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Val Gardena Sport

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

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The fresh air, walking between the flower-filled meadows, rest or sports. Val Gardena offers this and much more… Many are in love summer in the Val Gardena, in the bright blue days, fresh air, the meadows, the mysterious forests, the pale mountains of flaming red in the evening light, the enchanted dolomite nights. And who knows the Gardena mountain summer, which remains loyal to him. Because he has a big heart and a thousand joys. Enjoy a piece of it. Valgardena card and sports the athletic possibilities in Val Gardena are varied by ideal hiking conditions, great climbing tours and interesting mountain bike routes.

Thanks to the mobility card “Valgardena Card”, 6 or 3 days 12 lift facilities, as well as all public bus services in the Valley and the rest of South Tyrol can be unlimited used starting in June. New: Val Gardena Active with this weekly program we invite you to experience the nature of Val Gardena active and even effortlessly and without long searches your individual holiday program to put together. For guests of Val Gardena active member companies are free events or price reduced, excluding child care. For more information see. Local specialities but also to relax and enjoy Val Gardena is the top destination.

Gourmet restaurants with local specialities, Italian cappuccino and buckwheat cake, or a hearty snack seduce with shaking bread, bacon and cheese. Wellness ensure well-being, in addition to the hotel’s Spa and wellness offers of the experience saunas, steam baths or Jacuzzis of the Gardena indoor pool “Mar DOLOMIT”. Val Gardena wood carving the numerous traditional buildings with Val Gardena wood carvings, museums and art exhibitions, chic boutiques and diverse pedestrian invite to stroll and shopping. Culturonda the culture guide culturonda Dolomythos Dolomythos has appeared – twelve ways to culture and way of life in the Dolomites. Since 2009, the Dolomites are listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Reinhold Messer, they are not the most beautiful mountains in the world. But how can this great honor for locals and tourists are made alike can be experienced without disregarding the sustainable development of this unique mountainous region? The answer is Culturonda Dolomythos. The culture guide provides a new view of the Dolomites, on the people who live there and their history on 12 stations. The project includes the South Tyrolean Dolomites both geographically and thematically, and bundles the following topics: geology, the phenomenon of Alpenglow, minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, legends and myths, trade routes, mountaineering, the beginnings of tourism, the theater of Dolomites, the Ladin language, monuments of nature, the four nature reserves in the Dolomites. “To each of the twelve themes has Culturonda Dolomythos selected three special experience points: so the rock structure of the Dolomites on the platform of the geologist is” tangible on the Alpe di Siusi. in the chapter about Ladin legends is what uncovered, it for example with the The marmots ‘ to Parliament. Culturonda offers culture as a journey of discovery. The routes are individually planned – and can be combined. Moreover, a card with 40 cultural experience points is the brochure enclosed and available in the languages German, English and Italian. Culturonda Dolomythos is as available soon Culturonda wine part of SMG culture project Culturonda. This brings together the twelve most important cultural themes of in South Tyrol, including the Dolomites, otzi, South Tyrolean cuisine and wine. Culturonda offers culture as a journey of discovery.


Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

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Many people do not understand how it is possible to be efectar self-esteem of somebody low.They give by seated their normal one stature.The people who are high often they think that they are better than those than they are low. Although we dealed with not tolerating the ridicules to people of low stature or the people with dwarfism, this behavior continue being something that happens.Even in the television, there is a prejudice towards those that are extremely short. For the people whom they have had to suffer to be low, no they are tenian ways to solve this problem.Although she will not grow very high, there are some who have been able of to increase its height between 10 and 20 inches, although the highest range is in exceptional cases. The obvious solution to the highest flood is hormone treatments.This is because hormones stimulate growth.Many doctors they do not like to support this type of treatment because he can be risky.It cannot be complications of this treatment that can be detrimental stop its health. The manipulation of growth hormones can take to the imprudence dangerous results.Like in the industry of the construction of the body, people have looked for a fast solution to gain muscle in mass.This irresponsible use of growth hormones has the life of indirect effect is pronounced in terrible danger.If still you decide that you want to go to this route, asegrese of which that you consult with a licensed medical professional. The results of this procedure vary much and are very expensive.Besides this, it is not recommended those that want to try to have children. He would be safer to try to look for more on approval the methods stops to grow more stop. It is easy to increase his inches of height nine and fifty and five minutes by means of the use of proven quality techniques.Many of these methods are free trick and it will not let feel disappointed. You want to know more?


Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

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We would run the risk not to perceive these atrocities that in are imposed the irrationality in understanding the life as ethical virtue is perhaps the real calamity human being. We could ties to consider small deficiencies that desvirtua or becomes virtuoso the human being. The atrocities of the world caused for the beings that in it inhabit, they can be surpassed with the practical one of the virtues. The human being that lives and practical the virtues, to have a happy life, can be capable to surpass these intempries caused by the egoism and badnesses human beings. If truily, as Aristotle says, being capable to keep a noble soul. Not of acceptance the diseases suffered for the others, accepting the way of the misfortune, but for being capable of if keeping firm in the intention of the ethical virtues. We can be capable to make of the misery a victory against the injustice, or then of the suffering a powerful shield against the revenge and great power human being. The badnesses and injuries could not be capable it world of in them pulling out the nobility of the soul.

From the choices that we make we become the reality where we live what it is in fact. If we will be really gentlemen of history for the fact of being able to make choices on the basis of the ethics, then, we are capable to find the direction of the proper life. The question all this life of the human being, for all search that makes, would be happiness. In the deep one of all search of the human being it would be the search of the proper happiness. As much the search of the knowledge, the direction of the life, the origin and end of all the things, all passes for the intention of being happy. To find God, to explain the Metaphysical realities, would be the search of the happiness.

Air Terminal

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

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The flight It runs silent, trouble-free, unique turbulence of his spirit. Through the window he sees how the long-awaited city approaching rapidly, he thinks that at some point in that city, someone already is waiting for him. Hands sweat you, absorbing heat begins to invade your body and an anxiety State pressed his chest. The captain announces that it’s time to buckle up, the aircraft flies to the airport and after a slight wobble, glides smoothly along the track, heading to the national arrival hall. Heart beats fast, just you get a message that tells you: Hello now did you? and answered Yes, that just landed. Leaves the airport and as had been previously agreed, goes to the Air Terminal subway, where no runs but flies to reach it.

It is rush hour, the crowd of people the impression that reached agreement to prevent the passage: with permission, with permission, it screams desperate and finally manages to enter Al vagon: your destination: Terminal General Anaya. The nerves are of Tip, have passed only about ten minutes of travel and him seem to they have been centuries. It flips to see route guidance and realizes that only missing a station to reach. The heart is out of place; their temples bounce like knots trying to explode; an anguished knot pressed his chest. Anxiety in all its splendor. Finally reaches the Terminal General Anaya, go down, turns to see your watch, is close to the time of the appointment had been agreed at ten o’clock in the morning. In that, vibrates your phone, is she, hurrying answers it and heard her tell him: Sorry, struck me a tire and I’m going to take a little bit, porfis, do not despair.

The answer is the classic don’t worry, here I hope you where are left. Runs one time, hour and half and she does not. He is desperate, thinks the worst things in the world: that will not come; He snickered It was a futile trip. However, the moment arrives, when you least expect it, the sound of a horn almost explodes in your ears, flips and occurs Note that it is not known, but his instinct tells him that it is his princess in all its splendor. Crossing glances and both eyes are filled with emotion. Physical presence far exceeds the expectations that had shared since before. The crush is instantaneous, the chemistry is mixed and arises intense infatuation. A tender Kiss seals his encounter, is the prelude to a day intense and passionate the rest was the I leave to your imagination. Original author and source of the article.


Thursday, June 9th, 2016

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Lying to its side, Eva smiles to it. Radiating, and already forgotten the other, then it exclama: – This yes. It is bone of my bones and meat of my meat! Satisfied, God declared: – You multiply you! You full the land and you submit it! – You dominate on the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky and all animals that crawl on the land! To break daqui we were with the impression of that the animals live for our cause, that belongs in them, and that we can make with them what to understand well. Nothing more missed, that this poor thought, therefore all the animals have its proper intention to exist and we are only plus an animal species that with it cohabits this land, of which all we are guests. Hidden, Lilith observes the scene. To recover of the surgical intervention, the one that is submitted without knowing, Adam lay down it to sleep a nap.

Meanwhile, curious, as the women had of being after it, Eva was walked for the garden. To saltitar, daqui for not stepping on small lagartixas there or other rastejantes bichinhos, to cantarolar it was until a is situated near the border of of the river. One sat down in a rock and it left that the feet dived in the limpid water, where numerous peixinhos swam almost to the surface. Supervening a deep religious ardor to it, it kneel and it prayed: Debtor, Gentleman? for everything how much in the ones of these! For the peace, for the light and the heat? debtor, debtor, Gentleman! – Woman? – A candy Called voice. Still in it settles, Eva was risen and started to walk in the direco of that voice. In the way it garden, serpenteando for the branches only existing apple tree, was Lilith, the woman serpent, looked that it of looking at fixture.