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Domestic Sewers And The Environment

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

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One is about a quarrel on the domestic sewers of the city of Timbaba of Baptists – RN and its socioambientais conditions. The domestic sewers are a problem that aflinge all the timbaubense population, a time that the city does not make use of no system of sanitary exhaustion and that the deriving residuary waters of diverse uses are directed for black individual systems of fossas and/or septic tanks, followed of sumidouros, happening that in many cases, these folloied waters of dejections are lead for the public way, running the sky opened for the streets, thus serving, of criadouro of mosquitos, sources of illnesses, poluindo the environment and bothering the people with the great fedentina. At times of rains these waters and dejections that are accomodated in natural lands, are carried to the surrounding streams and the dam from the Lagoinha, having compromised the quality of the water of these sources, mainly of the dam, that is as bigger of this city in depth and first one in extension, and sufficiently is used to advantage for agriculture, fishes and cattle. I appeal it in the search the basic sanitation is most present, in the attempt to equate and to decide the problems of the domestic sewers, therefore beyond assuring greater quality of consumed waters, it will have direct effect on the maintenance of the forms of life and the existing ecological balance in the way, of more healthful form..