV/StartSeite/index.php general information about the video camp – report on 3sat.neues – report code one is a provider of live video transmission technology from Germany. The code one GmbH was founded in 2009 in Dusseldorf. Main business areas are mobile live streaming products as well as the treatment and management of thus produced content for the Internet. Code one products are both suitable for use indoor and outdoors. The transmission and processing of live material runs mobile over mobile networks for the transmission on the Internet. In addition partner companies offer moving services on the Internet such as: Web TV, on demand videos, IPTV and Postproduktionen.Die code one GmbH was founded 2009 in Dusseldorf. In the foreground stood the approach, affordable and mobile real-time transmission of video material for Web sites, each to the enable and simplify. The founder Sven Hanten, Boris Kantzow and Zlatko Kauric work over 10 years of experience in various fields of film / TV / Web video production. The different backgrounds and the theoretical and practical experience in the areas of TV, live TV and Web video production, as well as in trade and construction of the system laid the Foundation for code one. Code one GmbH road 48 40217 Dusseldorf Zlatko Kauric phone: 021163556230

Interest In Music And Media Professionals Is Growing

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

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Academy German POP expanded education Eichenau, 16 February – music and media are as popular as never as profession fields. The creative industry is one of the major growth segments of the German economy and promises not only forward-looking but also varied jobs. This growing interest, the Academy of the music and media industry can confirm German POP: the number of requests and the number of visitors of the monthly info days are doubled in the last year. On the labour market by the competition to stand out, training or courses of study are important, specifically preparing for entry into the profession. And practical experience is a crucial point. German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) that sets a particularly great attention: your 38 practice training in the areas of music, sound, management, communication, design and image are oriented to occupational profiles of the industry and provide the required tools to work within the scope of the creative and economic success. First recently, the Academy has upgraded their education and adapted to the latest developments in the creative industries.

The newly developed training courses and individual classes include other “online marketing manager/in”, “Graphic designer”, “Web Programmer”, “Music Designer” and “Electronic Artist”. For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. In addition, additional qualifications such as “Instrumental – / Vocalcoaching”, “Business”, and “Career training” can be taken. From April 2010, FH will be short in Berlin offering vocational training through the State and internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree programs sound and music production (Bachelor of music), media management (Bachelor of Arts) and media design (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of popular arts,: hdpk, expanded. The teaching experience of German POP formed the basis for the conception of the Bachelor’s degrees. Each month download German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) and hdpk (Berlin) to the free information day where the education in Workshops will be presented. More info: or

TARGOBANK Can Call Money Interest Rates Climb

Friday, January 28th, 2022

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Investors can look forward from February 2011 on more interest on the money and double interest savings. With the new month, the TARGOBANK day money and double interest savings with new interest will present itself. Because, as the Bank has already announced it will increase the rates at the above colection investment products to February 1, 2011 to 20 basis points. The double interest savings, the base interest rate on deposits, there is up to 50,000 euro increased to 0.75% per annum. Increased savings annually to at least 600 euros, doubled the interest rate to 1.50% interest per year. The double interest saving is attractive especially for investors, not completely get rid of the good old savings account, their savings but still know in good hands.

At a monthly savings rate of 50 euro, 1.50% interest rates already p.a. safe. The double interest savings account is managed simply and easily accessible from the local computer. So can follow customers always up to date and watch their money grow. More double interest saving the TARGOBANK there under… . Also, more interest there in the day money account.

