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Data mining and

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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Data mining and other associated subject matter of some controversy to define the boundaries between data mining and associated subjects, as can statistics, artificial intelligence, etc.. Some argue that data mining is merely statistical jargon involved in a business to develop it into a salable product. Others, however, there are a number of problems and specific methods that distinguish it from other disciplines. The fact is, that in practice all the models and algorithms commonly used in data mining, neural networks, classification and regression trees, logistic models, principal component analysis, etc .- have a relatively long tradition in other fields.

Rosa Fernandez Salanova

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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rosafernandezsalanova Born in Barallobre (Fene), A Coru a, currently resides in Ferrol. He starts his artistic training in ’89 with the notable painter Ricardo Segura Torrella, studying painting, drawing and mixed media for several years His paintings are subjective moves between figuration and abstraction.

Kevin Jonas and Danielle kissing her girlfriend!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

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Kevin Jonas and girlfriend Danielle were captured as they kissed passionately on the coast of Point Mugu, Calif., on Sunday afternoon. In the photos we can see that Kevin was trying to take a picture right when kissing.Kevin How romantic! After the ride, and passionate intimate kiss, the couple went shopping at a supermarket in Brentwood and then go to Danielle’s apartment. These pictures not only confirm the relationship between Kevin and Danielle, of which the singer never wanted to talk.

Luis Montero – new paint

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

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The recent edition of Voices, the cultural magazine of Lima No. 38 becomes a contributor in terms of publishing the work of nineteenth-century painter Luis Montero at present, for the first time unknown canvas. This is in Cajamarca Atahualpa and Pizarro and Atahualpa’s capture. Such input has been released by its owner Mariana Pease Mold of the art historian Marco Cabrera Ivan Hernandez and determines an unprecedented event in the history of Peruvian art. It should also be remembered that with this new painting, continues the work of Hernandez Cabrera wearing a fruitful work in their research on Montero. In 2004, he found the doctoral thesis of Atahualpa’s Funeral Arturo Montoya, dated 1904 and known in academic circles themselves. In an unprecedented published in 2007 in El Comercio, the image of the painting La Lima in the hammock, released first published in a national and international levels. And just to make news again be chosen to disclose this important new contribution in the cultural journal Voices. According to Cabrera, a finding that there is still cause a stir around the artistic work of the painter Piura. However, the greatest contribution of the researcher is in his theory of the Peruvian academic painting of the nineteenth century in which gravitating Montero has a role.His lift in about 300 pages entitled Academicismo and portrait in the paintings of Luis Montero is neat, rounded and exciting. Reveals many silences, mistakes and inaccuracies about Montero. The said copy of Voices, has an article short but decisive as to what has researched Montero Cabrera. Although his main job is not yet published, the following is a review of their distribution in specialized academic circles: Invited to the chair of nineteenth-century Peruvian art, career course taught by Professor Hilda Barentz the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Invited to the Table Rodondo Thesis Project (2008). Professional Academic School of Art. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. 2008. Invited by the Pinacoteca Municiapal, Ignacio Merino Metropolitan Municipality of Lima to inaugurate the series of conferences of Art. 2009. Rapporteur of the Third Symposium of History of Art Peruvian Maria Luisa Saco Miro Quesada, organized by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – MA in Peruvian and Latin American Art – Academic Department of Art – Art School Academic Professional. 2009

