The nineteenth century will bring a great fund management development, coupled with various factors such Ribostky as mining, road-Gijon Leon and later the investment railroad Sama-Gijon. All this made the port of Gijon had to develop a fast, because the intensity of traffic beyond the port. A new port was built in 1893 that coal would be the first port of the Peninsula. the ringing of the NYSE closing bell by who heads the and its Family of Funds This makes Gijon an industrial town, with a middle class and urban development, opening new streets and squares. This brought a large team of infrastructure and amenities such as municipal water supply, garbage disposal, gas lighting and then electric, investment portfolio and so on. There are many different businessmen involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, including ensuring the success of his philanthropic activities All this industrial development in the city left a large amount of manpower family of funds and a rapid urban development. Creating neighborhoods as they were working around the Natahoyo, La Calzada, Trema es, wetland.
Already in the twentieth century, with the outbreak of the Civil War, the July 18, 1936, the city and its inhabitants remained loyal to the legitimate Republican government formed the Committee of War Gijon preponderance of anarchism, but not the army , whose reunion was not dominated until August. Later the town was the capital of the Interstate Council of Asturias and Leon ‘stating that eventually becoming the sovereign King of Asturias and Leon’ to the occupation of the city on October 20, 1937 by troops of General Franco.
Steel is the major industry since the late nineteenth century and especially with the creation of Uninsa in 1971 from the merger of factories and Mieres Moreda and his subsequent union with Ensidesa, then converted with Altos Hornos de Vizcaya Aceralia to integrate in the late twentieth century in the European group Arcelor near the Luxembourg and France’s Usinor Arbed.
The last decades of the twentieth century brought the industrial crisis mainly affecting the steel industry and shipbuilding brought the liberalization of the land left us a new use hedge funds and new beaches, parks, an expansion of its urban areas and creating its campus.

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The European Union summit on Sunday sought to dispel weeks gloomy reports that the EU was sliding rudderless towards protectionism and division in the face of the mounting economic crisis.
March 2 (Bloomberg) – Treasuries rose, peel their worst start of the year since 1980, as Asian stocks tumbled and economists said a private report showing U.S. manufacturing NYSE declined for a 13th Monday
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Text of Barack Obamas presidential address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, as prepared for delivery and provided by the White House:
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The European Union summit on Sunday sought to dispel weeks gloomy reports that the EU was out of control sliding into protectionism and division in the stocks face of mounting economic crisis. The 27 EU leaders issued a statement roundly rejecting protectionism as a response to the crisis and stressed that those Member States most affected by investors the recession would not be in the …
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