Insurance Insurance aggression

Insurance Insurance aggression aggression is a concept of anarcho-capitalism whereby, instead of having a coercive government that guarantees security of life, liberty and property, people buy insurance to cover damage caused by the aggression of others. There is a legal right for the victim to collect damages caused by the offender, before the filing of the complaint and collect the insurance money, the right to restitution shall be subrogated to the insurer, which then has an incentive to catch offender and the strength to charge. An argument of this type of system that would provide more safety to people, because the victim has a strong incentive to report crimes, and the insurer has a greater incentive than the state to charge offenders and restore the victim for damages damage, while reducing collateral damage and maximize loss prevention.In addition, insurance companies guide the citizens in the conduct of the actual purchase of protection against aggression, by offering lower insurance premiums to reduce the risk of claims. The concept is explored in The Market for Liberty, For A New Liberty, and many other anarcho texts – primarily in conjunction with the private defense agencies. An argument against this type of system that could lead to a failure to prosecute crimes against the uninsured. One solution that often arises is the use of bounty hunters in these cases.

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