Titles of works

Monday, February 15th, 2010

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Titles of works written in other alphabets Cinabrium spoke up that if titles are not maintained as in its orignal language would need to know the peculiarities of each language, and puts on some examples of languages that use the Latin alphabet (the Vietnamese and Indonesian currently do). Remains to find out what we do with other alphabets also case-sensitive. When playing a title in Greek or Cyrillic and keep it as standard is not in their original language, which to copy what letters need to know how to change and how. – User: Javier (formerly citam without d) Tell 11:14 16 Jan 2009 (UTC) Yes, so who knows the rules of that alphabet corrected the title. Those who know these rules are not many, but neither are many titles in Greek and Cyrillic! What we have is a vast majority of thousands of titles in English, and English standards are not that complicated.Most titles are also simple things like In my life or I love you, and in the compilation of sources, we realized that most of them are written incorrectly. Maybe it’s easier to close the issue in general terms (so we can correct quietly simple titles like these), and open a subtitle as “Specific Issues of capitalization” to clarify if we write “Wake Me Up When September Ends” or “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and things like that. – Moraleh 04:48 9 Feb 2009 (UTC) title Wikipedia Discusi C3 B3n: Manual de estilo action section 18 If anyone has anything else to add, then I will remove the warning in the manual at the beginning of the section, which warns about this thread: the most important thing is done, and the topic defined in general terms.I will also footnotes with the references page top most appropriate proposals. – Moraleh 20:00 2 Mar 2009 (UTC) No. That section should have been changed in the beginning because there was no consensus. Still does not have, so it should reverse the change. Read again the discussion. I’m not saying it’s clear that I am right and it is clear that those who think like me are right, it would be an arrogance that fortunately do not have, nor do I say all is said and things are unclear (ie, my position is clear, and my position is the only one that’s worth), because it would be equally immoral, but what I can say is that there are two conflicting positions on this issue, they have both Argument, and no consensus could be reached.Lampsakos (Talk) 23:15, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Indeed there are those who advocate one form and another, and with arguments: some say that “we must ‘respect’ original writing” and others defend the order and uniformity to deliver the information. What has faced such a scenario Sources have been used to weight the area (whose basic assumptions are far more weight and authority than the views of us Wikipedians!) And all, absolutely all of them agree that the most appropriate way is to bring Spanish-style capitalization. Fortunately you, Lampsakos not “have that arrogance” to say that you’re right, but neither have proper support, and here are those who can prove conclusively that they have. Actually, the difference is clear and does not know what else is expected. – Moraleh 18:58 6 Mar 2009 (UTC) acknowledge the existence of other opinions, that is good and the main thing.However, poorly defined in your resume when you say that some propose “respect” in quotes, because you do not know in quotes, “What do you note about the word respect Also, you say that another view, which will include defending the order and uniformity. Both proposals defend the order and uniformity, which is also given in the other proposal, not yours, not altering the original titles of the works. I think the latter the better uniformity and better order. He said, I think I recognize the existence of more than one opinion. And while the aesthetic conventions for writing that we take on Wikipedia are result of consensus, sources may support either view, it shall present an argument (NPS), but there are those that determine the style you choose, but consensus.Well, anyway, since you seem excessive, final and are fully convinced that the sources that think for us, I will analyze the sources and I must correct you on your statement ” … all, absolutely all agree that the most appropriate way is to bring Spanish-style capitalization. The Norme Internationale ISO 690-1987 (F), said l’utilization des majuscules doit tre l’usage under de la langue ou de l’ criture dans laquelle l’information est donn e (bold added).

London Business School

Monday, February 15th, 2010

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London Business School Business School London (London Business School – LBS), London, UK is an international business school and a constituent college of the University of London. It offers graduate courses in finance and business management, including both the MBA (Master of Business Administration) and other courses for executives: Executive MBA, Master in Finance (MIF) or Global MBA in collaboration with Columbia Business School. It is located in London, next to the Regent’s Park and was established in a o1965 as part of the University of London. About 800 students from 70 countries, graduate from high school each year for its programs. Over 80 of students and 70 of the faculty come from outside the UK. With more than 5,000 executives attend the school executive programs each year. The school has over 27,000 alumni in over 120 countries organized by 60 alumni clubs.Is required to furnish proof of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for admission to degree programs of the school, the average of successful applicants for the MBA (Full time) is in the range of 700 points, the highest between programs outside the United States.

