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Middle Ages

Friday, July 12th, 2024

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All of us are used to send each other postcards with the new year. Agree, this is a great way to pass a piece of holiday warmth to family and friends. White snow, tree, funny characters – what could be better addition to the good mood? As you know, everything in the world when something happens the first time. Every phenomenon has its own prerequisites. In this connection the question arises, where there was a tradition to give cards to the new year. Set up time machine. Ready? Let's go! Let us fast forward more than a thousand years ago.

Who is he mutters in an unintelligible language? So this is a Chinese laments that did not find the house owner. Glenn Dubin, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. What do you do? The answer is clear and simple. Should be left note, which will indicate the name of the visitor. Of course, modern postcards such messages have a very distant relationship, but looking at the first car, it is almost impossible to find similarities with the present. So let's say "Thank you" to the Chinese for the idea and go further.

The Middle Ages. In the role of cards are the engravings with Christian motifs. Of course, it's expensive, and it is available not for everyone. Well, okay. We are much nicer to receive bright and funny pictures than any medieval engravings, right? Brothers-Slavs represented novogodnie images in popular prints. They do so. On dostochku first to make a drawing, and then special cutters cut out the places where there should be no paint.


Saturday, March 17th, 2018

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History has left us many teachings, which we must learn, a very relevant that must rescue to understand the death of the young Felix Ugaz Leon, 4th year medical student at the National University of Trujillo, is the reference to the Roman legions. These legions were some extraordinary machines of war, conquest, consolidation and extension of power, the generals and their commanders were concerned not only study strategy wars and battles, they not only designed military tactics, but above all they cared, by express order of the Emperor, his troops, each of his soldiers and for this purpose prepared and implemented detailed and strict public health and biosecurity measures to prevent diseases tithing to their hosts, very well chose the places where to camp, they chose sites open, ventilated, they avoided swampy sites, they had drinking water to the troops through aqueducts, even if they had to take them from places distant, but they provided water for human use, chose places of latrine and sewage and surrounded their camps of tongues of fire from the height of two men to prevent mosquitoes and insects to infect his men, incineraban their detritus and debris, moved with war doctors, installed locations to treat their wounded which they called valetudinarios and when a warrior died by failures in public health the Manager was dismissed, and when an epidemic decimating to the legion, by failures in health, the general measures and their commanders were dismissed or executed depending on the severity of the case. These days, Trujillo and the Peru have, been moved by the death of a young warrior, 4th year medical student, a young man who dreamed of being a doctor to heal and comfort, an outstanding student who was also leading in its promotion, which was prepared with zeal and sacrifice, to integrate the ranks of those legions of anonymous doctors fighting the disease and deathFelix Ugaz Lion has died victim of a medieval disease, dead victim of carelessness, negligence, bureaucracy, the inability of the generals and commanders responsible for their care and public health, who far from being denounced and severely punished have been rewarded and promoted by a Government incapable and superb that self-criticism is not an instrument of Justice and humilityThis death hurts for everything that this promising young left unfinished, it hurts for all their dreams unfulfilled, dreams broken and ecologies that now his parents and siblings crying with great pain and express my sincere condolences, with the sadness of who a few years ago who also wept and even crying with great bitterness the death of a daughter in the hands of a few irresponsible to who the justice never punished. .


Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

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We would run the risk not to perceive these atrocities that in are imposed the irrationality in understanding the life as ethical virtue is perhaps the real calamity human being. We could ties to consider small deficiencies that desvirtua or becomes virtuoso the human being. The atrocities of the world caused for the beings that in it inhabit, they can be surpassed with the practical one of the virtues. The human being that lives and practical the virtues, to have a happy life, can be capable to surpass these intempries caused by the egoism and badnesses human beings. If truily, as Aristotle says, being capable to keep a noble soul. Not of acceptance the diseases suffered for the others, accepting the way of the misfortune, but for being capable of if keeping firm in the intention of the ethical virtues. We can be capable to make of the misery a victory against the injustice, or then of the suffering a powerful shield against the revenge and great power human being. The badnesses and injuries could not be capable it world of in them pulling out the nobility of the soul.

From the choices that we make we become the reality where we live what it is in fact. If we will be really gentlemen of history for the fact of being able to make choices on the basis of the ethics, then, we are capable to find the direction of the proper life. The question all this life of the human being, for all search that makes, would be happiness. In the deep one of all search of the human being it would be the search of the proper happiness. As much the search of the knowledge, the direction of the life, the origin and end of all the things, all passes for the intention of being happy. To find God, to explain the Metaphysical realities, would be the search of the happiness.