Mountain Biking

In recent years, in parallel with the development of mountain-bike culture, interest in active recreation in the Crimea on the part of cyclists increased. However, the arc will never be ignored: the mild climate and the maximum number of sunny days a year, has attracted cyclists from all over the Union's southern coast route, stand out among others, its beauty and quality of asphalt pavement. But for mountain-bikers, there is another Crimea – Mountain, more severe, with its rocky roads, trails, and if not off the road (unless you're lucky). Cycling routes across mountain Crimea interesting and varied. With proper route selection, equipment, and an objective assessment of its forces, these routes will bring you the maximum enjoyment and pleasure with it.

But the South Crimea anyway mountainous terrain, with a varied mountainous terrain, and a characteristic height difference. Therefore we should not draw parallels with travel in their own city: where you can ride on the pavement, in a flat area a hundred miles per day, in the Crimea, for example, may be limited to forty kilometers. Anyone who has ever included over a bike through the main ridge of the Crimean understands what I mean. Half of the day you drag bike up the hill with a height difference of more than 800 meters, and then an hour or two drives off with her. Energy consumption at the same time – great, but they are overshadowed memorable done descent. One should not disparage security. Do not forget to wear a helmet! Additional protection is also not redundant.


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