Air Filters

Filters for air designed to capture the atmosphere of all those particles, dust and bacteria, because of which we have worse health, exacerbated by allergies, worsens the skin condition and even reduced acuity view. Filters clean the air atmosphere of the room from dust, pollen, from microscopic dust mites, spores, fungi, odors, animal dander, if a family has pets and, of course, from bacteria. Conventional air conditioners, especially older models, are not able to cope with the task of cleaning the air, but instead exacerbate the situation. Did you know that air conditioners are a major cause of frequent colds? And not only because of the cold air flows, but mainly due to bacteria that accumulate in certain parts of air conditioners. The latest split systems are equipped with air purification systems that retrieve and securely hold the harmful impurities and particles in the air. Filters for air can be supplied also air ionizer. The ionizer is not the main mechanism of purification, but also increases the cleaning efficiency. The stream of negative ions contributes to the enlargement of the dust particles, which facilitates the capture of their filters.

The ionizer is switched on only when the fan is running and the device can effectively clean the air and without the inclusion of the ionizer. Air cleaning by photocatalysis has a very high degree of extraction from the air of any particles. With full inclusion of all the systems they provide a delay, not only fine dust, particulate coal mite allergens and spores fungi, fur and pet dander and tobacco smoke, and viral particles. Keep in mind that a healthy person, even (or perhaps that should be said – even more so) newborn permanent sterility rather harmful, but in severe diseases and immunity disorders already formed a similar level of treatment needed. In addition, photocatalytic air purifiers more technologically advanced, have the capacity indicating air condition filters, and on the effectiveness of the removal of smell is hundreds of times greater than carbon filters.


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