The Pollen Flying Again – Pollen Calendar 2012

Pollen flight 2012 has already started – first Poleln fly the spring is just around the corner. In many parts of Germany the first temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius yesterday and today were already there. A suffering time begins with the spring but also for many people. The first trees sprout and thus caused also the first pollen of the year. This cross-pollination is then amplified using the Bluhtenzeit. The suffering of the people is called pollen allergy and more and more Germans suffer from it.

Hay fever is not only the daily sneezing and runny nose, but many still struggling with ailments such as headaches or also swollen and watery eyes. Reasons of pollen allergy what are but the reasons for this type of allergies? And why does she today more than even a few years ago? The reasons are varied and are still many experts and scientists discussed. Currently assuming increasing, it may be due to the pollution. Increasingly Smok and burdened our bad air Breathing. To be as susceptible to lung diseases and even allergies develop faster. Swarmed by offers, United Health Group is currently assessing future choices. These reasons are ultimately also a stimulus for pollen. The load in food and co by pesticides do their emergency little.

An optimal breeding ground to trigger allergies. Other reasons for the pollen allergy are also in the area of hygiene. In particular these exaggerated cleanliness, which you thought today on the day out negatively affects our immune system. More and more weakness in the immune system arise, because the defenses are missing. When flying pollen? Let’s go back to the pollen, which will fly again more attention this year. According to the current pollen calendar in 2012, the first trees are already active. There you must cite primarily Hazel and Alder. But then, these are reached its climax in March. In the summer months, the loads of hay and grasses happen then. Also in the grain, there are such as the rye vermehr pollen. The cross-pollination is 2012 the weather once more put to the allergies and times of less. Many factors play a role here. Allergy-free love particularly rainy days, then the burden is there not as high as on days with Sun and best then much wind. Until October the various shrubs, trees and crops are alternated. Depending on against what kind it is vulnerable, you will have to fight under the stress. However, the medicine can help. Lots of new drugs are affected at the disposal. Usually, the soothing effect is the main active ingredient. Without any complaints they will still be 2012. A beautiful pollen calendar 2012 we have at MSD (image screenshot) found. We wish you all a peaceful pollen time and that this goes quickly over.

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