EXPERIENCE OF GRAMEEN ROSARIO REPLICA: A LOOK humanistic YUNUS METHODOLOGY. When in the year 2001 we began to shape the idea of founding a Replica of the Bank of the Poor in legal Rosario (second largest city of Argentina) knew that we were fighting against the very idea wrapped in the poorer classes of our city about that the attorneys State (National, Provincial or Municipal, no matter which one) was to unconditionally attend the unmet basic needs of people with the social condition. In this country of contradictions, the State encourages welfare policies involving more than 20 of the population, structurally poor who will not suffer hunger but shall not have the possibility that their children or their children’s children let this condition. In a rich country like Argentina seems something unintelligible. However, this stratum of the captive population will continue the political destinies of who else is offered in exchange for their votes. This scenario has been gestating politics for over 50 years, in which successive governments maintained or increased the number of poor people through economic policies designed to not allow them to raise their educational level and economic, as they are useful for the purposes and sectoral constituencies. That if, will have his bag for food, community kitchen, their small cash allowance for incidentals and all without any consideration, only to remain poor and obedient to the system. Education and Work, or talk. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,

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