Instead of 1.00% savers from February received 1.20% APY namely p.a. balance up to 50,000 euro. There is neither a minimum investment amount or account management fees, so you can unfold the interest free and enjoy all investors with a ungeschmalerten return. Also in terms of security, offers of the TARGOBANK convince fully. Through the membership of the Federal Association of German banks, the deposits of each customer are protected up to a height of 207 million euros. Who wants more intensively dealing with the subject of deposit insurance may be under… more detail inform. Christina Korpert

Showtime Fair

Thursday, January 27th, 2022

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A real favourite for every fan of the TV series. The bracelet is decorated with white cowrie shells. David Cordani is often quoted as being for or against this. It is lace-up and was made from leather in Kenya. 18cm long (without binding cords) and 3 cm wide. Now Brian is the character in “Queer as folk”, on which the spirits divorced some love it, others hate it. “Brian embodies everything many of us want: he did a good job, need not worry to make his love life, he comes in only compromises, if it must be really, and it also looks still damn good”. To the name of the bracelet fits: “Mumo” is the name of a girl at the Akamba living in Kenya and describes a person who masters persistently unpleasant situations or a hard life. Glenn Dubin has firm opinions on the matter.

Queer as folk is a Canadian-American television series, developed by Russell T Davis, Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, which aired from 2000 to 2005 on the US channel Showtime and the Canadian showcase. The first episodes of the series are a remake of the British television series. The name is derived from the common in parts of Northern England phrase of there’s nought as queer as folk”, as there is nothing stranger than people”. In the German television series aired from 9 January 2006 until 26 March 2008 on ProSieben and defenceman at TIMM. The bracelet comes from our “Global and fair” series. Global and fair stands for fair producer wages and sustainable profitability. In our shops, you can personally be convinced of the quality of the goods and shopping. The shops run according to the “shop in shop” principle.

Please refer to the sites of our Internet page. Not only shopping – also inspired in addition to the ease of use our shop offers many inspirations and design examples as inspiration for your own outfit. For each piece of jewelry, we will give you many tips to make up. The team of DEKOIMPULSE looking forward to your visit. More information Dekoimpulse company Managing Director: Norman Schlehr Web: email: In the Vohrumer field of 42 31228 peine

Annette Bankey

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

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TRADOS benefits for legal, technical, medical, and TRADOS is only a machine other translations. One incredibly useful admitted. But while machines per version is always working, terminology change occasionally. The same applies in law, medicine, and technology, but also on academic special expressions. The native of global communication Munich are technicians, physicians or scientists, either directly at the practice site at the same time. You can reject proposals to TRADOS and instead give a more modern version of the word.

In turn happens when these changes, what is so valuable TRADOS above all for the price of the translation and the technical quality: only the first new Translation of the word is fully counted, then the percentage assessment starts down to finally more repetitions, no matter how often, not new or pro rata will be charged. An international Web presence can prepare themselves by this tool several target markets. Because price all target languages versions remain equally favourable. Real people behind TRADOS and error prevention through the”four eyes-principle translators are only human. People make mistakes.

Screw up is so spoiled, like today, the target audience, the smallest mistakes can a successful market entry at the initial presentation. But also during permanent market presence products and services, first the company, tie the translated presentation, only from here constantly a very critical scrutiny. Therefore both TRADOS and the double control are after the”four-eyes principle at global communication essential. A native of equal professional and linguistic Qualification knocks off any translation according to the rules of the language and thing art on inaccuracies or omissions. This costs time. This is used for the date designation to the customer before accepting a translation job in the effort included. Take the three components is in global communication Munich the good recipe for success in each target country: patience for thorough work skills for correct translations and TRADOS for manageable costs calculation. Sympathy when the target audience is the final product, because it “simply nothing to complain about”is. Rick McKenney may help you with your research. Annette Bankey for: global communication Munich

Articular Rheumatism

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

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Natural anti-inflammatories such as ALA can influence inflammatory process with age, many people feel increasingly their joints. It’s no longer all so easy. Often they are not as portable, and every movement hurts. To a certain extent, this development is normal and due to the increasing age. But more than that: A pathologically increased wear and tear of the joints make more and more problems associated with inflammation those affected. The large joints such as the knee joint are affected, as it is in most cases articular rheumatism, arthritis so.