Alignment with business

Monday, February 15th, 2010

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Alignment with business objectives Organizations today make significant investments in information technology resources to support business processes. The value meaningful and relevant to the use of this information is for organizations, determined that all processes relating to production, administration and service utilization of Information Technology (IT) should be optimally managed and controlled to ensure the quality of information, support compliance with business objectives. The processes of data and information product of the operations and business processes require the application of techniques and control measures in the framework of a management system to ensure the provision of services and reducing vulnerability to risk generating threats endanger the stability of the system operational, organizational and macro business system.All this justifies the need to optimize IT resources in support of and alignment with business goals through effective processes of “IT Service Management. In organizations there is an IT organization that generates and provides IT services and a group of internal customers (users) and external demand and expect such services and their timely delivery with quality. The relationships and communications between the supplier of IT and IT customers should be channeled through a system that ensures the optimization of the processes of service delivery and support through the consolidation of IT service management. Investments in IT infrastructure and information assets of organizations are becoming increasingly important, which justifies the implementation of systems to ensure process performance based on IT services to ensure the reduction of TCO (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) reasonable.So far, only a few companies with a high level and size have made and incorporated into its organizational culture and business plans, processes, IT Service Management based on internationally accepted best practices. This new paradigm based on the service must have an approach to organizations of any size, companies must adopt and adapt these best practices with an integrated “Quality of Service” and opportunity for business change with the implementation of updated standards. This paradigm is based on continuous improvement of IT Service Culture. The products and services of these frames are oriented to the implementation of established systems for continuous improvement in the management of information technology services in alignment with business objectives, from end to end since the diagnosis and planning phases to the implementation, monitoring, supervision and optimization.The trend of IT Service Management based on promoting and supporting implementation of best practices, frames of reference and internationally accepted standards such as ISO / IEC 20000, ITIL, ITSCMM, COBIT, ISO / IEC -17,799 – 2700X and other.

Andy Warhol … and pop art

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

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If we delve into pop art, we need to know Andy Warhol, this being the most prominent figure of the movement. After a successful career as an illustrator for magazines and advertising, Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as avant-garde painter and filmmaker. As a public figure is remembered for having been involved in many different social circles, even antagonistic, as the bohemian New York, renowned intellectuals, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy aristocrats. It was a controversial figure during his lifetime, some critics called his work as pretentious or jokes. During the 60s, Warhol would begin to paint pictures of famous American products such as his famous Campbell soup cans in 1962 and dedicated to Coca-Cola bottles. Also portray popular characters of the era such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, or Troy Donahue. In 1963 he founded his famous studio The Factory, gathering around him to a wide range of artists, musicians, writers and familiar characters from the underground New York. Shortly later serigraphs begin making series, which sought not only to make art that reflected serial products, but mass produce the art itself. With this, Warhol intended to act as a machine, minimizing the role of their own creative ideas to produce their work. It was thus revolutionized the art world and his work became so popular and controversial. Warhol never hid his homosexuality, as can be seen in The Warhol Diaries, “which claims to have had affairs with several men. The 70’s, and especially the 80s, involving the consecration as the star of Warhol’s art. His style is groundbreaking initially treated by the circuit of galleries and wealthy circles, who met through commissioned portraits. This stage is judged unevenly by current criticism. It is also at this time when he was hired by several automakers to paint their vehicles in a competition that might draw attention. Thus was created the art car. At that time, producing abundant Warhol portraits of celebrities and tycoons, not just acquaintances or people of his circle, but also designers, entrepreneurs and other wealthy people, which for large sums pose for Warhol. Among them, the designer Valentino.As he himself says, he once traveled to Europe to take Polaroids of German businessmen, and elaborated on the basis of such photographs portraits.

Destination 4: Toronto

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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One of the most multicultural in the world. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and economic capital. There are many multicultural areas that are between Portugal Villa, Chinatown, Little Budapest, Little Italy, Little Poland, Greektown, Little India, Koreatown and the area surrounding the Bathurst Street, populated by the Caribbean community. The most striking of the city is the CN Tower where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city, considered the world’s tallest structure, is an important telecommunications hub. To access the top floor is to provide visitors a lift, the entry with the lowest price is 21.99 dollars that lets you turn the tower around a glass floor.

Insurance Insurance aggression

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

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Insurance Insurance aggression aggression is a concept of anarcho-capitalism whereby, instead of having a coercive government that guarantees security of life, liberty and property, people buy insurance to cover damage caused by the aggression of others. There is a legal right for the victim to collect damages caused by the offender, before the filing of the complaint and collect the insurance money, the right to restitution shall be subrogated to the insurer, which then has an incentive to catch offender and the strength to charge. An argument of this type of system that would provide more safety to people, because the victim has a strong incentive to report crimes, and the insurer has a greater incentive than the state to charge offenders and restore the victim for damages damage, while reducing collateral damage and maximize loss prevention.In addition, insurance companies guide the citizens in the conduct of the actual purchase of protection against aggression, by offering lower insurance premiums to reduce the risk of claims. The concept is explored in The Market for Liberty, For A New Liberty, and many other anarcho texts – primarily in conjunction with the private defense agencies. An argument against this type of system that could lead to a failure to prosecute crimes against the uninsured. One solution that often arises is the use of bounty hunters in these cases.