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Sport For Body And Mind

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

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Cycling can be jumbled kilos and increases more and more young people start condition a passion for sport, to fight settled. The work on the Office harms the body and the mind. For this, people start on weekends, always more to go out of the House and to play sports in the open air. Whether extreme sports, cycling, climbing or simply hiking: all sports to ensure to keep body and mind fit. Many people like to go cycling.

Cycling is one of the healthiest sports and contributes to weight loss and to preserve the own health. Even beginner sport, the regular bicycle tour offers the possibility to remove effectively and in the long term. Thus, cycling is much easier to run than a visit to the gym. This is due also to the fact that you can incorporate this condition training well into the own daily life and therefore no more extra time for the training session must take”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog. If you can no longer work Car runs, but rises on the bicycles, which can be already jumbled the kilos.

Short distances are less effective, this one comes with longer endurance tours faster success. Bike effectively to take off, should be taken not only to the length of the routes, but also on the correct their own facilities. A rattling gear promotes the condition, nor the slimming process”, Tobias Fendt advises. On the contrary: this weight loss often torturous, the fitness expert explains. A success is only when cycling is in the long term. Among the things that a cyclist needs, among others: a trekking or touring bike, a helmet, a heart rate monitor, a bike map for longer tours, something to drink and of course the own motivation. You have all this stuff, so you can make sure that the condition increases and decreases the weight. You have to be patient but also and not exaggerate with the training especially at the beginning. Is too much and too fast ineffective and almost always leads to the yo-yo effect. Also when training with the bike, this is no different. Here it is especially true as in all endurance sports, to comply with a certain number of pulse. In between short sprints with a high pulse rate are quite acceptable,”explains Tobias Fendt. The highest number of pulse to reach can be calculated with the formula 220 own age. How does this calculation, but also other tips and tricks for cyclists lead Tobias Fendt.