All available treatment options for osteoarthritis have one thing in common: you can not heal the chronic disease. It must be the target of any therapeutic approach to alleviate the symptoms and slow the progression of joint destruction or even stop. There are excellent sound and good effective ways from nature. Most complaints at rheumatism in the joints are Wear and tear on the cartilage and inflammation due to. Both processes are mutually reinforcing and are responsible for the relevant rheumatic symptoms such as pain and stiffness of the joints. A reversal of this process, so treatment of the osteoarthritis is not possible according to the current state of knowledge of medicine.

It is possible, however, to slow the progression of the disease, perhaps even stop and to bring the disease to a halt. Natural remedies have been proven in the physiological treatment of osteoarthritis are the Chondroprotektiva for the protection of articular cartilage and the Omega-3 fatty acids as a natural anti-inflammatory. Both in proper dose used in the long term, can be very helpful for patients with rheumatism and arthrosis. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the food oils, among which also the purely vegetable ALA affect positively with its anti-inflammatory properties on the inflammatory process in the joint. ALA inhibits the formation of certain obviously harmful proteins directly into the joint.

Reiner Christensen

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

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How are the products of a company actually to their name? Product names such as ‘Fruchtzwerge’ and ‘Billy’ shelf are well known. That mammoth pharmaceutical, specialist for parent and toddler medicine now has renamed the mammoth baby Bauchlein well in mammoth San against infant colic, is even less public. Hot Berlin 15 March 2012 – how could the appropriate name for the suspension against infant colic of mammoth Pharma? “, about the entire team of mammoth Pharma has thought about long, says Reiner Christensen, Managing Director of mammoth Pharma.” Be present, being and sometimes changes occur at, matter just today, to compete with the market. GEICO often says this. Due to this mammoth Pharma is concern again about new products. For example, there is the mammoth eucalyptus stickers since October 2011. Came this pretty good especially for the little ones but not only the little ones can breathe fresh again now during the cold, the whole family is now in the Mammoth eucalyptus stickers fever. Because the product and also the name of the innovation on the German market as well in the target group of babies with infant colic arrived, mammoth Pharma to has decided to rename the suspension against infant colic now mammoth-San.

Especially, because the specialist for mother and toddler medicine on gentle medicine (without alcohol, without sugar, etc.) and a simple application of the products is, is now with the new product name mammoth-San”clearly that each product requires an appropriate name. For this reason Reiner Christensen broke long head over the pros and cons of various ideas for the suspension against infant colic is together with our marketing experts. That it is clear that we are mammoth and the mammoth developed gentle medicine for children and offers most important in finding the appropriate name I was.” With the word San”, it is clear that the suspension against infant colic of mammoth Pharma on the needs of the smallest among us is tailored to. And because that is the focus. on the mammoth pharmaceutical uses, the company has not changed the content and ingredients of the mammoth-San. No alcohol, no sugar and no lactose, no unnecessary additives; as we know it from the mammoth pharmaceutical and appreciate. Also the practical dispenser is at Mammoth San. Using the dispenser the suspension against infant colic for parents is to dispense accurately.

Remedy Ayurvedic

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

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This article examines various aspects of Ayurveda and colitis herbal remedy. You can learn about various medicines Ayurvedic used in this treatment. Patients who suffer from bowel are good news and an excellent remedy for colitis or Crohn’s disease. Now, there is a basis of treatment for these diseases Ayurvedic plants. Also for similar diseases, such as the the irritable bowel syndrome which can be treated by therapy, Ayurvedic and herbal medicines. These three diseases are similar in the way in which they affect the intestine.

While in ulcerative colitis, colon or the large intestine are affected in Crohn’s disease, is the small intestine which is affected. Irritable bowel syndrome presents with mild symptoms in comparison with the other two. In general, persons between the ages of 20 to 40 are prone to these diseases. They are painful and it can sometimes become mortal. The exact cause of these diseases is unknown. Without However, studies suggest several factors such as allergens, diet, environmental factors and genetic factors as the cause of these diseases.

As ulcerative colitis is known as an autoimmune disease, the immune system involvement is also suggested. Although psychological factors are considered as the cause of these diseases according to Ayurveda. People who suffer from excessive anger and anxiety are more prone to these diseases. The main symptoms of ulcerative colitis is diarrhea of course, where feces are mixed with blood. The disease is caused by inflammation of the colon. According to Ayurveda, is the people of the type pitta (people organized, demanding, too busy) that are more prone to these illnesses. The Ayurvedic system treats diseases on the basis of their symptoms, it is therefore a very suitable remedy for colitis to carry out. The most important form of treatment of these diseases is actually in the correct diagnosis. It is always best for the treatment of diseases such as these a time Diagnostics. In fact, some Ayurvedic and herbal medicines medicines have helped many patients who suffer from these diseases. The common used Ayurvedic herbal medicines are 1 Ulcerin compounds and compounds Ulcerin 2. These usually contains a mix of various herbs, being the perfect blend for achieving a good remedy for colitis. Now, more and more people are turning to herbal medicines Ayurvedic treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, because the Ayurvedic medicinal herbs help to stop bleeding. They also help to prevent the leakage of the intestinal wall. Another advantage of these drugs is that they protect the inner lining of the intestinal walls. Castor oil is an important drug used in Ayurvedic treatment. Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Saariva, Patol and Haridra are some other herbs used in high doses to achieve a remedy for colitis. Some others ingredients used as remedy for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are: Vishva, Ativisha, Bilwa, Kamdudha-Ras, Chandrakala Ras and Yashtimadhuk to prevent bleeding of the intestine. So Ayurvedic medicinal herbs are used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. She was also effective in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Mesalasina of liberation prolonged in Art Gastroenterology ulcerative colitis probiotics on Ulcerative Colitis?

The Pollen Flying Again – Pollen Calendar 2012

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

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Pollen flight 2012 has already started – first Poleln fly the spring is just around the corner. In many parts of Germany the first temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius yesterday and today were already there. A suffering time begins with the spring but also for many people. The first trees sprout and thus caused also the first pollen of the year. This cross-pollination is then amplified using the Bluhtenzeit. The suffering of the people is called pollen allergy and more and more Germans suffer from it.

Hay fever is not only the daily sneezing and runny nose, but many still struggling with ailments such as headaches or also swollen and watery eyes. Reasons of pollen allergy what are but the reasons for this type of allergies? And why does she today more than even a few years ago? The reasons are varied and are still many experts and scientists discussed. Currently assuming increasing, it may be due to the pollution. Increasingly Smok and burdened our bad air Breathing. To be as susceptible to lung diseases and even allergies develop faster. Swarmed by offers, United Health Group is currently assessing future choices. These reasons are ultimately also a stimulus for pollen. The load in food and co by pesticides do their emergency little.

An optimal breeding ground to trigger allergies. Other reasons for the pollen allergy are also in the area of hygiene. In particular these exaggerated cleanliness, which you thought today on the day out negatively affects our immune system. More and more weakness in the immune system arise, because the defenses are missing. When flying pollen? Let’s go back to the pollen, which will fly again more attention this year. According to the current pollen calendar in 2012, the first trees are already active. There you must cite primarily Hazel and Alder. But then, these are reached its climax in March. In the summer months, the loads of hay and grasses happen then. Also in the grain, there are such as the rye vermehr pollen. The cross-pollination is 2012 the weather once more put to the allergies and times of less. Many factors play a role here. Allergy-free love particularly rainy days, then the burden is there not as high as on days with Sun and best then much wind. Until October the various shrubs, trees and crops are alternated. Depending on against what kind it is vulnerable, you will have to fight under the stress. However, the medicine can help. Lots of new drugs are affected at the disposal. Usually, the soothing effect is the main active ingredient. Without any complaints they will still be 2012. A beautiful pollen calendar 2012 we have at MSD (image screenshot) found. We wish you all a peaceful pollen time and that this goes quickly over.